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This presentation was developed for Jewish organizations in Western Massachusetts. It Session Description: New technologies offer an unprecedented opportunity to build relationships and enhance education. But they also offer challenges. How do we harness this power strategically? How do we manage communications when we don’t have control over the message? How can congregation classroom teachers blend technology effectively into lessons? How can tools be integrated into the classroom to enhance learning and not become the focus? We will review various educational goals and how technology might be used to reach them.


  • 1. S o c i a l M e d i a 10 1Facebook and BeyondMay 2012Kevin MartoneTechnology Program ManagerGrinspoon Institute for Jewish

2. Social Media What Is It? What IS Social Media?3 3. Traditional: Organization posts information for others to read; no interaction 4. Social Media: Everyone has a say! When is the next big event?fantastic. Thanks!celebration wasThe Channukah I love the videos from the latest concert. Keep posting! Are there resources to help me continue our kids learning over the summer?We love Ms. Smith. Why isntshe returning to school ? My daughters class NEVER gets outside to play. Why?Hi!My friend told me that tuition wasgoing to increase again. We cantafford anymore increases. What is Yay!the school doing to help families? 5. PeoplePowerBil Zarch 6. Word of Mouth 7. Connectors?Exercise: Identify 5 Connectorsin your Community Online Offline 8. Facebook 3rd Largest Country on Earth 9. Social Media How To Utilize Photo adapted from niclindh11 10. Listen 11. Engage 12. Move to Act 13. Use these tools strategically, as part of anoverall outreach and communications plan 15 14. S ocia l Media FB,c tMBlog s, TDire witter , blogsee Media NewspapersOther Cnts rshannels eeEv Fly 15. So cialM ed ias FB, nt Blo e g s, T Ev witterrWebsite, eNewslette M a il Ot t recheDi ChrPhone,In Pers an neers lsFlyon 16. Website 17. eNewsletter 18. Blog 19. Facebook 20. Twitter 21. Facebook 22. Profiles, Groups, and PagesOh My! Personal Profiles Must be an individual person If an Organization uses this, Facebook can delete at any time Needed to create/administer Groups or Pages Groups Anyone with a Facebook Profile can create a Group on any topic Groups can be public or private Facebook user Joins a Group; becomes a Member Pages For Organizations, Brands/Products, and Public Figures Only official representatives can create/administer More interactive than Groups- Can add additional functionality (applications) Facebook user Likes a PageFacebook: What25 May 19, 2009Organizations Need to Know 23. What Would Your Constituents Want toRead? Events News about local activities, education, etc. PHOTOS!! (events, classroom projects,milestones, awards, etc.) Questions!! Highlights from the classroom Videos events, projects Alumni Stories Testimonials Jewish community events, information Other? 24. What Will People Actually See? The following determine how likely the peoplewho Like your Page will see a post: Recency Posts within the last few hours aremore likely to be Top News Relevancy If the user Likes, comments on, orShares your Posts (or if they simply return to yourPage), your posts are more likely to be in their TopNews Resonance If a post gets a large number ofcomments, Likes, and Shares overall it is morelikely to be Top News 25. Events Invite them! Show pictures 26. Photos 27. Questions 28. Video 29. Links Education Jewish Community Blog Posts/News Other? 30. Share Content 31. What Else Can You Post? Stories/Testimonials Holiday messages Recipes Contests Other? 32. Invite Conversation 33. Respond!Those who ignore theparty/conversation/network when they arecontent and decide to drop in when they needthe network may not succeed. Its pretty easy tospot those that are just joining the networkpurely to take not to give. Therefore, be part ofthe party/conversation/network before you needanything from anyone.- Jeremiah Owyang of 34. 12:1 Post 12 things of interest to your constituents for every onepost asking them for something. Asking for something: Enroll Attend Event Donate Share Content Other? 35. Promote! Signs at Events Email Signature Cross-Promote! 36. Set Username NOT 37. Set Username 38. Cross-Promote! 39. Status Tagging 40. Milestones 41. Pin Content to Top of Page 42. Highlight Content Width of Screen 43. Go For It!