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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Smart Examples on How To Paraphrase</p> <p>What is paraphrase?Your own particular interpretation of fundamental data and thoughts communicated by another person, introduced in another form.A legit way (when joined by precise documentation) to borrow from a source.A more detailed evaluation than a summary, which concentrates more on a single</p> <p>Paraphrasing as a skillIt is better than citing parts from an undistinguished section.It helps you to be restrained to quote excessively.The mental procedure required for successful summarizing helps you to handle the full meaning of the</p> <p>How to Successfully ParaphraseA couple of</p> <p></p> <p>Reread the original entry until you comprehend its full meaning.</p> <p>Use quotes to recognize any unique term or style you have obtained precisely from the source. </p> <p>Put the original aside, and compose your paraphrase on a note card.</p> <p>You can find paraphrase tools on our web site in order to help you!</p> <p></p> <p>Record the source on your note card with the goal that you can credit it effectively in the event that you choose to join the material into your paper.</p> <p>Scribble down a couple of words underneath your paraphrase to remind you later how you imagine using this material and make a watchword or expression to show the subject of your paraphrase.</p> <p>Check your interpretation with the original to make sure that your version accurately precisely communicates all the basic data in another frame. </p> <p>3 Steps to a Great ParaphraseHow to</p> <p>When to use quotes?When you plan to elaborate the actual language of a content.When you are examining an author's position or theory and you plan to talk about the wording of a center affirmation or bit of the contention in your</p> <p>In order to learn more about summarizing and quoting you can learn in the Harvard College Writing Program </p> <p>When to use quotes?When you hazard losing the substance of the creator's thoughts in the interpretation from her words to your own. When it is needed to appeal to the power of the author and utilizing his or her words will emphasize that authority.This is especially needed in order to learn how to paraphrase a</p> <p></p> <p>Read in order to understand the Source: Take your time to read and comprehend what you wish to paraphrase. Take it in and concentrate on the key indicates that you need to get across.Put it on the Side: Take the original and let it rest aside. Leave it somewhere where you cant see it.</p> <p>Asking the Right QuestionIn the event that you've summarized accurately none of the first words will stay, only the data and thoughts.It helps you to be restrained to quote excessively.The mental procedure required for successful summarizing helps you to handle the full meaning of the</p> <p>Citing SourcesMLA (Modern Language Association) style is used for essay writtig and cite sources. This is used commonly for prose paraphrase. As noted from the Purdue University Writing Lab when cyting with MLA paraphrase, you should always provide: Author: title of source, container, contributors, publisher, version, number, publication date,</p> <p>ExamplesIn order to understand how to paraphrase a poem or how to paraphrase an article you can find useful examples here or gen more information on how to paraphrase sentences or you can find 10 Examples of Paraphrasing for a Smarter, Better</p> <p>Thank You!Find out more on our web site</p>