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Learn how to use social media to find employment with Christopher Penn, professor of Advanced Social Media at the University of San Francisco.


<p> 1. How to nd ajob usingsocial mediaChristopher S. 2. Fortune favors only the prepared mind. - Louis Pasteur, 1854Which means you can blog, tweet, etc. the URL but the room has a 50 person limit, and by registeringyou showed your commitment to being prepared and planning ahead. I want to make absolutely sure that you, the registered attendee, get priority. 3. NOT how to nd asocial media job 4. social media jobs in 2 years 5. TweetAwayJob hunting is a sales job 6. Step 1: Have something worth selling 7. know yourstory 8. Step 2: Packaging You 9. This is your rst impression 10. 11. Reputation Managementbe careful whats ndable. 12. This is your second impression 13. 14. Dial intoPhone: (949) 202-4265Attendee PIN: 81609# 15. Step 3: Prospecting 16. TweetAwaySerendipity, like hope, is a great gift and a crappy strategy. 17. TweetAwayBuild your networkbefore you need it 18. Build your base! 19. Metcalfes Law: v=A*N^2 20. 13% of LinkedIn 21. Why dont I care about network quality?Because people change. 22. then 23. thennow 24. Ask! 25. Christopher S. Penn | Feed: Read: Send: http://www.WhatCounts.comListen: Attend: Link: Tweet: Face: G+: 26. The inside secret of job sites 27. Example exercise 28. Step 4: The Pitch 29. Dont be this guy 30. 31. 32. The Alternate Advance 33. Use the data! 34. 2,000 emails a day for free 35. make a powerful rst impression 36. Reciprocity 37. Social Media forHiring Managers What to look for when hiring in the 21st century Christopher S. Penn 38. the rest is up to you 39. How much too much 40. while I do not write recommendations for people I havent actually worked with in the workplace... ... I will forward ANY legitimatejob inquiry connection request on LinkedIn to my network of 6,928 connections, so ask. 41. Connect on LinkedIn: </p>