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<ol><li> 1. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING LINKEDIN &amp; TWITTER </li><li> 2. LinkedIn LinkedIn has company pages and personal pages. Use your personal profile for networking, finding industry leaders and influencers and spreading the word from your Company Page. Actively connect with other local business people. Company pages allow customers to learn about your business and for you to post company-specific content. Connect your employees with your business and they can help share your content. </li><li> 3. TWITTER Twitter is made for current events, also things like TV Shows, current events, etc, in real time. On Twitter you can post many, many times a day. Uses #Hashtags for search. You can create your own hashtag, like #hillchamber. Post pictures with location to take up more space in the Twitter feed. You can post groups of photos also. Share content on Twitter from your other networks. Make sure to monitor your account for responses, questions or other post engagement from customers. </li><li> 4. WHAT CAN I DO NOW? 1. Create Original Content. 2. Completely fill out all profile information for all platforms. 3. Start Engaging Your Customers. 4. Cross Promote In Real Life and Online </li><li> 5. WHERE YOU CAN FIND US: LinkedIn: Twitter: @HookSEO Facebook: Pinterest: Instagram: Google+: </li><li> 6. HOW TO REACH US: Email: Phone: 844-888-HOOK Website: </li></ol>