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  • How Chandni Chauk went viral on Facebook in a month

  • Brief Client: Chandni Chauk ! Agency: Social DNA ! Target: Women of Hyderabad

    (mainly youngsters) ! Media: Facebook Pages ! Objective: To make the brand

    Chandni Chauk viral amongst women on social media.

  • Store ProfileChandni Chauk is a womens fashion designer boutique that sells items ranging from readymade garments to bedsheets, jewelry, and even tailors their very own garments. Their aim was to bring the concept of the famous buzzing market place of Delhi, Chandni Chowk, to Hyderabad, through their vibrant and lively clothing and accessories.

  • Challenges To make the brand

    Chandni Chauk viral on Facebook within 15-20 days amongst our niche market young women on social media.


    Using social media to increase store walk-ins.

  • Our Approach Prior to the launch of the store, an

    event was created on Facebook to notify people about the opening.

    ! Social DNA launched a viral e-mail

    campaign to invite people for this event.

    ! People were sent a coded link which

    re-directed them to Chandni Chauks Event Page on Facebook.


  • Social DNA tied up with a digital event marketing agency to promote Chandni Chauks store opening event.

    ! Implemented piggyback marketing, and reached out to

    their existing follower base on social media. ! As part of the Public Relations for the store opening,

    photos of the same were shared on Facebook and were promoted through sponsored stories.

    ! To reach the brands demographic (16-36 year old women

    of Hyderabad), there was a lot of targeted posting, focusing mainly on college students and young female employees of multinational corporations.

  • Chandni Chauks Facebook page also acted as a one-stop customer service portal for their followers, where queries of customers are always answered.

    ! Facebook discounts, deals and offers were

    put up on the Facebook page that could be availed by followers that are active on Facebook.

    ! For example, Chandni Chauk offered a 10%

    discount if customers would check-in to their store on Facebook.

    ! This increased brand visibility amongst

    customers and people in their network.

    Exhibit 1 An example of one of Chandni Chauks discount offers !on Facebook

  • Results In just one month, page likes for

    Chandni Chauk on Facebook had reached 2,000. !

    Through cross-promotional marketing with other digital marketing agencies, over 3,000 people had been reached, and were aware of Chandni Chauks store opening.

    ! Achieved brand virality amongst our target

    audience. ! Successfully built high user engagement

    on the brand page on Facebook.0





    February 22 March 1 March 8 March 15 March 21 March 28

    Facebook Page Likes

    Exhibit 2 A graph representing increase in Facebook likes from !February to March!

  • Exhibit 5 An example of our customer service on Chandni Chauks Facebook Page!

    Exhibit 4 A creative cover photo designed by Social DNA for Chandni Chauk!

    Exhibit 3 Photos of the stores launch were shared on !Facebook