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2. LinkedIn for BusinessWhat is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a business orientated socialnetworking site LinkedIn started in 2003 but planning for thissocial networking site started in the 1990s They currently have over 300 million users LinkedIn is about creating professional networks 24 million UK users 3. LinkedIn for BusinessTo view the full infographic go to 4. LinkedIn for BusinessTo view the full infographic go to 5. LinkedIn for BusinessTo view the full infographic go to 6. Social Media: LinkedIn KeyFacts To Remember 300 Million users Business oriented social networking site Brands that are participating are corporatebrands giving potential and current associates aplace to network and connect The best times to share content: 7:00-8:30am,5:00-6:00pm Nearly 50% of LinkedIn users are thefinal decision makers fortheir companies. 7. LinkedIn for Business:Personal ProfilesCreate a great profile: Use a good professional image of yourself(profiles with images get 14 x more views thanones without an image) Create a headline that ensures the right peopleare finding you Insure your profile includes terms that you wouldwant to be found for Answer ALL the questions 8. LinkedIn for Business:Personal Profiles Use your summary section wisely (Profiles witha summary get 10 x more views) Be yourself, be honest and be personable Highlight your skills and expertise Ensure your profile has recommendations fromcolleagues, clients and customers Add rich media Make sure your profile is ALWAYS up to date!!! 9. LinkedIn for Business: Tipsfor YOU!Use messaging functionUpgrade your accountFollow news/industry expertsJoin groups and interactShare content and updates regularlyGrow your networkEndorse/recommend 10. LinkedIn for Business:Company PagesCreate a GREAT company page Ensure you go into detail Make sure all the info is correct and filled in Get a custom URL Imagery is important Link page to your company website 11. LinkedIn for Business:Company PagesCreate ShowCase Pages ShowCase pages allow you to showcasespecific services or products to individualmarketing personas They link to the company page Custom URL (great for SEO purposes) Create ongoing content Use as part of your lead generation 12. LinkedIn for Business: Tipsfor your company page!Create and implement a contentstrategyShare content and updates regularlyUse ShowCase pagesShow relevant groupsUse rich mediaLink to website 13. LinkedIn for Business:GroupsBenefits of groups:Common interestsTargeted audienceGroup discussions allow for sharing of ideas anda soft sellMembers can message one another and vieweach others profilesA platform to promote (personally &professionally)Statistics of group members gives great insight 14. Social Media: B2B vs. B2CTo see the full infographic visit: 15. Social Media: BestPracticesHere are 15 points to bare in mind whenengaging on social media platforms: Establish and manage your expectations Create a content strategy and calendar Develop your voice and tone Keep an eye on your competition Stay aware Read, watch and share Follow the 60/40 rule 16. Using LinkedIn forBusinessLead Generation Call to actions in updates and on profiles Links to websites Messaging functionality Group discussions ShowCase PagesBrand/Company AwarenessGrow your network 17. Using LinkedIn forBusinessAdvertising Targeted adverts Boosted UpdatesShowcase Skills/Products Via ShowCase pages Via updatesWebsite Traffic Source Analytics Call to actions 18. Using LinkedIn forBusinessReach the RIGHT people Business tone Attract investors Attract new employees Attract the customers/clientsUse it as a fact finder Connect with prospective customers/clients Ensure service providers are legitimate Search for endorsements and recommendations 19. LinkedIn for Business:Common MistakesPeople/Company Mistakes: Informal updates Irregular updates Inappropriate imagery No personalised connection requests People skip their summary or forget to list skills General terms Account Managers Stalking Spam 20. LinkedIn for Business: BestPracticesMake sure you do this: Create and implement a content strategy Get involved Connect with people & grow your network Monitor who is looking at your profile Monitor the success of your company profile Use a analytics tool Link your company page to the website and yourwebsite to LinkedIn 21. LinkedIn for Business: BestPracticesMake sure you do this: Use rich media Ask questions Stay informed and up to date Conform to regulation Get your staff on board Make sure selected company updates areshared by key staff members Keep up to date with latest trends (e.g. Newcustom backround images) 22. Social Media: BestPractices Think different Commit, 100%!!!!! Monitor your success Use rich media (videos,whitepapers, infographics) Keep the social in social media ALWAYS respond to both negative and positivefeedback Be proactive, verse reactive Be transparent 23. How to get startedYou want to do itYou need to do itYou do not know where to start 24. How to get startedTo do list: Simply start and of course start simply Set clear business objectives Set clear sales targets Create a content strategy Create engaging and relevant content Implement Measure and monitor the results 25. Time to connect with us!Jessica Lee Brown www.ashgrovemarketing.comSue Gee 26. 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