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A brief presentation outlining SCIE's future digital product offerings in response to the arrival of the Care Act in the UK and especially appropriate to local authorities and other social care providers.


<ul><li> 1. Sharing knowledge, improving lives SCIEs Digital Presence: reach, relevance, impact Mary McKenna, SCIE Trustee 20 June 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. Sharing knowledge, improving lives About me Technology entrepreneur Co-founded Learning Pool in 2006 Experienced in building collaborative public sector networks on a shoestring Joined the SCIE Board summer 2013 Helping the SCIE team make better use of digital 3. Sharing knowledge, improving lives About SCIE SCIE is a charity whose mission is to improve the quality of social care for adults and children in the UK SCIE does this in 3 ways: Shares knowledge increasing focus on new legislation Supports people in the sector to put knowledge into practice Informs, influences and inspires the direction of future practice and policy 4. Sharing knowledge, improving lives About SCIE SCIEs key strength, in my view, is the way co-production is at the centre of everything we do and every decision we make 5. Sharing knowledge, improving lives SCIEs current offer Free to access How To Guides Research eLearning content Social Care TV Social Care Online Find Me Good Care (all digital) Commissioned services Training Facilitation Consultancy Product development Research Evaluation Dissemination 6. Sharing knowledge, improving lives Drivers for change Care Act brings new challenges and requirements to the sector Sustainability of SCIE and its product offer depends on diversifying income streams Penetration of social media and mobile platforms into the social care space requires a new digital strategy Digital touchstones: scaleable, personalised, just in time, blended 7. Sharing knowledge, improving lives New focus on key topics Children &amp; adults Care reform Integration Safeguarding Mental health Co-production Advocacy Adults Dignity Dementia End of life care Mental capacity 8. Sharing knowledge, improving lives Examples: segmented and integrated content, blended learning (SCIE Neglect course in beta) 9. Sharing knowledge, improving lives Whats important I heard former Dragons Den member and successful entrepreneur say this years ago &amp; its always stayed with me Every conversation you have with a customer is too short 10. Sharing knowledge, improving lives How to bring about transformation in the social care sector This is not just about technology Its about opening our eyes and looking around at whats out there, being less resistant to change, altering our culture and persuading our teams to do things differently At the end of the day, most things in life are about people not technology 11. Sharing knowledge, improving lives Keep in touch visit and check out our resources register for SCIE ebulletin use Social Care Online register for alerts follow us on Twitter @SCIE_socialcare see our most recent and popular films at Request a quote Tell us what you think Contact me at or @MMaryMcKenna on Twitter </p>