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Linkedin was #1 social media network in 2013 to capture leads & generate traffic. In this slide you will learn tips & secret tricks for linkedin marketing. From basic to advanced I tried to cover all important topics in this slide.


  • 1.Linked in Overview 1. Linked in is a top social network for professionals. With over 259 million members in over 200 countries and territories. 2. With a little over 61 million unique visitors every month. 3. They are one web property that deserve your attention. 4. A great platform to target B2B customers. 5. 277 million users on Linked in. 6. 200 countries in Linked in. 7. 11th most visited site from Alexa rank. 8. 405 millions users log in daily.

2. 1. Upload a professional image. 2. Create a compelling headline ( you have only 120 characters to highlight you). 3. List your current position and at least two past positions. 4. Make your entire LinkedIn profile publicly visible to everyone. 5. Give twitter profile link as well. 6. Show your other works on slideshare & projects as well. How to Create Professional Profile 3. How to Grow your Network on Linked in 1. Connect with your direct, first degree network. 2. Upload your contacts from Outlook, webmail like Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, or other address books. You can do this via the Add Connections tab. 3. Then you can log in to your email and find who has a profile on LinkedIn. 4. Add previous colleagues and classmates to your network. 5. Browse the networks of your immediate network. 6. You can do this by visiting someones profile and looking at their connections on the right-hand side. If you see someone interesting, invite that person to connect. 7. Use the advanced search option to search for people. 8. Join groups of your targeted market. 9. Follow your networks updates and your contacts interactions. 4. How to Find Target Market on Linked in 1. Keywords 2. Groups 5. Lead Strategies for Linked in 1. Join 50 groups of your niche market. 2. Daily comment on 3-4 posts on each group. Give 15 minutes for this. 3. Add value to ongoing conversation. 4. Daily comment on 2-3 groups. 5. Dont self promote in groups. Only once in group. 6. Search targeted groups. 7. Give away like free bonus. 8. Join groups on interest basis. 9. Share self promotional content in group not more than twice in a week. 10. Post comments and publish post between 8 Am and 9 Am EST. 11. Create trust in groups 12. Share your comments, posts on other networks as well. 6. Final words for Linked In Marketing Sign up for Linked in. Create 100% complete and optimized Linked in profile. Add connections. Give endorsements and recommendations and take this from others as well. join groups of your interest (you can join 50 groups maximum). Create company page (highlight your products and services). Get People to Follow You. Engage with your Network. Daily follow 30-50 users. 7. Dont forget to follow the creator of this SLIDE