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Social Networking For a Job Using Other Online Tools


<ul><li> 1. USING social networking IN your job search<br />Presented by Anthony Furino<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. RSS Feeds<br />What are RSS Feeds?<br />Function like an online newspaper subscription<br />You subscribe to a feed that is updated regularly. When the feed is updated you are automatically sent a link to, a portion of, or a complete piece of the information you signed up for; in this case you are sent job openings<br /> 3. RSS Feeds<br />Quick Info<br />To receive these feeds you have to have an RSS reader<br />Free of charge, convenient, practically labor-free<br />Useful for those people that have access to a computer regularly can check an RSS reader for a listing of jobs instead of performing the same search over and over<br />RSS Feeds work by collecting and gathering these feeds in one place so you can quickly retrieve them<br /> 4. RSS Feeds<br />How to Subscribe<br />Perform a search and then click an RSS Feed icon to subscribe to it <br />Some sites, like Career Builder, may require you to go to a specific RSS Feeds portion of their site to choose to receive feeds on jobs in a certain industry, jobs by keyword, or jobs in a particular region of the country<br /> 5. Subscribing to RSS Feeds<br />You can choose to display an RSS feed in your Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox browsers <br />OR<br />Copy and Paste the RSS feed URL into your own RSS Feed Reader to view<br /> 6. Subscribing to RSS Feeds<br />Internet Explorer<br />Click on the RSS feed link after you have performed the initial search<br />The location of the RSS feed link/icon will vary between sites<br />Click on the subscription link near the top of the page<br /> 7. Subscribing to RSS Feeds<br />Name the feed and subscribe<br /> 8. Subscribing to RSS Feeds<br />Mozilla Firefox<br />Click on the RSS feed link after you have performed the initial search<br />The location of the RSS feed link/icon will vary between sites<br />To save in Firefox browser choose Live Bookmarks<br /> 9. Subscribing to RSS Feeds<br />Name the feed and add to Bookmarks Menu<br /> 10. Subscribing to RSS Feeds<br />If you choose to read RSS feeds with your own RSS reader then you must follow these steps:<br />Perform a search on a job site<br />Click on the RSS feed link <br />Copy the URL when you are taken to a different page<br />Paste the URL into your RSS Reader<br /> 11. RSS Feeds<br /></p> <ul><li>RSS feeds may not always be easily visible look on handout for locations of feeds on job search sites</li></ul> <p>Different sites will design their feeds to display differently <br />Meaning that when you receive these updated feeds there may be job title with a small job description linking to the full posting, or a full job posting for you to view, etc.<br />Example<br /> 12. RSS Feeds<br />Why use RSS Feeds?<br />Reduces stress caused by job search<br />Reduce or eliminate the time you spend searching for jobs<br />FREE FREEFREE!!!<br />You can unsubscribe at anytime<br />Do not have to give out your e-mail address<br />They will work in any RSS Reader<br /> 13. RSS Feeds<br />Popular RSS Readers<br />Google Reader<br />My Yahoo! RSS<br />News Gator<br />Feed Demon<br />Internet Explorers built-in reader<br />Mozilla Firefoxs built-in reader<br />Bloglines<br /> 14. Job Notifications via E-mail<br />Useful if you have internet access on your phone<br />Functions similar to an RSS feed in that you are notified automatically, without performing a search, but you must check e-mail regularly<br /> 15. Mobile Phone Job Notifications<br />There are very few services that will text users job postings as they become available:<br />CareerBuilder Job Alerts<br />Twitter<br />LinkedIn Mobile <br /><br /> 16. Firefox Add-Ons for Job Seekers<br />Firefox has add-ons, which, according to Firefox can be a new time-saving toolbar button, a shortcut to search, a themed look, and more. Add-ons make browsing easier. <br />Basically these act like the quick access Google search field on the top right side of the browser window<br /> 17. Firefox Add-Ons for Job Seekers<br />To use these in Firefox go to Tools Add-Ons Get Add-Ons perform a search for these add-ons below<br /> - a job search engine for Twitter<br />LinkedIn Companion allows you to perform LinkedIn job searches, people searches, access to JobsInsider<br />JobsInsider allows you to check your LinkedIn network to see if you are connected to anyone within the company that posted a specific job -if you are connected to someone on the inside you can contact hiring managers directly through LinkedIn<br />Indeed Job Search quicker way to access Indeeds search engine<br /></p>