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If you are looking for a new job, understand WHY you should be using social media to network, market and build trust. Developed by Career Sherpa


<ul><li><p>Social MediaIn Job Search2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p><p>2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Social Media isMarketing and networking rolled in to one!</p><p>About building</p><p>2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Just how important is TRUST?70% of Hiring professionals rejected candidates due to:Concerns about the candidates lifestyle Inappropriate comments and text written by the candidate </p><p>Unsuitable photos, videos, and information Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Where Are They Looking?78% search sites like this 63% search sites like this</p><p>59% search sites like these</p><p>57% search sites like this48% search sites personal websites46% search blogs</p><p>41% search news sharing sites like this</p><p> Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>The Good News</p><p>86% of hiring professionals said candidates with a good online reputation can positively influence their application.2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Increase Your Digital FootprintGoogle profileLinkedIn profileVisual CVPersonal website or blogPhotoSlideshare,, Tweets, links to blogs, videos2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Monitor You</p><p> Can you be found?(use your name)</p><p> What comes up?Start fixing today</p><p>2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Have a Social Media Plan?Research: Who do you want to target?Strategy: Which tools will you use, how often?Engagement: How will you actively listen?Measurement: How will you know if this is paying off? 2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Monitor OthersWho should you follow?Blogs, newsletters, user groups</p><p>2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Blogs: Read &amp; CommentCommenting is flattering and the purpose bloggers write</p><p>Keeps you abreast of trends/issues</p><p>Sets you apart- providing easier access to author/organization2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Know that nothing is ever really privateAccept invites from friends, ignore othersKeep it clean and not too personal</p><p>2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Have a complete profileParticipate in GroupsRespond to Q&amp;AUpdate statusContinuously build connections2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Follow, Read, EngageIndustry expertsPast colleaguesRecruitersPeople within target companies2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>How to Find People to Follow on Twitter?LinkedIn application: TweetsTwellowListsBlog or website</p><p>New this week!2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Comment/Engage/ConnectIt shows youve been listening</p><p>Thats what it isall about, dialogue. </p><p>2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>RecapGet noticed with the right image todayTake small steps:Comment on 1 2 industry blogs per weekComplete your LinkedIn profileShare good content on LinkedIn Status and TwitterEngage in conversation Favorite ResourcesJob-hunt.orgMashable.comLinkedIn Blog and LinkedIn Tips on YouTube2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p></li><li><p>Parting ThoughtsFuture of Work Video By oDesk:2010 Career Sherpa @careersherpa</p><p>*</p></li></ul>