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<ul><li><p>SOCIAL MEDIA </p><p>MARKETING </p><p>LINKEDIN </p></li><li><p> #1: INTERACTIONS </p><p> LinkedIn the Serious Network </p></li><li><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Connect the worlds professionals to make them more </p><p>productive and successful. </p><p>A Business Platform </p></li><li><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>260,000,000+ Members Worldwide </p><p>The Worlds Largest Professional Network </p><p>184 million unique visitors in Q1 of 2014 </p><p>1 of every 3 professionals on the planet is on LinkedIn </p><p>Content now garners 6x more engagement than jobs </p><p>properties on LinkedIn </p></li><li><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>PUBLISHING PLATFORM </p><p>Brands build RELATIONSHIPS with Professionals </p><p>#1 Channel to distribute B2B content </p><p>LinkedIn drives more traffic to B2B sites </p><p>Most effective social platform for B2B Lead Generation </p></li><li><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>LinkedIn a multi-sided platform </p><p>RECRUITERS Find the right talent </p><p>MARKETERS Reach a qualified </p><p>audience </p><p>BUSINESS PARTNERS Access to a captive </p><p>user base </p><p>MEMBERS Connect with peers &amp; find opportunities </p></li><li><p>LinkedIn is an Effective Tool for </p><p>COMMUNICATION BUSINESS </p><p>New Communication Channel </p><p>Brand Visibility on the Internet </p><p>Brand E-Reputation Management </p><p>Build and cultivate Relationships </p><p>Customers Acquisition </p><p>Revenue Generation </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p></li><li><p> #2: ENGAGEMENT </p><p> Content Marketing on LinkedIn </p></li><li><p>A Powerful Marketing Solution </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>TARGET PUBLISH EXTEND </p><p>Reach a high quality </p><p>audience </p><p>Relevant content in </p><p>professional context Social sharing and </p><p>drive traffic to sites </p></li><li><p>Marketing Objectives </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Generating Awareness </p><p>Driving Traffic and Leads </p><p>Icreasing Consideration and </p><p>Preference </p><p>Creating Advocacy </p><p>Building Community </p></li><li><p>Perform Branding and Lead Generation </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Solutions Branding Lead Generation </p><p>Company Page X </p><p>Showcase Pages X </p><p>Follow Company Ads X </p><p>Company Updates X X </p><p>Sponsored Updates X X </p><p>Sponsored InMail X </p><p>Content Ads X X </p><p>LinkedIn Display Ads X X </p><p>LinkedIn Groups X X </p><p>LinkedIn Partners X X </p></li><li><p>Content drives Action </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Useful x Enjoyable </p><p>x Inspired = </p><p>Innovative Content </p><p>Photos Videos Infographics White Papers </p></li><li><p> #3: PLAYGROUND </p><p> New territory of expression for Brands </p></li><li><p>Publish with a Purpose </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Showcase our business, </p><p>Reach new customers, </p><p>And attract great talent </p></li><li><p>5 Strategic Marketing Opportunities </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>1. Company Pages </p><p>2. Showcase Pages </p><p>3. Company Updates </p><p>4. Sponsored Updates Content Marketing in the Professional Feed </p><p>5. Display Advertising Reach professionnal Audience in the right context </p><p>BRANDING </p><p>LEAD </p><p>GENERATION </p></li><li><p>Focus on Branding Solutions </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Company Pages Showcase Pages Company Updates </p><p>Through a Company page, you can market your business to the LinkedIn community, telling your companys story and giving customers and prospects a place to learn about your business, your employees, and your brand </p><p>Reach and build a relationship with specific audiences. Its a distinct platform for each aspect of our business that has its own message to share with its own target audience. Its a chance to catch the eye of prospective customers. </p><p>Powerful way to reach and engage professionals with relevant content. They are sent from the company pages and deliver targeted content into the members feed, increasing their engagement with the brand. </p></li><li><p> #4: ACTIVATION </p><p> My Company Page on LinkedIn </p></li><li><p>5 Steps to engaging followers on LinkedIn </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>1. Establish your presence </p><p>2. Attract followers </p><p>3. Engage Followers </p><p>4. Amplify through the network </p><p>5. Analyse and refine </p><p>Create a </p><p>Brand Ecosystem </p></li><li><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>CREATE your Company Page </p><p>The central Hub of </p><p>MEIKO France </p><p>Company description and overview </p><p>Banner Image </p><p>Logo and Company Name </p><p>Share Rich Content (text, images, video) </p><p>Manage your Network </p><p>Create your Showcase Pages </p></li><li><p>CREATE your Showcase Pages </p><p> 4 pages = Product segments : </p><p>M-iClean, M-iQ, WasteStar, KD </p><p> Display products information </p><p> Share videos, photos, news, infographics </p><p> Provide live information : </p><p>exhibitions, events </p><p>Highlight your </p><p>Products </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p></li><li><p>ATTRACT &amp; ENGAGE with Company Updates 5 Tips </p><p>#1 : Think like a JOURNALIST. Optimize Headlines </p><p>#2 : Always include an IMAGE or some type of </p><p>RICH MEDIA </p><p>#3 : Always include a clear CALL TO ACTION </p><p>#4 : Make your content SNACKABLE and </p><p>VALUABLE </p><p>#5 : Create an EDITORIAL CALENDAR, but react </p><p>timely to EVENTS </p><p>Share </p><p>Rich Content </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p></li><li><p>One last Tip </p><p>Mobilize your Employees to </p><p>Amplify your Message </p><p>SHARE </p><p> LIKE </p><p>COMMENT </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p></li><li><p>MEASURE &amp; ANALYSE your performances </p><p>DIGITAL MEDIA </p><p>LinkedIn Marketing Strategy </p><p>Use </p><p>KPIs </p><p>#1 : BECOME AWARE of LinkedIn Metrics </p><p>#2 : ANALYSE your updates statistics </p><p>#3 : REFINE your Content Strategy </p><p>#4 : BOOST your Audience and </p><p> DRIVE Engagement </p></li><li><p> #5: CONCLUSION </p><p> Ready to become a LinkedIn Superstar ? </p></li><li><p> PS : feel free to add me to your connections on LinkedIn </p></li></ul>