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Welcome to Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories September 2016

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Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat StoriesSeptember 2016

Welcome to


2Research background

Survey across 341 Instagram and/or Snapchat usersNationalOver August- Sept 2016


3Instagram Stories usage69% have been posting on Instagram Stories with 13% posting at least once a day

4Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat StoriesOn the other hand 88% are currently posting on Snapchat with 32% posting at least once a day

5Instagram Stories usage by age Still appeals more to younger demographic.

6How has Instagram Stories changed Instagram and Snapchat usage?

Snapchat is still the preferred platform for Instagrammers7

16% of Instagrammers posting daily on Instagram Stories37% of Instagrammers posting on daily Snapchat StoriesVSI think they are good and you don't have to swap apps to make and upload a video if you use Insta all the time! Lucinda, 28I can see the direction they're taking it but I feel like it's either snapchat or Instagram when it comes to stories and for me snapchat wins. Hayley, 26

Among Instagrammers, Snapchat Stories rated more positively in all areas8Ease of use62%80% Drawing tools49%72% Emojis54%78% Filters56%83% Viewing Stories64%86% Creating Stories59%81%

9 I love Snapchat - I find Snapchat quick and easy to use and of course the filters are amazing - I mean who doesn't like a good filter?!? I love that friends, family and other followers can chat quickly making it easier to give more information on what ever it is you have snapped. Sara, 29

10Where does Instagram Stories fit in?

11 It's all getting a bit much & can be overwhelming. I think eventually one or the other will fizzle out as its too much up-keep... Where do you draw the line?!! Tyanne, 34

12Users come to Instagram for its beautiful, curated content.

Instagram is more meaningful and inspiring as opposed to Snapchat. Amanda, 30Instagram still the place for curated content

13Snapchat content is fun, spontaneous, casualSnapchat is a low pressure platform due to its ephemeral nature. New and changing filters help users to be as creative and fun as they like

(Snapchat) is super user friendly and familiar. The opportunities are endless with the fun and vibrant filters and editing tools. There's less pressure with Snapchat and I'm much more confident & spontaneous with Snapchat. Shannon, 24

Each platform has its place14

Curated content: J.Crew promoted on-day pre-sale of their new sunglasses through Instagram [email protected]

Fun, spontaneous content

Each platform has its place15

Curated content: Expectation for quality contentWant it to be visually appealingNeed for curation as itll be visible to all followersInstagram Stories is more sophisticated. It feels different to Snapchat more arty? Mizhuo, 49Fun, spontaneous contentFreedom to be imperfectContent is usually funnyLow pressure as you can select who views your SnapsSnapchat stories are generally between friends intimately snapchat has a better direct messaging system as well - whereas instagram is less instant and you would still feel as though you have to keep up appearances for it. Fiona, 19

And each platform has its own fan base16

Instagram Stories is preferred among 25-39Snapchat Stories is preferred among 18-29

17What does it mean for brandsWhen deciding between which platform, think about: Target demographicNature of content to be posted (fun, inspiring etc.)

Taco Bell on Instagram Stories vs. Snapchat Stories

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