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2. How does it work?How do social networkingwebsites work?Live demo! 3. IntroductionTraditionally, luxury brandshave been hesitant tomove online. 4. IntroductionNow, luxury brands aremaking the transition toonline advertising, socialnetworks & e-commerce. 5. IntroductionBut why? 6. Reason 1If you do not talk aboutyour brand and products,someone else will do it foryou. 7. Reason 1There are numerous thirdparty information sourcesonline about any luxurybrand. 8. Reason 1 9. Reason 1It is essential that the branditself have a voice in theonline landscape. 10. Reason 1 To take the lead on itsown communication online. 11. Reason 1Any good example?Hell, yes!Check out Burberry 12. Reason 1 13. Reason 1 14. Reason 1Visibility of natural searchesRank Visibility1100%2100%3100%485%560%650%730% 15. Reason 1 16. Reason 2Your target audience is alsousing social media. 17. Reason 2How people spend theirtime online?Source : Mashable | Worldwide Internet usage 18. Reason 2How much time do theyspent on average on socialnetworks per month?Source :Social Media Examiner |OCDE Internet usage 19. Reason 2405 min/month =7h/week =15 min/day Just forSource : Social Media Examiner | OCDE Internet usage 20. Reason 2Demographics | FacebookSource: Quantcast 21. Reason 2Source: Facebook HG Q report 22. Reason 2How many users are they? Source : Mashable | Worldwide Internet usage 23. Reason 2How old are they?Source: Mashable | Worldwide Internet usage 24. Reason 2How engaged are they?Source: Social Media Today 25. Reason 2International usage of thewebSource: Mashable | Worldwide Internet usage 26. Reason 2Affluent consumers areparticularly heavy users ofthe Internet for bothinformation and onlinepurchasing. 27. Reason 2Up to 90% of high-incomeInternet users regularlyshop online. 28. Reason 3Your competition is usingit. 29. Reason 3Companies are paying a lotof money to advertise andgrow their brands in socialmedia. 30. Reason 3 31. Reason 3Online competition 32. Reason 3Social media provides greatbrand exposure if yourbrand can really embracethe nature of socialmedia 33. Reason 3through providing greatcontent and engaging andinteracting with youraudience 34. Reason 3in a manner that leads tobuilding a great communitythat people want to beinvolved with. 35. Reason 3Example on Twitter 36. Reason 4Its the next generationof word of mouth marketing. 37. Reason 4Is there any better way tointeract with new potentialclients via people who havealready experienced whatyour brand has to offer? 38. Reason 4When your social mediapresence generatesreactions & talks such aslikes and shares, you getpeers approval. 39. Reason 4For brands, socialrecommendation is a greatgateway to reach peoplefriends and family. 40. Reason 4People rely much more intheir friends opinion. 41. Reason 5Search Engines counts socialsharing when ranking. 42. Reason 5When many people onsocial media refer to yourcontent, your website, yourarticles, or your video... 43. Reason 5 search engines payattention and in return usethis as a factor to providefor your content a bettersearch engine placement. 44. Reason 5Both Google and Bing haveacknowledged that certainsocial signals influenceorganic rankings. 45. Reason 5Bing and Facebook took onpartnership, announcingthat the number of likes apage receives is a rankingfactor. 46. Reason 5Social media is thereforeSEO friendly! 47. Reason 6Social Media is also a spacefor providing customersupport. 48. Reason 6By using your social mediaoutlets to answer questionsyou highlight to yourcommunity that you areavailable 49. Reason 6 but also get other peoplewithin the community toprovide answers andsupport to new members. 50. Reason 6Also compelling: there willsoon be more Gen Ycustomers in themarketplace than any otherage group. 51. Reason 6Having been raised onsmartphones & tablets,they will expect you tohave adapted to theirmethods of communication 52. Reason 6Generation Y 53. Reason 6 Source: Zendesk | Future of Customer Support 54. Reason 6 Source: Zendesk | Future of Customer Support 55. Reason 6What about Jaquet Droz? 56. Reason 6 57. Reason 7Beyond likes and comments,social media provides otherconversions 58. Reason 7 Source: Social Media Today | Sales & Social Media 59. Reason 7Example of Interactions 60. Reason 7Email 1Email 2 61. Reason 7 62. Reason 7Have you seen that post onFacebook? 63. Reason 7 64. Reason 71 free post =7 online coverage+ 1 print coverage 65. Reason 7= Placement and exposurefor free! Or Advertisingfor free 66. Reason 7 Advertising on this website costs CHF 5,000.-/month 67. Reason 7In this example, we mighthave spared severalthousands of $ with onesingle and free post! 68. Reason 7 And people rely muchmore on content thanadvertising. 69. Reason 7One last example ofqualitative conversion 70. Reason 7 71. Reason 7 This blog is one of themost popular watch reviewand news source online! 72. Reason 7Feeding the funnel withSocial media 73. Reason 8Having a social mediapresence that is engaginghelps reassure clients thatyour business is reputableand can be trusted. 74. Reason 8Consumers are more andmore savvy about who andwhere they purchaseproducts from 75. Reason 8 And people will take thetime to research onlinebefore making a purchase. 76. EndAny further question aboutsocial media? Ask away!@julienperez@ 77. EndTHANK YOU!