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Presentation given at the AASA National Conference on Education - February 21, 2013. Feel free to use and share!


<ul><li> 1. 2013 National Conference on Education Los Angeles, CASocial Media: How District Leaders Can Build Community CHRIS KENNEDY Superintendent of Schools / CEO, West Vancouver School District February 21, 2013 </li> <li> 2. 3 distinct communities West Vancouver Lions Bay Bowen IslandWest Vancouver School DistrictThe premier place for learning. </li> <li> 3. A tribe is a group ofpeople connected to oneanother, connected to aleader, and connected toan idea. Seth Godin </li> <li> 4. Tribes need leadership.People want connectionand growth andsomething new. Seth Godin </li> <li> 5. Twitter and Facebook and group meetings andnewsletters are all TOOLS. Tools matter, because toolsimpact the way you interact. You dont need to use everytool, but every tool you use you must use well. Seth Godin </li> <li> 6. Why? </li> <li> 7. Tell real stories from yourown life in a way that isrelevant and engaging toyour audience. Garr Reynolds </li> <li> 8. The evolution of mass communications </li> <li> 9. For all students,on any device, from anywhere </li> <li> 10. Communication and collaborationAt home and at school </li> <li> 11. Teachers help students manage the learningTasks, homework, assignments </li> <li> 12. Personalized web spacesDont want social tool kids want to stay focused </li> <li> 13. What? </li> <li> 14. Blog Twitter Supporting Tools </li> <li> 15. Blog Home base </li> <li> 16. Twitter Amplify the messageBlog Your home base </li> <li> 17. SlideshareSupporting Linkedin Tools Facebook YouTubeTwitter Amplify the message Blog Your home base </li> <li> 18. How are you using digital tools to lead? learning? </li> <li> 19. BlogOptions </li> <li> 20. Newsstories </li> <li> 21. Educational Issues </li> <li> 22. Journal </li> <li> 23. The Risks </li> <li> 24. Twitter is a loaded gun . . . </li> <li> 25. Under deliver Overpromise </li> <li> 26. 1 x week3 x day </li> <li> 27. Personal vs. ProfessionalIndividual vs. Corporate </li> <li> 28. Relationship between Be personable without being too personal (bffs 4eva) </li> <li> 29. More onBlogs... </li> <li> 30. Build it inside or outside your system? Create a manageable expectation Determine what it replaces . . . </li> <li> 31. More onTwitter... </li> <li> 32. Who to follow? Partner Colleagues GroupsReporters Lists Colleagues Colleagues Hashtags News Outlets </li> <li> 33. Best professionallearning available </li> <li> 34. More onthe rest... </li> <li> 35. Slidesharepost PowerPoints toshare publicly or embed </li> <li> 36. YouTubepost videos </li> <li> 37. Facebookeveryone is on it </li> <li> 38. Linkedina professionalFacebook </li> <li> 39. Google+Googles answer to FBallows targeted sharing </li> <li> 40. More advice </li> <li> 41. Leaders lead we need to model the way </li> <li> 42. For anyone,on any device, from anywhere </li> <li> 43. Conclusions </li> <li> 44. You have to be theleadersthe storytellersbeyond these walls Kevin Carroll </li> <li> 45. Dont talk about it... BE about it </li> <li> 46. Where you can find me: 604-202-4379 @chrkennedy Chris Kennedy </li> </ul>


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