Social Media 101: How To Grow Your Practice Using Social Media (7/25/13)

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Presented by Likeable Dentists' CEO Dave Kerpen on July 25th, 2013.


<ul><li>1.HOW TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE IN THE 21st CENTURY Join Me on a Free Webinar! PRESENTED BY Dave Kerpen CEO and Founder Likeable Dentists July 25, 2013 </li></ul> <p>2. OUR STORY 3. HOW IMPORTANT IS WORD OF MOUTH? 4. THE NEW WORD OF MOUTH 5. The average Facebook user has a network of about 150 PEOPLE. 6. 1 Like = 150 RECOMMENDATIONS. 7. 40 Page Likes x 150 Connections = 6,000 PEOPLE. X 8. THE NEW WAY TO BE FOUND 9. WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WILL DO. 10. Social Media Will ALLOW YOU TO EASILY REACH NEW PATIENTS. 11. Social Media Will HELP YOUR PRACTICE STAY TOP OF MIND WITH CURRENT PATIENTS. 12. Social Media Will HELP BUILD LASTING RELATIONSHIPS WITH ALL PATIENTS. 13. WHAT SOCIAL MEDIA WONT DO. 14. SOCIAL MEDIA WONT BE FREE. 15. SOCIAL MEDIA WONT BRING YOU INSTANT RESULTS. Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5 Week 6 16. SOCIAL MEDIA WONT MAKE UP FOR AN UNLIKEABLE PRACTICE. 17. HOW TO USE SOCIAL MEDIA TO GROW YOUR PRACTICE IN 10 EASY STEPS 18. 1. GET STARTED 19. 2. PERSONALIZE YOUR PAGE 20. 3. GET CURRENT PATIENTS TO LIKE YOU 21. 4. ADVERTISE TO FRIENDS OF CURRENT PATIENTS 22. 5. USE CONTENT TO ENGAGE PATIENTS 23. 6. PROVIDE VALUE WITH EDUCATION 24. 7. CONNECT BY ENTERTAINING 25. 8. CREATE INCENTIVES 26. 9. GENERATE APPOINTMENT REQUESTS 27. 10. ACQUIRE NEW PATIENTS 28. HOW CAN LIKEABLE HELP? 29. WHAT WE OFFER 1. Created and scheduled content. 2. Hypertargeted Facebook advertising. 3. Custom tab applications &amp; social media promotions. 4. Offline marketing kit. 5. One-on-one training &amp; education. 30. CONTENT SCHEDULED AND MANAGED FOR YOU 31. HYPER-TARGETED ADVERTISING 32. CUSTOM TAB APPS &amp; SOCIAL PROMOTIONS 33. OFFLINE MARKETING SUPPORT 34. LIKEABLE TRAINING AND EDUCATION Instructional Webinars 24/7 Customer Service Staff Training 35. CASE STUDY Dr. Andrew Dine's Facebook page STARTED WITH 58 LIKES NOW IT HAS 336 LIKES In 4 months 579.3% INCREASE 36. WANT TO LEARN MORE? Schedule a FREE consultation with us in the next 24 hours! E-mail or call 212-359-4347! Use code LDW725 for your FREE consultation! 37. JUST FOR YOU! Download our free eBook today!! Grow Your Practice in the Digital Age 38. THANK YOU / GRAND PRIZE! CONTACT Dave Kerpen EMAIL TWITTER @davekerpen PHONE 212-359-4355 QUESTIONS? </p>