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Dave Wetzel: Socialism & Land. A presentation at the 2013 Conference 'Economics for Conscious Evolution', London, UK, July 2013.


<ul><li>1.Socialists &amp; land Dave Wetzel Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics &amp; Transport President of The IU President Labour Land Campaign Chair The Professional Land Reform Group The IU, London, UK 2013 </li></ul> <p>2. Socialists aim to change the world My considerable experience in the Labour, Co-operative and Trade Union Movement indicates that: Socialists hold high ideals Socialists want to build a better and fairer world Socialists organise the working class Socialists educate, demonstrate, agitate, campaign Socialists actively work to alleviate immediate suffering Socialists have been successful in influencing Governments Socialists often enjoy a spirit of comradeship and unity So why do most socialists NOT support LVT? 3. Do Georgists Love Socialists? The extreme socialist is like the man who would have his conscious will direct his stomach how to digest his food Henry George Protection of Free Trade But it seems to us the vice of socialism in all its degrees is its want of radicalism Henry George Condition of Labour The socialist model was anathema to Henry George Fred Harrison Power in the Land Most books written by Georgists criticise socialists and socialism 4. AND YET.. Henry George worked WITH Trade Unionists When did a Georgist last have 100,000 people at their funeral? (Most of which were Trade Unionists who were supporting his new York Mayoral campaign) Do we want Socialists, Co-operators and Trade Unionists to support LVT? 5. Many books written by Georgists criticise socialists and socialism Many words spoken by Georgists criticise socialists and socialism Is this the best way to to gain allies? Do you want socialists to ally with us? 6. Socialists need lvt The main reason why socialists should support LVT is because it helps them achieve their objectives: Full employment Collection of the major part of surplus value Common ownership of land wealth Improve housing conditions Avoid boom bust caused by land speculation A better and fairer society 7. After the restoration of the Stuarts, the landed proprietors carried, by legal means, an act of usurpation, effected everywhere on the Continent without any legal formality. They abolished the feudal tenure of land, i.e., they got rid of all its obligations to the State, indemnified the State by taxes on the peasantry and the rest of the mass of the people, vindicated for themselves the rights of modern private property in estates to which they had only a feudal title Das Kapital Vol 1. Most SOCIALISTS ARE NOT MARXISTS BUT It never hurts to quote Karl Marx 8. In The Communist Manifesto (1848) Marx and Engells listed 10 policies in order to achieve socialism. The first on the list should be of interest to Georgists:- Nevertheless, in most advanced countries, the following will be pretty generally applicable. 1. Abolition of property in land and application of all rents of land to public purposes. 9. Vol III Das Kapital n Part VI Marx describes Differential Rent. is description is different in detail but in broad harmony with Ricardo or Henry George. 10. Marx on land He gets it: Enclosures; Clearances; Removing independent peasants from their land to provide workers for the factories to be exploited by capitalists. 11. he Russian landowners complain about two things: But the landowners may take hope. Everything comes to those who wait.. ..The second complaint is more characteristic. It is to the effect that even if one has money, not enough labourers are to be had at any time. The reason is that the Russian farm-laborer, owing to the common ownership of land in the village community, has not yet been fully separated from his means of production and hence is not yet a free wage-laborer in the full sense of the word. 12. Decision time o we want Socialists, rade Unionists and o-operators o advocate LVT? </p>