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  • 1. I-Search I-Search is research where you pick what you want to study, create a guiding question, and then create a presentation that can be presented in a student museum in the Spring to your parents, friends, and teachers. We will go through the whole process of helping you find what you are passionate about and how you best learn.

2. National History Day National History Day is a National Competition held in Washington D.C. every year where you can go to Washington and compete with people from around the United States. I went two years ago and collected the examples in this slide show. 3. The Georgia Social Studies Fair The Social Studies Fair is like National History Day, but it is a local and state competition. If you pick something that has to do with Anthropology, Sociology, History, or Geography, your I-Search project will be in the Social Studies Fair. 4. I-Search History Day Social Studies Fair Creative Art Websites Boards Papers Skits Presentations 5. National History Day The theme this year is Rights and Responsibilities: Examples of Websites: 6. Georgia Social Studies Fair For this competition, you compete at the school level, then the district, and on to the state:


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