Social Fundraising: Expanding Beyond the P2P Fundraising Event

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Connect with supporters, activate donors, and raise money online. Nonprofit experts share their extensive knowledge and expertise in online marketing and fundraising, email communication, social media, mobile engagement, and much more.


  • 1.5/8/2013 Footer 1SOCIAL FUNDRAISINGEXPANDING BEYOND THEFUNDRAISING EVENT!Practical ways to connect with supporters, activatedonors, and raise money

2. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 2TODAYS NPEXPERTRobyn MendezProduct Marketing ManagerBlackbaud 3. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 3Social Fundraising Define Social Fundraising Review the Trends Social Fundraising Examples Tips for Getting StartedWHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT TODAY? 4. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 4A style of fundraising where an organizationrecruits individual supporters to ask theirsocial circles to donate to that organization.WHATS SOCIAL FUNDRAISING?Non Profit 5. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 5 6. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 6WHAT ARE THE TRENDS TODAY?Trend #1:Expansion of Online Tools to TraditionalOffline Third Party Fundraising Activities 7. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 7WHAT ARE THE TRENDS TODAY?Trend #2:Creation of Online Only Social Fundraising campaigns 8. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 8WHAT ARE THE TRENDS TODAY?Trend #3:Increased adoption of charity programs in conjunction withtraditional athletic events 9. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 9WHATS DRIVING THE SOCIAL FUNDRAISING TRENDS?Pressure from the Bottom:Demand fromFundraisersPressure from the Top:Demand fromOrganizationalLeadership 10. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 10 Grow Overall Fundraising Keep costs low Increased competition fromcompeting organizations Diversify Fundraising EffortsTREND DRIVER: NEED TO GROW OVERALL REVENUEPressure from the Top:Demand fromOrganizationalLeadershipSocial Fundraising is Relatively Low Cost to Set Up Relatively Low Cost to Maintain An Expansion of Fundraising Footprint 11. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 11 Popularity of Social Media &Smartphones Commercial Commerce Trends:The Starbucks Effect Prevalence of Event Fundraising Event Fundraising FatigueTREND DRIVER: DEMAND FROM FUNDRAISERSPressure from the Bottom:Demand fromFundraisersSocial Fundraising is Highly Flexible Inherently Social Easily Accessible An Alternative to Traditional EventFundraising 12. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 12SOCIAL FUNDRAISERS ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL BUT THEIR RETENTION RATES ARE LOWER. 13. 5/8/2013 Footer 13SOCIAL FUNDRAISING:ONLINE CAMPAIGN EXAMPLES 14. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 14WATERCAN:DONATE YOURSPECIAL DAY 15. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 15THE SALVATION ARMY: ONLINE RED KETTLE 16. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 16ALZHEIMERS ASSN:THE LONGEST DAYIn Year 1,200 TeamsRaised $236K 17. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 17MICHAEL J. FOX FOUNDATION TEAM FOX 18. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 18FOODBANK OFNEW YORKCITY:VIRTUALFOODDRIVE 19. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 19NATIONAL MS SOCIETY: DIY FUNDRAISING 20. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 20TIPS FOR GETTING STARTED 21. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 21 Brainstorm Opportunities- What types of Social Fundraising Programs are right for your org? Map out a Plan- Should you run a pilot before heavily investing?- Budget? Staff?- Marketing & Communication Plan Tie the Campaign to your Mission & your Org- Participants have choices, make your org the right choice Have a Home Base for all tools and interactions- Consolidate all your activities into a central online location- Keep Social Media linked to your central online spot Stay Constituent Focused- Solicate feedback- Acknowledge successSOCIAL FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN PLANNINGRead More @ 22. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 22SOCIAL FUNDRAISERS ARE VERY SUCCESSFUL BUT THEIR RETENTION RATES ARE LOWER. 23. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 23 Own your supporters & donors Get their contact info & email! Develop a cultivation communications plan- Acknowledge your top fundraisers Invite your social fundraisers to stay involved- Volunteering- Advocacy- Traditional RWR EventsTIPS FOR KEEPING YOUR SOCIAL FUNDRAISERS 24. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 24QUESTIONS? 25. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 25 NPEngage Blog - P2P Benchmark Study - RESOURCES 26. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 26NPEXPERTS > DOWNLOAD THE FREE EBOOKConnect with supporters, activate donors,and raise money online.Nonprofit experts share their extensiveknowledge and expertise in:- Online marketing and fundraising- Email communication- Social media- Mobile engagementDownload the npEXPERTS eBook andregister for free webinars 27. 5/8/2013 Robyn Mendez | #npEXPERTS 27Blackbauds two Peer-to-Peer Fundraising solutions, TeamRaiser andFriends Asking Friends, are built with powerful social and mobile tools,intuitive reporting and contemporary designs to support a wide varietyof events.>>


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