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Presentation to Colby College Students, 3/2/009


<ul><li><p>Social Media in the Job Search</p><p>Build Your Street Cred</p><p>Jennifer Naylor:</p><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>What are Social Media?</p>Social Media are interactive web sites and communications tools that connect people Social sites: FB, MySpace, Orkut, BeboBusiness networks: LinkedIn, Naymz, Viadeo, Spoke, PlaxoContent sharing sites: YouTube, Pandora(Micro)Blogging: Twitter, FriendFeed, Plurk<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Benefits of Social Media?</p>Visibility: Get foundRelationships: build your networkResearch: answers, advice,expert help Knowledgebase: industries, companies, competitorsCareer management: jobs, reputationCommunicate<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Planning Your Attack</p>Fearless self assessment: who are you, what are you good at, whos in your network, what can you offer? Strategy: Who? To what end? What do you need to make this work? Coaching? Money? Contacts? Technology?Develop your narrative: keywords for SEO<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Ready. Fire. Aim. Aim. Aim.</p>Your campaign: pick your sitesCreate accounts Input your narrative: be consistent!Be ever strategic with your choices Watch your page viewsSet up Google alerts to monitor your star<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Wipe Down Your Digital Dirt</p>Your parents asked me to talk to you...What happens in Las Vegas might not stay there Google thyself: your name + networkIf you cant get it removed, push it downBeware privacy settings: FB Friends Only NOT Friends and NetworkClean up FB, MySpace, YouTube, Digg<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Maintenance</p>Enter relationships for research and giving: what goes around, comes around Stay informed, join industry groups, be watching blogs, the news Develop a knowledgebase about your network: who are they, whos in their network, pay attention to changes What are they interested in, how can you help?<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Sites Covered in this talk</p>Linkedin.comFacebook TwitterResume Bucket, VisualCV<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p></p>Business networking, little interactivityFill out your entire profileFull View public profile with custom URLInclude information for contacts to find you: companies, schools, associationsAdd links to your website, blog, whateverAsk colleagues to recommend you<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>LinkedIn: Earn Visibility</p>Search engine rankings: Use link to get track backConsistent profile - Zoominfo, Spoke,WinkLinkedIn Answers: answer questions to up your street credJoin groups: watch threads, commentAdd widget to blog, other profiles<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>LinkedIn: Find People, Companies</p>Search on your schools, past workplaces, associations to grow your network.Its how many types of people you know: in what industries/regions do you need more contacts?Need a contact? Search on the company name, see how are you connected.What companies do .? Search keywords.New at a company? Search names of your colleagues and learn about them.<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>LinkedIn: Research Companies</p>How healthy is the company: find the company page and see employees names. Does it look like people are leaving?Where are people with your skills working? What do they say about the industry?Search on your competition: whos on their team, who are their partners?<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>LinkedIn: Get Help, Expert Advice</p>Ask your network a questionSearch for information on Answers: use LinkedIn to contact those with expertisePost a question to Answers (make sure its not been answered first)Research: find people in your network on in Answers or Groups to interview<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>LinkedIn Advanced: the Apps (shortlist)</p> Post documents relevant to your profile, like resume, portfolio, etc.Reading List by Amazon: What your mentors, bosses, competitors reading?Google Presentations: display relevant presentations from your Google Docs accountSlideShare: Just like Google Presentations.<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Facebook: your resume?</p>Turn the tables on recruitersTravel photos esp. socially consciousMedia: relevant, thoughtfulCampus activities: social awarenessSports w/ global appeal: soccerSummary: keep it real, not contrived.Highlight your good mind and social skills<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Facebook: Use it For a Job Search</p>Groups: make connections, post a link to your resume, view jobsMarketplace: free to post jobs, resumesAds: advertise yourself, link to online resume.Friends: status updates keep them on the team. <p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Facebook <br />Ads</p><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>VisualCV / Resume Bucket</p>Online resumeFreeRecruiter friendlyResume Bucket is really easyVisualCV for visual materialGet unique URL w/ your name<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Resume Bucket: Easy, fast</p><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>VisualCV: More, uh, Visual</p><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Twitter: Next Killer Ap?</p>Microblogging tool via text messagingProfile: link to online resume/profilePhoto / imageFind Users: TwitDir, JustTweetItRecruiters, industry bloggers, influencersUpdate strategically: content, search terms#jobangels<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Twitter <br />Screen</p><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Twitter</p>Build relationships: reply, RetweetVisit user blogs and commentAsk questionsSpecify your job needs once you have some group traction(Dont forget to link back to your online resume or LinkedIn profile)<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Your Online Presence</p>LinkedIn / FacebookOnline resume: Visual CV, ResumeBucketYourname.comBlog comments link back to profileSurface information w/ Digg, DeliciousSEO: everything is spidered by search engines<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li><li><p>Here I am </p>Email: NaylorJT@optonline.netSkype: JenniferNaylorTwitter: mottspoint at Yahoo! / AIM<p>Jennifer T. Naylor - Social Media</p></li></ul>