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Social Media Changed My Life

Who I was

What changed?I joined twitter 2nd July 2012

Changed the way I learnWriting blog posts helped me to understand that behind EBM lies a sea of questions we strive to know the answers to; to seek structured answers and then to integrate what I found into clinical practice with rapid peer review

Learning: examining evidence

Learning: spaced repetition

Learning: international perspective

Learning: presentation skills!

Teamwork: St EmlynsAn honour, priviledge and blessing to be part of a team of inspiring individuals and to share their vision for improving the care we can deliver

Teamwork: International EM familyPart of a bigger picture of people all around the world striving for the same thing. As humans we long to feel connected; there are no more rewarding connections than these.

Inspiring a new generation of EM clinicians

Passion: enjoyable EMSocial media has amplified my passion for EM. It has helped through some difficult times but it has

Passion: enjoyable learning

Passion: karaoke & running!

Opportunities: Sydney, Gold Coast, Fiji, Amsterdam, Sweden, Chicago, New York, Brazil

Friends & FFF

Friends & FFF

Who I am - Im still the same idiot who wears a Christmas jumper in November. But I am happier and better connected in my professional life than ever before. Social media has enriched my life. Above all I have had SO MUCH FUN. If I can, you can too! But if thats not enough

In Amsterdam this lovely gent came up to me; this is Jens, an EM doc from Sweden; he recognised me from the video and wanted to tell me that since reading the blog post and watching the video he teaches his juniors to use local anaesthetic for ABGs.

Social Media can develop an interest among future EM cliniciansIt has also improved the lives of the people who are important to me :-)