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<ul><li><p>RIGHT FROM </p><p>STOCK </p><p>Model 25 Model 75 Model 150 </p><p>VACUUM PUMPS A new series of two stage, internal vane vacuum pumps offering...guaranteed ultimate vacuum of 0.1 micron . . . compact design. . . modern styling . . . three sizes and 31 types . . . Write today for Bulletin 610 . . . 12 pages of information . . . Immediate delivery on all pumps . . . Contact us for the name of your nearest stocking distributor. </p><p>BUILT BY </p><p>3737 W. Cortland Street Chicago 47, Illinois </p><p>PRECISION S C I E N T I F I C C O </p><p>Local Offices in: Chicago Cleveland Houston New York Philadelphia San Francisco </p><p>Trans-Dichloroethane </p><p>THESE """ SCALE MODELS </p><p>PROVIDE A VIVID, THREE-DIMENSIONAL LOOK AT MOLECULAR STRUCTURES! </p><p>Dimethyl-polysiloxane Chain LaPine-Leybold atom models according to Stuart and Briegleb have outstanding advantages. They are large. Measurement, assembly and visualization of molecular models are easy, quick. 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L A P I N E AND COMPANY 6001 South Knox Avenue Chicago 29, III. </p><p>ACS NEWS </p><p>Society to Dedicate Headquarters Building Month of October will be observed throughout Society as ACS Building Dedication Month </p><p>A milestone in the history of the American Chemical Society will be observed Oct. 7, with the dedication of the new headquarters building. </p><p>A three part program has been set up: </p><p> A morning session at the new headquarters at which the actual dedication ceremony will be carried out. National officers and directors, designated representatives of divisions and local sections, and a few staff members will attend this session. </p><p> A luncheon in the Statler Hilton, sponsored by Corn Products Co., for those at the morning session and several special guests. </p><p> An afternoon session in the auditorium of the Carnegie Institution of Washington at which three outstanding addresses will be presented. This session will be attended by a larger gathering. </p><p>Dr. Albert L. Elder, President of the Society, will preside at the morning session. Dr. Arthur C. Cope, ACS Board Chairman, will present the keys to Dr. Alden H. Emery, Executive Secretary, who will accept on behalf of the staff. Highlights of the building project will be reviewed by Dr. Wallace R. Brode, chairman of the </p><p>ACS Building Committee, and Dr. John H. Nair, chairman of the Planning Committee for the building fund drive. Dr. Dael Wolfle, executive officer of the A A AS, will convey the congratulations and good wishes of other scientific societies. One of the commissioners of the District of Columbia will comment on the importance of Washington as a scientific center and on the.value of ACS to the community. </p><p>Speaking at the luncheon will be Robert G. Ruark, vice president of Corn Products. In the afternoon, Dr. W. Albert Noyes, Dr. Charles Allen Thomas, and Dr. Glenn T. Seaborg will present addresses on the role of chemistry in basic research, applied research, and education. Government representatives, officials of other scientific societies, and educators will participate. </p><p>In recognition of the Oct. 7 event, ACS Building Dedication Month will be observed throughout the Society during October. Slides of the new building and accompanying text are available to all sections for use at section meetings. To obtain them, write to the Division of Public, Professional, and Member Relations at ACS headquarters, . 1155 16th Street, N.W., Washington 6, D.C. </p><p>SLIDES. Local sections can get color slides of new building from headquarters </p><p>154 C &amp; E N S E P T . 5, 196 0 </p></li><li><p>WAUPOL RCI's PVAc COPOLYMER </p><p>WITH PROVEN DURABILITY ON EXTERIOR WOOD </p><p>^ This Rahway, N. J., home was coated with j a 32% PVC vinyl copolymer emulsion I paint to determine the durability of RCI | 9120 WALLPOL on previously painted </p><p>wood. 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Harold Ter-rine, chairman of the Council Policy Committee's sub-committee on im-proving communications, will be on hand, as will representatives of local sections which have given special at-tention to this problem. </p><p>Later in the day, beginning at 2:30 P.M., there will be a public relations workshop in the Statler-Hilton Hotel. This will be devoted to ways of get-ting the story of science and ACS ac-tivities into the newspapers. This problem will be discussed by a science writer for a major metropolitan daily newspaper, an editor of a newspaper which has no science writer, Roy Avery, managing editor of the ACS News Service, and Mr. Neuman. All local sections are urged to have repre-sentatives there. </p><p>Local Sections Reactivate Building Fund Campaigns Several local sections of the ACS will reactivate their building fund cam-paigns for the ACS headquarters build-ing during the 1960-61 season. Many of these sections did not reach their goals for one reason or another. One section had their campaign chairman transferred soon after the campaign began. A section officer said, "The campaign sputtered to a stop because it was impossible to get good leader-ship on short notice." This section expects to meet or exceed its quota in its renewed campaign. Other sections ran into similar difficulties. </p><p>R. V. Mellefont, ACS Treasurer, is interested in discussing plans with local section representatives for re-newing their campaigns. He is par-ticularly interested in meeting with </p><p>those people who will attend the Na-tional Meeting in New York. Confer-ences can be arranged with Mr. Melle-font on Sept. 14 and 15 in New York by writing to American Chemical So-ciety, 1155 Sixteenth St., N.W., Wash-ington 6, D.C. In New York confer-ences may be arranged during the meeting by contacting the receptionist in the Empire Suite, at the Statler Hilton. </p><p>Brubaker Elected Dr. Carl H. Brubaker, Jr., associate professor of chemistry at Michigan State University, is the 1960-61 chair-man of the Michigan State University Section of the ACS. He was treasurer of the section in 1957-58. Dr. An-drew Timnick is chairman-elect, Dr. James L. Dye is secretary, Dr. Richard H. Schwendeman is treasurer, Dr. Robert N. Hammer is councilor, and Dr. Harold M. Sell is alternate coun-cilor. All are at Michigan State. </p><p>Mobile-Pensacola Dr. Robert Johnson, supervisor of the intermediates process improvement </p><p>l a b o r a t o r y a t C h e m s t r a n d Corp., is the 1960-61 chair-m a n of t h e Mobile - Pensacola Section of the ACS. Dr. Ed-ward F. Rehm of </p><p>Courtaulds, Inc., is chairman-elect, Charles E. Bater, Jr., of Courtaulds is secretary, Robert E. Pennell of Chem-strand is treasurer, and Dr. Reid H. Leonard of Baptist Hospital is coun-cilor. </p><p>Northeastern Section Lloyd H. Perry of U.B.S. Chemical Co. division of A. E. Staley Manufacturing </p><p>Co. is chairman of the Northeast-ern Section of the ACS for 1960-61. M. Kent Wilson of Tufts Univer-sity is chairman-elect, Francis J. Roderick of Sim-</p><p>plex Wire &amp; Cable Co. is secretary, and Arno H. A. Heyn of Boston Uni-versity is treasurer. </p><p>S E P T . 5, 196 0 C &amp; E N 157 </p><p>ACS NEWSSociety to Dedicate Headquarters BuildingCommunication: Subject of Discussion at N.Y. MeetingLocal Sections Reactivate Building Fund CampaignsBrubaker ElectedMobile-PensacolaNortheastern Section</p></li></ul>