Social networking 101: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more!

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This presentation gives an overview of Social Networking and Social Media focusing on the Big 5: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Wordpress (not too much on YouTube or Wordpress). Screen shots are used for examples. The end of the presentation is a heartwarming non-business example of how a facebook post led to 10 year old girl getting a kidney donation from a stranger.


  • 1.LinkedIn
    and Facebook and Twitter!
    Oh, my!
    Social Networking 101
    Diane Windingland, Small Talk Big Results!

2. Which groups are you in?
I dont use online social networks
I have a profile, but dont really use
I use one or more regularly:
Linked In
I have a blog
I have my own youTube channel
3. Or, maybe you are in this group . . .
4. Confused?
5. Too Many Social Networking Sites?
6. Give it time. . .
7. It gets worse!
8. Why Bother?
Build Contacts
Build Relationships (business and social)
Build your business
Build sales
Find a job
Find advice
Its Free!
9. Marketing has changed
Old: Interruptive, one-way
New: Integrated, Social, Referral-based
10. Social Networking is like a Cocktail Party
Minus the time and space constraints (and usually no drinks!)
11. 12. 5 Biggies in Social Media/Networking
FacebookSocial Networking
LinkedInProfessional Networking
Twittermicro-blogging (140 characters)
YouTubevideo sharing site
Wordpressblogging (web log/journal)
13. Big Numbers
YouTube:2 Billion videos watched per day!
Facebook: 500 Million+ active users
Twitter:175 Million Registered users
LinkedIn: 85 million+ members 15 million blogs
14. Feeling likeRip Van Winkle?
15. Start Small, Take Baby Steps
16. A Do-it-yourself/social tool
17. Have you d yourself lately?
2,450 results for Diane Windingland
The quotes around the words tell Google I want to search for the words in that exact order
18. Google images, video and more!
19. Monitor the web
20. 21. Why Use Facebook?

  • More social than Twitter or LinkedIn

22. Facebook is HUGE 23. If Facebook were a country, itwould be 3rd largest! 24. Interact with customers 25. Attract new customers 26. Join groups related to your business 27. Keep in touch with friends & family!