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<ul><li> SNOWDROPS LEGEND </li> <li> There once was a ray of sunshine - it was even against the smallest and spoiled a stellar light. And just because it was the smallest and the most spoiled, her father let a romp where ii wanted his heart. </li> <li> And here is that one day, Sunshine decided to walk into a garden. There was heaven on earth, not something else: that most flowers which colored and scented blend under the mild wind of a hot spring! </li> <li> What would I choose to be a beautiful flower which I was a catch in your hair? said Sunshine </li> <li> garden, picking a flower and was raised again on high. </li> <li> surprised by the demand and began to murmur: 'Have you seen it? It was beautiful? Her gold dress? What a flower be chosen princess? </li> <li> Surely he picked a rose one, said a large rose, and red velvet, which shine drop of beans as diamonds in the sun. </li> <li> Yes I think that was one of us to moan a yellow tulip, and ei suratele head of dadeau delighted. </li> <li> No word of it! He cut her a lily proud. He was one of my brothers. Do not see what we are beautiful and spicy? </li> <li> Even a little violet, but in truly splendid, that sustained the Sunshine gathered a violet, and not something else. </li> <li> Only in a corner someone complaining. Snowdrop was a little frail, whose defect had been broken train dresses gold princess. How Sunshine was far from heard and felt very bad take. And a bowl on her cheek a tear of gold as a pearl, which fell on a broken one shortcoming the snowdrop cures it on a date. </li> <li> But it was not only that. Princess-Sunshine snowdrop came near and said so: poor little flower frail, I'm very sorry I made you suffer! What do you wish you meet me to fix the mistake? </li> <li> I do not want anything, answered the snowdrop, leaving his beautiful tick down. -You want the beauty of roses, perfume lilies, tulips brilliance? called Sunshine. Okay, the snowdrop nod. If you want to really make me a gift, give me rising to first of all flowers, beneath the cold snow, and just felt my perfume to make and people to enjoy and know that spring has come! And even it was. </li> <li> And even it was. Sunshine kissed on the snowdrop and the spell was done. Then he disappeared in high heaven, whence came. </li> <li> Since then, snowdrop is the first flower that smiles between us little shades of snow every spring, and everybody knows that the weather is ugly end. </li> </ul>