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Basics of optimizing your LinkedIn account.


  • 1.Social Media Essentials -- LinkedInSandra Fernandez Manager of Public Relations &Social Media AdministratorHouston Public Library

2. Social Media Essentials -- LinkedInLinkedIn Facts 100M Users 74% of recruiters use LinkedIn 50% of recruiters research candidates backgrounds via LinkedIn 21% of recruiters research candidates networks on LinkedIn 50% of users dont visit LinkedIn on a monthly basis 3. Complete Your Profile 100%Include at leastYour current positionTwo past positionsYour educationYour profile summaryA profile photoYour specialtiesAt least three recommendations 4. Complete Your Profile 100%HeadlineSecond thing seen on your profile page (below yourname)Consider your headline to be a personal brandingstatement.Project yourself as you would want people toperceive you and your skillset. 5. Complete Your Profile 100%Headline ActivityChange your headline 6. Complete Your Profile 100%Websites Use to link to your company website Blog Other social networks Portfolio Online resumeReminder: Ignore the default; choose custom names. 7. Complete Your Profile 100%Websites ActivityUpdate a website 8. Complete Your Profile 100%Summary Its a place to define who you are, what you (want to) do,and why youre unique Write a summary that is brief and interesting. Write it in paragraph form, not bulleted like a resume. Avoid long, wordy paragraphs. 9. Complete Your Profile 100%Experience & Expertise Work History Education SpecialtiesReminder: USE KEYWORDS! 10. Complete Your Profile 100%Privacy & Settings Public Profile Profile and Status Updates Contact Settings 11. Complete Your Profile 100%Privacy Activity Make your profile public 12. Complete Your Profile 100%Customize your URL Look for your name Can be changed later 13. Complete Your Profile 100%URL Activity Set your Vanity URL 14. Complete Your Profile 100%Choose a profile picture Headshot 80 x 80 pixels, square You may not upload a cartoon, symbol, drawing or any content other than a photograph of yourself in your profile photo. 15. Complete Your Profile 100%Photo Dos Smiling Eye contact Uncluttered background Alone Appropriate dress for your industry Simple, unobtrusive, understated clothing Update your picture 16. Find your friends and colleagues Add ConnectionsImport your address book.Find colleagues.Find classmates.People you may know.Mine your connections. 17. Find your friends and colleagues Add ConnectionsSearch by:namekeywordstitle, company, and/or industrylocationinterestconnectionsInvitations received.Invitations sent. 18. Find your friends and colleaguesConnections ActivityFind your colleaguesAdd to you network Accept invitations 19. Find your friends and colleagues Dont Connect With StrangersYou are your network.Your Rolodex Defines YouQuality vs. quantityVet carefullyI dont know 20. Find your friends and colleagues Contacting Other MembersEmailInMailIntroductionInvitation 21. Find your friends and colleagues RecapLinkedIn firmly believes you should know yourcontacts before deciding to add them as aconnection.Build your network by contacting businessprofessionals you know.Make your connection list public. If you dont, youare essentially defeating the purpose of LinkedIn. 22. Get and give recommendations Get recommendationsCreate a simple message and get recommendationsfrom key people who will add credibility to yourprofile.Use a 360 approach: ask for endorsements fromnot only the person above you but all the wayaround you: above, below and sideways. 23. Get and give recommendations Give recommendationsTake some time to reach out and offer positiverecommendations to your colleagues and friends.When you write a recommendation be sure toinclude something personal to help the readerunderstand the person that you are recommendingbetter and get that you actually know the person. 24. Get and give recommendationsGet recommendations ActivityAsk a colleague for a recommendation 25. Introductions Get introducedYour network is GOLDFollow LinkedIn instructions: vs. IntroductionsDont spamRespond in a timely manner 26. Updates Status updates what are you doing? Updated profiles New connections Network updates 27. ParticipateUpdates ActivityPost a status update Comment on an update from a colleague 28. Participate Company PagesKey eventsNew hiresPromotions Follow company pages Create company pages 29. ParticipateCompany pages ActivityFind a company page and begin following it 30. ParticipateJoin Affiliation GroupsJoin as much groups as you can personally handle, or have time for.Participate in the groups that you join by posting and answeringquestions.Share articles that you feel would benefit the group.BONUS: One of the best bonus features of Groups is that you cansend InMail to group members without having to upgrade to apremium account.Create Affiliation Groups 31. ParticipateAffiliation Groups Activity Search for an affiliation group (professional organization, alumni group)Ask to join the group 32. Participate Ask Questions, Answer QuestionsA way to demonstrate your expertiseContent ideas: Create a new blog post in response to a question. Answer a question linking to relevant existing posts. Create a stand signature for your answers. Create a blog post asking a question that includes pictures. 33. ParticipateQuestions ActivityChoose Questions categorySelect a question, review responses Select a respondent and find all their answers 34. Participate Join Events Create Events LinkedIn Today 35. ParticipateLinkedIn Today ActivityCustomize the industries in your newsfeed 36. Participate Participation Tips Listen first, then comment. Not a sales pitch. Not a place to request leads for jobs. The more you put into something the more you get out of it. The more that you give, the more people will seek to learn more about you and visit your profile. 37. LinkedIn Applications Add content from other sitesWordpressSlideshareAmazon Reading List 38. LinkedIn Strategies Create strategy on processing introduction requests, connection requests, recommendation requests Create approach for requesting introductions, recommendations 39. Measurement Network Statistics Third Party StatisticsLink Shorteners 40. Tools to keep you organized TweetDeck HootSuite Seesmic 41. LinkedIn EssentialsUpgrading your account Free Business Business Plus Executive 42. LinkedIn EssentialsRecapComplete your profile 100%Choose a good profile picFind your friends and colleaguesGet and give recommendationsParticipateAdd content from other sites 43. Reading List Articles, Blogs, Books LinkedIn Learning Center: Im On LinkedIn Now What??? Blog: How to Succeed in Business Using LinkedIn by Eric Butow and Kathleen Taylor How to Find a Job on LinkedIn Facebook Twitter MySpace and Other Social Networks by Brad and Debra Schep 44. Where to find me