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Working toWards better business intelligence for airlines and airports. The aviation industry wants to make air travel more personal and relevant for passengers so their journey becomes fast, seamless, with no unpredictable processes, uncertainty or stress. SITA's paper, Smart thinking, looks at these two areas and how they are shaping the industry today and will continue to shape it in the years to come. Specifically, the paper examines how: Access to data is the foundation for seamless travel Today's challenges are hindering progress The maturity of business intelligence will take time The future will entail predictive intelligence supporting preventative action


  • 1. % of passengers who would use smartphones for travel of Airlines % investing in business intelligence solutions in the next 3 years Manage flight disruptions Real-time flight status updates Real-time baggage status information Search for fares DRIVERS & PRIORITIES BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE MATURITY & CHALLENGES 69% 72% 100% AIRLINE PRIORITIES AIRPORT PRIORITIES $ 85% 88% PASSENGERS WANT INFORMATION ON THE MOVE AIRPORTS AND AIRLINES INVEST IN BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS of Airports 90% 95% 88% 82% 90% 85% 74% PRIORITIES WHEN INVESTING IN BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE SOLUTIONS Sales & Marketing % ranked as priority for business intelligence investments Passenger Experience Operational Awareness Sales & Marketing Passenger Experience Operational Awareness PROGRESS IN BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE IN MANY AREAS BUT SOME WAY TO ACHIEVE BEST IN CLASS CHALLENGES ARE CONSTRAINING PROGRESS System incompatibility & data integration Only 5% of airlines see no challenges with data or system compatibility Only 8% of airports have achieved best practice for data access or quality Coping with/ analysing the amount of data 62% 64% Insufficient data standards 61% 60% 55% 57% Willingness to share data with third parties 46% 47% Willingness to share across departments % that consider it a significant challenge 42% 40% 0 1 2 3 4 0 1 2 3 4 Data Access, Management & Quality Infrastructure & Integration Dashboards, Visualisation & Latency Best Practice, Governance & ROI Airlines 2.3 2.4 BusinessIntelligence MaturityIndex 1.7 1.9 2.2 1.9 1.6 1.5 Airports SITA I I @sitaonline #SITAInsights


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