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The objective of the Social Media Case Study on Say Yes Campaign by Yes2fashion was to promote the Year End Sale with YES Campaign, give out a message & also divert people to check out our Sale.


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2. Case Study: SAY YES CampaignFrom 1stmarch 31stMarch, 2013 3. About SAY YES Campaign- The Year End Sale :-As our Year End Sale was approaching we thought to come up with a campaign thatdidnt just promote the sale, but also gave out a message to our fans/followers. Thencame the idea of YES!YES stood for Year End Sale, but the message within it was to SAY YES to things thatmake a difference, not just around but also in ones life. We wanted people to havehope, belief and the willingness to bring that change & SAY YES.It was all about spreading the message this March & making a difference. 4. Online Platforms involved for the event promotions:-FacebookTwitterWebsitePinterestConcept:-TopromotetheYearEndSalewithYESCampaign,giveoutamessage&alsodivertpeopletocheckoutourSale. 5. Online Concepts Details:-Facebook: To promote Year End Sale with SAY YES message & postingupdates on the theme all month long. Each day we gave out a message, somewe kept real time, some generic & some that we feel that were necessary.Twitter Contest: #SayYes2 was a Twitter contest we did where we askedpeople to tweet on things they wanted to #SayYes2 in their lives.Online Communication strategy: Online promotions were based on thetheme & everyday a new message was given on Facebook where as onTwitter we did a contest promoting the campaign on the day of the launch.On Facebook, we didnt have a contest, it was just through communicationthat we wanted to promote it. 6. Plan of action:-1. Launch Twitter Contest on the day the sale goes LIVE on Website.2. Online branding/customization as per the Sale theme (Facebook &Twitter)3. Announcement post4. Online promotion of the Twitter contest5. Online promotions of the Sale6. Simultaneously launching the campaign on Facebook 7. Facebook Promotion:-The content was designed to promote:The SAY YES Campaign.The Sale on the website.A Social message which laid emphasis on allthe positive things in life that made adifference..1st March 31st March, 2013948 Fans liked the page in the period. (Includinglittle Ad Spends)The interactions were really good & this was thebest campaign so far in terms ofinteractions/engament & PTAB ratio for the brand.Few statistics:- 8. Online Promotional Creatives:-Concept Line: Spread the positivity with SAY YES Campaign! 9. Twitter Contest:-Hashtag:#SayYes2#SayYes2trendedatNo.7inIndiaanditwasacampaigncentricHashtag.Followersincrease-39+ followers increaseTotalTweetswith#SayYes22,712 TweetsTotalReach-73,566 accounts ReachTimelineDeliveries-950,441 timelinesThetop20contributorstweeted2,131tweetswhichis78.58%ofthetotaltweetsexchanged.Thetop100contributorstweeted540tweetswhichis19.91%ofthetotaltweetsexchanged.Wetrendedinthefollowingcities-Amritsar, Pune, Indore, Kanpur, Kolkata, Lucknow &Jaipur. 10. We created a board called Say Yes! and each of the pins where directed to the website. 11. Response from our Fans/ Followers 12. Campaign Results:-The SAY YES campaign was a huge success in terms of the Interactions,engagement & it did help us break the mark we were aiming for the brand.The aim was to touch more lives, make an impact & use Social Media topromote positivity when the environment was flooded with disturbing news.The response was overwhelming & we wanted people to know thatPositive Reinforcement always has a lasting impression.A decent number of website visitors was recorded.Despite not doing a contest, the campaign purely on the basis of Themehelped us bring our brand in a new light & increase our reach. 13. Thank YouFollow at:Facebook: