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<ol><li> 1. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013#BirthdayBashTonights Agenda:6:30PM 7:30PMNetworkingPizza + Kinect7:30pmShort SMC Presentation&amp; Prize Drawing </li><li> 2. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Thanks to our Host </li><li> 3. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Thanks for the Pizza </li><li> 4. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013 </li><li> 5. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013What isSocial Media ClubStarted in 2006. Grassroots effort by Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells501c6 non-profit member owned organizationLocal chapters in 300+ cities, 6 of 7 continents, reach of 500k people around the globe.Common goal: Connect. Learn. Share. </li><li> 6. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013What is SMCSLC?Official Salt Lake City Chapterof the Social Media Club(previously an open community chapter) </li><li> 7. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013What is SMCSLC?Our Goal:To become Utahs Most Influential Social / Digital MediaNetworking &amp; Education Organization!Promote digital media literacyShare knowledgeCreating a path to professionalismPromoting industry standardsDiscussing important questions of Social Medias impact on society </li><li> 8. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013What is SMCSLC?We bring together journalists, publishers, communications professionals,artists, amateur media creators, citizen journalists, teachers, students, toolmakers, and other interested collaborators.Essentially the people who create and consume media who have an interestin seeing the media industry evolve for everyones benet. </li><li> 9. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013SMCSLC Board IntroductionsAdding two more board members soon.Membership DirectorCommunity / PromotionsDoc Cat Clark Nicole Shawn Brandon Jessica </li><li> 10. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Join One of the Committees2-3 Committee members to serve under, Sponsorship, Programming,Production, Membership and Community / Promotions </li><li> 11. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013What To Expect From SMCSLC201-301 EventsPartner 101 EventsEvening &amp; Lunch MeetingsPartner / co-op eventsParty / Bar Crawls </li><li> 12. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Speaker OpportunitiesAre you an Expert? Know someone who is? </li><li> 13. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Guest Blog OpportunitiesLet your words shine on for details / See Doc) </li><li> 14. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013SponsorshipsDoes your company want to sponsor SMCSLC? </li><li> 15. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013LocationsWe are always looking for gracious hosts for SMCSLC events </li><li> 16. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013MembershipOpen Community Members and Professional Memberships(more details to come) </li><li> 17. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Our Next Event: June 27, 2013Past, Present and Future of Social Media </li><li> 18. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Our Next Event: June 27, 2013Past, Present and Future of Social MediaPeery Hotel / Virdenes Burger Bar5:30pm to 6:45pm Dinner &amp; Networking7pm to 9pm Speaker Presentations, Q&amp;A Panel, Prizes &amp; Wrap upCost $15 (includes Burger &amp; Fries) Registration LIVE TOMORROW!Andrew MelchiorVP Avalaunch MediaDavid OldhamCEO &amp; Co-FounderNUVIClark T. BellePresident of ClutchFuse </li><li> 19. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Giveaways </li><li> 20. #SMCSLC #BirthdayBash May 30, 2013Thanks For ComingSee You June 27th</li></ol>