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STATED MEETING - OPEN Zem Zem 5pm, Dinner 6pm, Meeting 7pm
-- Yours In The Faith, Illustrious Sir James Hutchins, Potentate
by Craig Jacobson
First and foremost, I would like to say once again what an honor it is to serve as your Potentate for 2013. Lady Marilyn and I are proud to serve on the Divan and we have enjoyed representing Nile Temple at the 2013 Shrine Imperial session, PNSA’s, parades and all other activities. Your support, friendship and kindness are gifts we cherish.
The combined efforts of the elected and appointed Divan, officers and members of Nile’s clubs and units and all of Nile’s volunteers have resulted in a great year so far. The business activities of golf, restaurant and facility rentals have been successful. And our hospital philanthropy continues to prosper. This is a result of Nile’s cadre of member volunteers and ap- pointed and elected officers who have supported Nile in an admirable fashion this year. I am proud to be a Nile Shriner.
I look forward to seeing and spending time with you at our upcoming events. We have a number of enjoy- able and beneficial major events coming up in the next few months. Be sure to read the Smile with Nile calendar for details about all of them. Some of the major events include;
1. October 5th - The Granite Falls parade is our last parade for 2013. Come and join us for this short pa- rade. It is a lot of fun.
2. October 9th - Plan now to attend the Open Stated Meeting in which ladies and guests are invited. The guest of honor for this meeting will be Noble Davis Korsmoe, Nile Temple’s Superintendent of Grounds for 41 years. Noble Davis retired several months ago, and this is our chance to honor him for making the Nile Golf Course such a beautiful and profitable place for our Temple to reside.
3. October 11th - We will hold our bi-annual Hospital Appreciation Luncheon. This year we are co-hosts with Daughters of the Nile. Please see the ad for this important event in this issue of the Smile with Nile.
4. Also on October 11th - Nile opens its annual Haunted House. This year the event is sponsored by KZOK Radio. Therefore, it has been officially named the “KZOK Haunted Nightmare at Nile.” This haunt- ing event (pun intended) will be held each Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting October 11th. The final night of haunting will be Friday, November 1st. Bring your whole family and prepare for a fun fright.
5. October 12th - Two of our ladies concordant bodies have events here at Nile. Daughters of the Nile have their “Walk for Awareness” in the morning and Ladies Oriental Shrine holds their annual fund raising auc- tion and dinner, Over the Moon, starting at 4:00 pm. Both these organizations use their fundraisers exclu- sively to support our Shriners Hospitals for Children.
6. November 2nd – The 2013 Nile Ceremonial will begin at noon at Nile. This is a change from your
It’s time to talk about electing 2014 Officers for Nile Shrine. Now more than ever, we need to elect competent, motivated Offi- cers at all levels. Leaders of our Units and Clubs and members of the Divan must be up to the challenges before us.
All to often, only a few an- swer the call because few are equipped to lead without sup-
port to make them successful. We have many examples of this and it’s effects on units and clubs.
Part of the problem is individuals standing in the way of progress. They don’t like change and will stand in the way of it even when it is desperately needed. You know who they are and you may feel powerless to stop them.
You DO have the power with your vote to send a mes- sage. It’s time we stop holding on and start moving on. Will you elect the past to keep things the way they are or will you elect a positive future for the Nile. WE can make positive changes and inspire new members and veteran members to go in new directions.
Elect those who demonstrate they care about you, value your ideas, recognize your input, listen and look you straight in the eye and tell you the truth. It’s called integrity. Do not elect those who are self serving, ar- rogant and will talk behind your back. Elect leaders, not puppets or yes men. You know who they are! Now is the time to take control of the future.
Nile’s future is in your hands. You hold the keys. Do not allow Nile’s future to be hijacked by the small group that controls the Temple now. Send them a mes- sage: “My vote counts and I will elect the best Nobles who will advance my Unit, my Club and our Nile into the future.”
I am now officially retired from the Boeing Company. My plan is to spend more time at Nile soaking up as much knowledge as I can. I will continue to serve you, my fel- low Nobles and Brothers, the best I can to improve our Temple and to support the “World’s Greatest Philanthropy,” the Shriners Hospi- tals for Children.
The “Cruizin’ the Grape Wine tasting and Car Show” held on August 29th was a success and a great time by all who attended. We hope to have it again next year. A huge thanks goes out to Liz Day for her time and ef- fort put forward to help make this a success. Congratu- lations to the raffle winners and car show winner.
I hope everyone had a chance to attend the Evergreen State Fair in Monroe from August 22nd through Sep- tember 2nd where the Shurtah unit ran its BBQ Beef booth and the Oriental Band ran the Corn on the Cob booth. Both booths had a successful fair and made money. Thanks to all the volunteers who worked in these booths.
Plans are complete and are in action for our 3rd an- nual Haunted House starting on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, October 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 27th and Friday,November 1st. Check Smile with Nile for start times. The Haunted House committee along with the Director’s Staff, under the guidance of Illustrious Sir Dave Ramich, have done an outstanding job of building for the Haunted House. We know that this will be a big success again this year.
Our next stated meeting is October 9th and will be an open meeting. Zem Zem is at 5 pm, Dinner at 6 pm ($15 pp), Meeting at 7 pm.
Our last parade, on Saturday, October 5th is the “Rail- road Days” parade in Granite Falls. All units please make this parade and show your support for Shriners Hospitals for Children. As always before the parade, for a small price, breakfast will be served by Damascus Masonic Lodge there in Granite Falls. It is always a great breakfast.
Nobles if you are not a member of a club or unit please consider attending one of our Shrine Club meetings located in West Seattle, Renton, Sequim (Olympic Peninsula SC), Bremerton (Kitsap County SC), Oak Harbor (Whidbey Island SC), Mount Ver- non (Skagit Valley SC), Bellingham (Northwest SC), or here at Nile Temple (Eastside SC). For location and meeting times of these, check Smile with Nile or con- tact the office. We look forward to visiting clubs and units and will continue to do so when we can.
See you soon. Until next month, take care.
Ceremonial events all afternoon then stay on for the Greeters Crab Feed
Brunch: Noon 1ST Section: 1:00 pm Hot Sands: 2:30 pm Fezzing: 4:00 pm Zem-Zem: 5:00 pm Crab Feed: 6:00 pm
IN THIS ISSUE Calendar 11 Directory 2 Donations 10 Divan Messages 1 Unit and Club News 4-5
SMILE with NILEOCTOBER 2013 Page 2
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ELECTED DIVAN Potentate James Hutchins Chief Rabban Craig Jacobson Assistant Rabban David Brady, Sr. High Priest and Prophet Don Lane Oriental Guide Gale Kenney Treasurer David Ramich, P.P. Recorder Richard Syson
APPOINTED DIVAN 1st Ceremonial Master Al P. Lehner 2nd Ceremonial Master Harry Ginther Master of Ceremonies Larry Gillespie Orator Alden Sarmiento Marshal Terry Paull Assistant Marshal Carl Alexander, P.P. Captain of the Guard Rod Grosso Outer Guard Richard Blodgett
POTENTATE’S AIDES Executive Aide Larry Bronner Executive Aide Dennis “D.J.” Synnott Chief Aide John de Carteret Assistant Chief Aide Scott Wells Aide-Entertainment Dennis Wilkins
IMPERIAL COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVES Potentate James Hutchins Chief Rabban Craig Jacobson Assistant Rabban David Brady, Sr. Recorder Richard Syson
AMBASSADORS Grand Lodge Sat Tashiro, P.P. York Rite T.H. Dickason Scottish Rite Sat Tashiro, P.P. Association of Shrine Oriental Bands Norm Wold PNW Shrine Assoc. of Oriental Bands Dave Barney Daughters of the Nile Dale Good Ladies Oriental Shrine Frank Martinez Damascus Lodge #199 Bryan Bechler Youth Groups - Demolay Jerry Parton Youth Groups - Rainbow Bob W. Wilson Youth Groups - Jobs Daughters Steve Morgan Ambassador-at-Large James “Yogi” Kalis Ambassador-at-Large Tommy Knight Ambassador-at-Large Sid Baggett
EMERITUS OFFICERS AND APPOINTMENTS Board of Governors-Spokane Ken Freeman Board of Governors-Spokane Gerald Seldon, P.P. Recorder James W. Hart Jr.
DIRECTORS Director of Uniformed Units Jud Chapin Director of Nile Fundraisers David Ramich, P.P. Director of Protocol and Rituals Carl Alexander, P.P. Director of Rituals Richard Kovak, P.P. Director of Public Relations Joe Busch Director of Membership Dennis Wilkins Asst. Director of Membership Ed Broker Asst. Director of Membership Jim Hansen Director of Golf Activities Richard Sardeson, P.P. Director of Management Systems Donald Moore Director of Crown of Honor Howard Wise Director of Shrine Clubs David Peterson Deputy Director of Shrine Clubs Steven M. Wilson Director of Patient Travel Dennis “D.J.” Synnott Asst. Director of Patient Travel Ron Savage Patient Travel Volunteer Dellazine Moran
COMMITTEES Co-Chairman - Bluegrass Don Lane Co-Chairman - Bluegrass Steve Kiley Co-Chairman - Bluegrass Jerry Smith Chairman - Golf Morrie Olsen Chairman - Golf Richard Sardeson, P.P. Chairman - $100 Million Club Virgil Mudd Co-Chairman - $100 Million Club Ned Daniels Chairman - Insurance Committee Al Dillan Chairman - Building and Grounds George Young Chairman - Hospital Forrest Wright Chairman - Pote’s Ball John de Carteret Co-Chairman - Pote’s Ball Larry Bronner Chairman - Winter Ball Larry Bronner Co-Chairman - Winter Ball John de Carteret Chairman - Haunted House David Ramich, P.P. Chairman - Nile Family Picnic JR Henning Co-Chairman - Nile Family Picnic Joe Busch Chairman - Navy Day Jerry Biddle Chairman - Easter Egg Hunt Gerald “Jerry” Seldon Jr. Chairman - Kids Christmas Party Gerald “Jerry” Seldon Jr. Chairman - St. Patrick’s Day Bob O’Brien
SPECIAL APPOINTMENTS Donor Giving Frank Young Historian Richard Kovak, P.P. Nile Piper Raymond Colby Nile Piper Larry Wing Parliamentarian Carl Alexander, P.P. Photographer Baltazar Gatan Temple Attorney Richard Kovak, P.P. Chaplain E. Jeff Craig Asst. Chaplain Richard Kovak, P.P. Hospital Representative - Portland Sat Tashiro, P.P. Hospital Representative - Portland Al Dillan Hospital Representative - Portland Carl Alexander, P.P. Hospital Representative - Portland Frank Young Hospital Representative - Spokane Eugene Gilbert, P.P. Hospital Representative - Spokane Don Lane
SHRINE CLUBS Eastside Shrine Club John de Carteret Kitsap Peninsula Shrine Club Fred Corbett Northwest Shrine Club Ron Fine Olympic Peninsula Shrine Club Steve Lingle Renton Shrine Club Richard Brandon Skagit County Shrine Club George Brown South Whidbey Shrine Club Jim Fulton West Seattle Shrine Club Bob Rice Whidbey Island Shrine Club Donald Dubois
UNIT HEADS President/Band Bob Wilson Captain/Calliope Robert T. Wilson President/Car Club A. Gary O’Leary President/Chanters Robert Starowski President/Clowns Gerald Seldon Jr. Director/Director’s Staff Jim Butler Captain/Drum & Bugle Corps Lance Schwartz Wagon Master/Fun On Wheels Glenn Baily Jr. President/Golf Club Arne Ringstad President/Greeters Roy Gorud President/Hospital Supply Corps. Eugene Gilbert, P.P. Commander/Legion of Honor “Mac” Mckinney Captain/Legion of Honor Drill Team Gerald Prouty Captain/Mini-Bikes Howard Wise Nile Park Ranger James “Yogi” Kalis Swordmaster/Ceremonial Swordsmen Neil Horman Sultan/Oriental Band Tony Bernales President/Past Masters Club Bryan Bechler Sheriff/Sportsmen’s Club Robert Sluder High Shire Reeve/Shurtah Scott Smith Director/Temple Guard Gerald “JR” Henning Director/Truckers Robert Clark President/Zem Zem Terry Grove
Nile Directory 425-774-9611, 425-672-1833 fax
Potentate - James Hutchins [email protected] x217 Chief Rabban - Craig Jacobson x218 Recorder - Dick Syson [email protected] x215 Treasurer - David Ramich [email protected] x216 Membership - Howard Wise [email protected] x213 Accounting [email protected] x214 Volunteer’s Desk x211 Divan Desk (office) x228 #19 Bar & Grill Office x311 Restaurant x312 Catering/O’Callahan’s x411 Pro Shop x512 Security x612 Men’s Golf Club x613 Patient Support Office - Dennis “D.J.” Synnott, x611 Ron Savage, Dellazine Moran or 800-432-8200
FOR YOUR INFORMATION··· The Potentate continued from page 1
calendars. This year the Ceremonial will memorial- ize Past Potentate and Past Grand Master James O. Wood, who passed away earlier this year. All Nobles and Ladies of Nile are invited to attend the official initiation of our new Nobles and meet new members of the Nile family. This year we have planned our Ceremonial in conjunction with the annual Greeters Crab Feed. All our newly initiated candidates and their ladies will receive complementary tickets to the Crab Feed. This is an opportunity for all of us to meet and welcome the new Nobles and their ladies. Show your support of Nile by attending the Ceremonial and Greeters Crab Feed.
7. November 2nd is the annual Greeters Crab Feed, which offers all-you-can-eat fresh crab. Tickets often sell out, so get yours early.
8. November 15th – Open Stated Meeting and “Cash for Kids” Night, which is set for Friday, November 15th. This is also a change from your calendars. This year we will have at least 80 turkeys to raffle, so plan to come. Raffle tickets may be purchased at the door. 100% of the profits from this raffle go to Shriners Hospitals for Children.
I hope to see you and your family at as many of these Nile activities as possible. They are all very impor- tant to our Temple’s membership, philanthropy and financial wellbeing. Remember, we are all “United for a Noble Cause.” Advertising in SMILE with NILE
Let business owners know that advertising in SwN will help them and our Hospitals. Contact Bob Sluder (206-235-7714
or [email protected]) with your referrals.
Hatasu Temple No. 1 Daughters of the Nile
Shriners Hospitals for Children ~ Appreciation Luncheon
Friday, October 10, 2013 Nile Shrine Center
6601 244th SW, Mountlake Terrace, WA 98043
Past Supreme Queens, Supreme Elective Officers, Supreme Appointive Officers, Supreme Appointees, Subordinate Temple Elected Officers, Past Queens, Ladies of the Household, Supreme Temple Foundation Board of Directors, members of Nile Shrine and Friends:
Hatasu Temple No. 1 in Seattle invites you to attend a special Luncheon to learn about the Shrine Hospital System and our service as members of Daughters of the Nile.
In order to foster positive relationships between Daughters of the Nile/Hatasu Temple No. 1 and Shrine, and to encourage support of the Shrine Hospital System, especially the Portland Shrine Hospital, we have a rare opportunity to learn from, hear about and see our efforts on behalf of the SHS and therefore continue to build a long-term relationship with the Shrine as we celebrate our 100th Anniversary.
Social hour 11:00 a.m. Ballroom
Table top displays 10:30-2:00 p.m. Vendors, Hospital, Clubs and Units, Nile Shrine Haunted House
Luncheon 12 noon Ballroom
Speakers 12:30-1:30 p.m. (to include Administrator, PR, Pote, Queen, Chrmn) other
Adjourn 2:00 p.m.
Shriners Hospitals for Children ~ Appreciation Luncheon Friday, October 11th Nile Shrine Center
Hatasu Temple No. 1 invites you to attend a special Luncheon to learn about the Shrine Hospital System and our service as members of Daughters of the Nile. As we celebrate our 100th Anniversary, we have this rare opportunity to learn more about the Shrine Hospital System and the Portland Hospital that we may continue to build a long-term, supportive relationship with the SHS.
Agenda: Registration 10:30 am Foyer at Nile Shrine Center Social hour 11:00 am Ballroom Table top displays 10:30-2:00 pm Vendors, Hospital, Clubs, Nile Shrine Haunted House Luncheon Noon Ballroom Speakers 12:30-1:30 pm Adjourn 2:00 pm
For more information please contact Pr., Molly Nagle at (360) 679-2196 or Nile Shrine Office at (425)774- 9611 x212
SMILE with NILE OCTOBER 2013Page 3
CLASSIFIEDS WANTED: Shriner and Past Master wants to buy guns and fishing gear in any condition. George Wells. 425-775-1539.
WANTED TO BUY: Boy Scout Memorabilia. I am looking for patches, medals, neckerchiefs, pins, uniforms, sashes, etc. I am a collector, not a dealer. Karl at 360-733-8429.
FOR SALE: James O. Wood’s 2007 GMC Sierra pickup, white, covered bed, lift loader, running boards, 6,800 miles. $12K. Virginia Wood 425-255-6808.
SMILE with NILE Classified Ads. Let Us Help You Buy or Sell. Up to 35 words, $5 per issue for individuals, $10 per issue for businesses. Send copy with payment, your name, address and telephone number to the Nile office. Deadline: 8th of the month prior to publication.
AT NILE? We are still trying to form a regular motorcycle rid- ing club here at the Nile. A minimum of 10 Nobles are needed in order to form the club. If one was formed we would have monthly meetings, plan money makers, have monthly rides, organize social events with family members and ride in parades without special maneu- vers. Ladies would not be allowed to ride in the parades with us but could participate in all other activities. Any- one interested in starting this club, please contact Dave Brady at [email protected] or 425-481-0159.
In the near future we will plan to meet at the Nile for all who are interested in this club. We may even plan a ride on a Saturday starting with breakfast at the 19th Hole. One idea is to have our monthly Breakfast or Lunch meetings on Saturdays and after the meeting go on rides or activities. Keep checking the SWN for more information.
Dear Nobles:
In a continuing effort to raise funds for our Nile Shrine Center and at the suggestion of Illustrious Sir Richard Sardeson, your Divan is considering naming several of the Temple rooms for individuals who wish to contribute and become the room’s sponsor.
The rooms that would be named after a sponsor, or a person of his choosing, are: The Gold Room The Caravan Room The Main Ball Room The Red Room. The room would be thereafter known by this name and a plaque would be placed over the door.
The necessary donation amount has not yet been determined. A future communiqué will supply this information.
Sponsoring contributions would be placed in the Building and Grounds Fund.
- Gale Kenney, Oriental Guide
NILE SHRINERS STATED MEETING The Stated Meting of Nile Shriners was held on Sep- tember 11, 2013. The meeting convened at 7:00 p.m.
The Marshal Noble Terry Paul introduced the Divan in reverse order: Recorder: Richard D. Syson Treasurer: Ill. David E. Ramich Oriental Guide: Gale H. Kenney (absent) High Priest and Prophet: Donald E. Lane Assistant Rabban: David M. Brady, Sr. Chief Rabban: Craig A. Jacobson Potentate: Ill. James L. Hutchins