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Social media engineers go to great lengths to keep their platforms fresh and dynamic. Recently, both Flickr and Google+ launched significant layout changes. This Social Media Roundup explores the layout changes to both platforms and examines how the changes will affect users.


  • 1.Social Media RoundupFlickr and Google+ layout changes

2. The designers of social media platforms go to great lengths to keep theirplatforms fresh and dynamic. Recently, both Flickr and Google+ launchedsignificant layout changes. This Social Media Roundup explores the layoutchanges to both platforms and examines how the changes will affect users. Flickr layout changes New Flickr features Google+ layout changes New Google+ features Platform change summaryAgenda 3. Flickr layout changes According to the Flickr blog, the new Flickrlayout is designed to be better andbrighter. The new Flickr layout is alsodesigned to be more mobile friendly. In addition to the new banner graphic at thetop of the page, the new Flickr design fillsthe page with images. The old design useda substantial amount of white space, but inthe new layout, there is virtually no wastedspace. The new design, while much more visual,has not yet been widely accepted by Flickrusers. According to CNET and other techblogs, many users have called the newlayout messy and have suggested thatFlickr provide users with the option tocontinue using the old layout. 4. New Flickr features The overall visual experience ofFlickr is considerably different, butthe functionality of the platform isstill largely the same. Users can stillupload photos, and create sets andgalleries. There are, however, a fewchanges to Flickr. Possibly the biggest change is thatall users now have one terabyte offree storage. According toTechCrunch, Thats the equivalentof 537,731 photos. There is also a redesigned Androidapplication for smartphones andtablets. This redesign for Androidmatches the recently updated iOSFlickr application. 5. Google+ layout changes In a post on the Google blog,Google indicated that the newGoogle+ layout helps you easilyexplore content as welldramatically improves your onlinephoto experience to give youcrisp, beautiful photos. With the new design, Googlecontinues to put a great deal ofemphasis on photos and onGoogle+ Hangouts. The Google+ layout redesignallows users posts to appear ascards in the two-column stream.This move will make it easier forusers to re-share posts. 6. New Google+ features Google+ designers worked to add morevalue to the content that appears on usersprofiles by adding hashtags to variouscontent streams. Another interesting new feature associatedwith the layout change is Googles newphoto-managing tool. The tool willautomatically remove red eye and softenthe skin tone in addition to making othersmall alterations to each image. Also, instead of the five gigabyte limit,users now have 15 gigabytes of storagefor full resolution images. For more information about all 41 of theGoogle+ changes, check out this post: 7. Platform change summary 1 Terabyte of photo and video storage Upload photos of up to 200MB Upload 1080p HD videos up to 1GB each Upload and download in original quality Unlimited monthly bandwidth New two-column news stream Hashtags in news stream Improved Hangouts Photo editing featuresFlickrGoogle+ 8. Contact informationHave questions? Please feel free toreach out to us at the Online andSocial Media DivisionOFFICE OF THE CHIEF OF PUBLIC AFFAIRSPENTAGON5/29/ review and download past editions of theSocial Media Roundup, visit our Slideshare siteat: Social Media Roundups are authorized to bedistributed to a broader audience.