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This is the 51st edition of the Social Media Roundup. Over the last few years, the Online and Social Media Division has worked hard to bring social media managers and public affairs personnel the information they need to accomplish their organization's social media goals. In honor of the first 50 Social Media Roundups, the Online and Social Media Division thought that this would be a good time to look back and offer a kind of Social Media Roundup "Greatest Hits" before we move forward with the next 50 roundups.


  • 1.Social Media Roundup: Greatest Hits10 Tips all Army social media managers should know

2. Social Media Roundup AgendaThis is the 51st edition of the Social Media Roundup. Before embarking on thenext 50 Social Media Roundups, the Online and Social Media Division thoughtthat this would be a good time to look back, and offer a Greatest Hits ofArmy social media information. Here are the top 10 social media tips all socialmedia managers should be tracking. #1 SOP Requirements #2 Getting registered #3 Social media training #4 Reporting imposters #5 Getting content on Army platforms #6 Getting content on #7 Photos on AKO landing page #8 Army branding #9 Keeping up with social media news #10 Army social media resources 3. Social Media Roundup#1 SOP requirements The Online and Social Media Divisionrecently updated the Standardizingofficial U.S. Army external officialpresences (social media) document( This document breaks down exactly whatsocial media managers must keep in mindwhen setting up a social media presence. This document covers all elements ofsetting up a social media presence. Themost important piece of informationincluded in this document is that all socialmedia presences must be reviewed by the The Standardizing official U.S. Army external officialOnline and Social Media Division and theypresences (social media) document can be found on themust all appear on the Armys Social Armys Slideshare site ( Directory( 4. Social Media Roundup#2 Getting registeredOnce youve reviewed the Standardizing official U.S. Army external official presences (social media) document and your social media site meets all of the requirements, submit your link so that it can be included in the Social Media Directory.Once you submit your link, the Online and Social Media Division will review the submission to make sure it follows the SOP and has all the elementsAbove is a screenshot of the Army Social Media Directory ( The directory makes it easy for required of an Army social mediaArmy social media managers to submit social media presences. It also makes it easy to search for social media presences currently stored in the presence. Once sites aredirectory. Each Social Media Directory entry has an icon for each social media presence they maintain making it easier to search for all of the approved, they will be added to social media presences maintained by a specific Army organization. the directory. 5. Social Media Roundup#3 Social media training The ALARACT Army Operations Security(OPSEC Training for External OfficialPresence sites (EOP) Operators(Enclosure 4 in the Social MediaHandbook that all commanders will ensure thatthose personnel who publish or postinformation on external online presencesreceive mandatory OPSEC training. According to the ALARACT, Social mediamanagers are required to take two OPSECcourses, the Social Media and OperationsSecurity Training Course( and theDISA Social Networking Class( 6. Social Media Roundup#4 Reporting imposters Imposter accounts are not onlyviolations of terms of useagreements, but they can also bedamaging to a Soldiers reputation. When an imposter account isidentified, its important to takeaction. Most social media platforms have aFacebooks reporting systemreporting system that allows users to an individual who ispretending to be someone else. If the impersonated individual is ahigh-level Army official, it is advisedto contact the Online and SocialMedia Division so the Twitters reporting system can be resolved quickly. 7. Social Media Roundup#5 Getting content on Army platforms Army social media managers and public affairs professionals often want to know the best way to get their organizations content on the Armys social media platforms. The Online and Social Media Division is always interested in new, fresh and creative content from the field. If your organization is interested in submitting content for the Armys social media platforms, draft your posts and your Tweets and send them to Make sure that you include all of the important information and also be sure to send content that applies to the whole Army, not just one segment of the Army population. 8. Social Media Roundup#6 Getting content on The only way to get your organizations content on is through CORE. CORE is a content management system offered by the Office of the Chief ofPublic Affairs for the Army public affairs community. CORE allows an Army public affairs professional to place text, photos and graphicelements on without having to know programming language. For more information about CORE and how to get a CORE account, visit this site: Check out the video above ( to learn more about using CORE. 9. Social Media Roundup#7 Photos on AKO landing page One of the more common questionsfielded by the Online Social MediaDivision is, How can I get my unitsphoto on the AKO landing Page? First and foremost, the Office of theChief of Public Affairs has no controlover AKO. But that does not meanOCPA has no input regarding whatappears on the AKO landing page. AKO pulls images for its landingpage from the Armys Flickr site. Soif you email your photos, he willadd them to Flickr and AKO mayelect to feature those images. 10. Social Media Roundup#8 Army branding Creating a unit specific brand while following the Army style can seemoverwhelming, but the Create website can help get you started. Check out There youll find tips for creating your ownbrand, tips for developers and even a social media toolkit your team candownload. 11. Social Media Roundup#9 Keeping up with social media news Much of the battle when working withsocial media is keeping apprised of thelatest social media trends. One way to stay on the cutting edge istake time each day to read through theheadlines of the leading social mediaand tech magazines and blogs. Mashable, and the SocialMedia Examiner are all great resources.You can also check outSocialMediaToday, TechCrunch, CNET,Techmeme and dozens of others. As social media managers and yourorganizations social media expert, youneed to be prepared to answerquestions about new trends andproducts at a moments notice. 12. Social Media Roundup#10 Army social media resources As mentioned earlier, this is the 51st Social Media Roundup. There are multiplesocial media documents, memorandums and strategy guides out there as well. Allof this information needs to go somewhere, so the Online and Social MediaDivision loads all of its content on its Slideshare site ( There are also good social media OPSEC resources out there. The Public AffairsPortal is an excellent resource as well. Take a look at the links below. Odds are ifyoure looking for something social media-related, you can find it in the links below. Important Links External online resources Please Rob Me: OPSEC resources Interagency OPSEC Support Staff: Anti-Phishing Phil: OnGuard Online: Social media training: Social Media Roundups 9 Critical Steps to Protecting Yourself on Facebook: Geotags and Location-based Social Networking: Army Slideshare site: 13. Social Media Roundup Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.8/15/2012OFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON