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  • Snow Drivers, Beware!Tips on braving the winter storm*

  • Good driving habits:-Drive slowly, leaving plenty of room between you and the person ahead of you-Brake gently to avoid sliding-Use low gears, especially on hills-Dont pass cars in front of you (no, Go Speed Racer Go doesnt work here)*Source:

  • Black ice:-Black ice is almost impossible to see-Assume that it is always there after most of the snow melts. You never know when youll start sliding*Source:

  • Help! Im Sliding!!!Dont panicLook in the direction you want to goTurn the steering wheel in that directionDont hit the gas or the brakes, just let it coast*Source:

  • Studded snow tires:-These tires have deeper treads. Are narrower than normal tires, and have studs to increase traction in the snow-They can also withstand drastic temperature changes*Source:

  • De-Icing:-De-icer fluid can be purchased at a store and used as your windshield fluid-Homemade de-icers also work, like pouring 1 part water to 3 parts vinegar in a spray bottle and treating the windshield the night before*

  • Fog lights:-Fog lights help, but are not necessary-Keep your lights on, even during the day, to help other drivers see you*Source:

  • Help! Now Im Stuck!!!Once again, dont panicDo not spin the wheels, it will dig you in deeperTouch the gas lightlyMove the steering wheel back and forth to get snow out of the wayDig around the tires with a shovel, if necessaryIf people are around, have them push you out*Source:

  • Do I need a 4WD?-A 4WD, although easier to drive in the snow, is not too necessary-Remember, driving in the snow is just as dangerous for any vehicle, including a 4WD*Source:

  • Drive safe!From Henry Day Ford*Source: