Social medias and business : How to make your social media strategy happen ?

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6 tips to make your social media strategy happen : 1. Listen 2. Deliver value first 3. Engage 4. Creativity 5. Adapt to different data 6. Allocate appropriate ressources


<ul><li> How can social media increase your business success?Author Jean-Francois MESSIER </li> <li> This document is part of Social Media and Business series by JF MESSIER </li> <li> to make your business socialmedia strategy happen ?1. Listen2. Deliver value first3. Engage4. Creativity5. Adapt to different data6. Allocate appropriate ressources </li> <li> TIP #1 </li> <li> to your </li> <li> to your </li> <li> to your </li> <li> to your </li> <li> to your </li> <li> to yourCompetitionCustomersRetailersWebVisible technologiesY generation </li> <li> to your </li> <li> TIP #2 </li> <li> The old communication model was a </li> <li> The new communication model is a </li> <li> sharing </li> <li> AUDIENCE YOU SHARING VALUE </li> <li> AUDIENCE YOU SHARING VALUE </li> <li> AUDIENCE YOU SHARING VALUE </li> <li> AUDIENCE AUDIENCEAUDIENCE YOU SHARING VALUE </li> <li> The key is to producesomething that both pullspeople together and givethem added-value. </li> <li> Create more value thanyou captureTim O Reilly </li> <li> Establish yourself as a fascinating subject-matterexpert </li> <li> If business has taught you anythingis that you have to pick a niche.Apply that to Social medias. Dont be all over the place. Be known as the go to page for a topic, and as a reliable source for information on that topic. </li> <li> You are the brand!!! Nothing else.Youre selling yourself as a personand showing that you are worthy ofbeing followed. </li> <li> Dont do this ! </li> <li> Putting a realDont do name and face on your identity this ! allows customers to associate with your brand on a personal level </li> <li> My theory is people are morelikely to follow a person than acompany. Guy Kawasaki </li> <li> Share Content &amp; Links thatMake People Want to Pay Attention </li> <li> ProduceContent PeopleWant to Share(because it will make others follow them) </li> <li> the titles of articles youhave written, andeach URL, so yourfollowers can easilyfind them </li> <li> What people care about ishow your message will them! </li> <li> How they can makemore , </li> <li> How they can savemore , </li> <li> and change their . </li> <li> Createcompellingcontentwithin the . </li> <li> Focus on whatyou do </li> <li> TIP #3 </li> <li> Encourage people to participate Ask What are your thoughts on our product? Likes / Dislikes? </li> <li> Encourage people to participate Request e.g. : Check out our latest case study and let us know what you think! </li> <li> Encourage people to participate Organise a to motivate e.g. : Make sure you comment on todays blog post and win two free tickets ! </li> <li> Encourage people to participateGive a to make an effort e.g. : To download this whitepaper, please fill out this short form (email, first &amp; last name </li> <li> Be If you arent, who will be? no one, and no one will engage! </li> <li> Get your hand dirty! </li> <li> Timeliness and Frequency </li> <li> TransparencyLet your customers into show your humanity </li> <li> Be the conduit between your audience andvaluable content and resources </li> <li> Relevance Before you link the content make sure its relevant and brings value to your audience. </li> <li> Never, ever </li> <li> Be honest </li> <li> Keep itpunchy </li> <li> Updateregulary </li> <li> TIP #4 </li> <li> When it comes to social media mostcommunication specialists will say... </li> <li> When it comes to social media most communication specialists will say..."youneedafacebookpageandatwitterprofile" </li> <li> You dont just needprofiles and presences. You need a strong creative idea and a strategy that will resonate across social channels. </li> <li> The traditionaladvertising industrydidnt continue togrow and produceamazing work... </li> <li> ...because they helped brands merely populateprint, TV, cinema, etc. </li> <li> They had to innovate and pushthe creative boundaries </li> <li> Its no different with social media. iWoman Temperamental, slow, expensive But hey she looks good </li> <li> TIP #5to different data </li> <li> adaptVolume andfrequencyNovices andexperts </li> <li> TIP #6appropriate </li> <li> The tools are free. You could be doing it in seconds </li> <li> But social media really isnt freeSomeone has to own it,monitor it, track it,analyse it... </li> <li> Put the right people in charge. </li> <li> You win by caring and byputting in the hoursto make it happen </li> <li> One more thing ! </li> <li> Continuous Improvement is Better thanDelayed Perfection - Mark Twain </li> <li> Synthesis your audience using socialmedias : where are they ? Who are they ?Why do they engage ? Where do they getinformation ? first ; Change yourmindset from marketing to valuedelivering. : ask questions, motivate withcontests, give some reasons to do efforts,be passionate, participate, betransparent, be relevant, be creative. to different data appropriate </li> <li> Bibliography Catching the tube, Putting social media to work, Executive Briefing, December 2010, Mal online engagement, slideshare Chia - Digital Media Strategist - Social marketing playbook, Bryan Wiener, Jeremiah Owyang,Jeff Pulver,Gregory Galant, The Mobile Internet Report, Morgan Stanley, December 2009 Pete Cashmore, Randall Rothenberg Internet Trends, Morgan Stanley, April 2010 Social Media: Hype, Hell or Hope, Rick Mans, Global Social Media Lead at Cap Gemini The 5 components of a complete social media program, Adam Kleinberg - CEO of How organisations can harness the power of Web 2.0 Traction, November 2010 WWW 3.0, Jenny Williams IS YOUR BRAND SEXY* ENOUGH FOR SOCIAL MEDIA? 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