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Internet survey on how social networks are used by job seekers compared to other channels.


  • 1. Social Networks and Job Search (Internet Survey) Vanina Delobelle, PhD May 2008
  • 2. Context of the survey
  • 3. Internet survey from April the 26th till May the 7th LinkedIn Q/A Context of the survey
  • 4. Respondants 80 answers Others (Germany, UAE, Brazil, Denmark, India) 11%
  • 5. Respondants
  • 6. Responses
  • 7. Jobboards ! Which tools do you use to find a job ?
  • 8. Social Network ! How did you get your current job ?
  • 9. Profile on Social Network ! How do you advertise yourself on the Internet ?
  • 10. Medium ! How much do you consider blogs can bring value to your application ?
  • 11. Once in a while ! Are you looking at job offers ?
  • 12. Jobboards Alerts ! Where are you informed of interesting job offers ?
  • 13. Thanks to a friend ! How do you think you will find your next job ?
  • 14. Some seekers experience ! Tania Before I moved from Overland Park, KS to Tampa recently, I posted my resume and set-up job alerts on Monster/CareerBuilder as well as EmployFlorida and (not anymore than those). Stayed away from the more commonly known staffing agencies as limited income levels. I contacted a few hundred people in Overland Park and my friends back in So Cal asking them for assistance as well as University of Phoenix alumni. Religious organizations are a wonderful resource (I looked up information online and began contacting institutions). I also updated my linkedin profile - a few people contacted me directly with some suggestions. Also networked with my former employer's client (I worked onsite). I attended professional networking meetings (I still have a job club list for the Kansas City metro area if anyone is interested). My former employer was very generous and paid for a Career Transition program through Right Management, so I took a few classes, used its online tools, and met with a coach both in KS and FL. Hone your 10 second and 30 second commercials (I really have had those elevator conversations so having a very short snapshot comes in handy). Self-reflection and know thyself as well as confidence and some personality are key. Talk to everyone and make sure to ask if others need assistance as well. Testimonials
  • 15. Some seekers experience ! Paolo i recently changed my job and I can share my experience as manager and 56 old clearly I used some different target and tools to define correctly my objective and my value proposition: *specific search agent to check the market offer and see the main emerging opportunity I used Antal, Monster and Linkedin *Extensive networking activity revitalizing my connection and getting suggestions from experienced trusted people in the market *Attend specific industry events (GSM, TMF...) . Robbie The most effective channels I have come across and recruited from are obviously online job boards, but for more senior positions or very personalised roles a lot of people build a network of "LION's" - Recruiters, Head-hunters etc on LinkedIn and then advertise themselves - (their employment status) online. Testimonials
  • 16. Some seekers experience ! Charles Local job fairs, emails circulating within my company (we are having a large layoff), web sites for companies I am targeting, and some search sites like linkedin and Dice. Once I find something posted on a job list I still end up going to the company site to verify if the position is still available and then register and upload my info and resume. . Marjie I'm looking for a job right now, and I've signed up with Yahoo, CareerBuilder, and Monster, which was the source of contact with my last job. I'm also expanding my network with Linked In and contacting anyone in the industry (or anywhere else) who might hear of something opening up. Another place I'm looking:, which is a source of jobs for freelancers but also has some permanent positions listed. It's affiliated with CareerBuilder. Also;;; and, which are industry-specific. Testimonials
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