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- O f - Matunga, Mumbai - 400 01 9 Post - Grduate DzpIbrna Xumn @source Maqqement (Distance Learning ) (pGam%-(DL;q Reoognised by DEC, Govt. of India Awarded to 9-2CaR [email protected] V'ILA.9 Human @source Nanagement d~ng tKe acadimic year 2011 with First ClhFs %tedth ieirtieth aky ofthe month September in thyear 2011 ?

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1. -Of- Matunga,Mumbai-400019 Post - GrduateDzpIbrna Xumn @source Maqqement (Distance Learning) (pGam%-(DL;q Reoognisedby DEC, Govt. of India Awarded to 9-2CaR [email protected]'ILA.9 Human @source Nanagement d ~ n gtKe acadimicyear 2011 with First ClhFs %tedth ieirtiethaky ofthemonthSeptemberin thyear2011 ? 2. LakhmiNapmRoad. Next to R.A. PodarCollege,MaNnga,Murnbai4W 019. Statementsof Marks Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management Recognised by DEC,Govt. of India Admissio~lNo : DPGD/OC09/0302 October 2009 Semester 11181I V September 2011 Grade : First Cl For. Prin. L.N. WelingkarInstitute of : Distinction Management DevelopmentBr Research Above 50 and Below 60 : Second CI 3. NAME OF THE SPEED SEC. SEC. TOTAL SUBJECT W.P.M. I I1 MAXIMUM 60 MARKS 40 ?00 ENGLISH TYPEWRITTNC: 33 MINIMUM HIGHER P!?OFICIFNCY MARKS - 15 50 MARKS 40 15 055 OBTAINED - COMMISSIONER, Maharashtra State Bureau of Examinations. Pune-I. 17/0:!/2GCI B Grade : 61 to 75% C Grade : 50 to 60% 4. A-PLUS Dadar, Mumbai. & & ~ * g c & ~ O / l . & + ~ d * A & ~ . v + dj&m!+cls,&-. &MA&&& Je-*Gv-,m qzn 48- Percentage:g0%-- Qrade : APerformance : q+c. C - ^ -kQbL Course Director 5. 01October, 2012 To, Mr.DigamberViIas Gudhekar 17l/21,2nd Floor,Raju Kamathi Chwal, Ram BhauBagle Marg,Ghodapdev, Mumbai-400033 This hasreference to yourapplicationand subsequentinterviewyou hadwith us. We are plead to offeryou employment as a 'SnHRExecutive' in our organization on the terms and conditionagreedupon, 1. You will be stationed in Mumbai fbr the present time. However, your s d c e s can be utilized in any ofthe Company's OfficesinIndia. 2. You will draw salary as agreedupon Thirty FiveThousand Only ( Gross Salary) 3. You will be onprobation fora period ofsix months. Ifyour sewices prove ~ M c t o r y thereafter your appointment wi!I be confirmedand you will then be entitledto other benefits applicableasper Company's rules. 4. Yoursewiceswill be liable fbrtermination duringthe period ofprobationwithout notice, and afterconfirmation, on one month'snotice&omeither side oronone month'spayment ofsalaryinlieuthereof. 5. You will havetojoin the servicesofthe Companyon orbefbre 30 October, 2012. This letterofoffer isbeing issuedto you in duplicate. If the termsand conditions are etcmptable to you, please return the duplicate duly dgned and confirm the earliest date you can join the Company. Our letterofappointmentwill begivento you at thetime ofjoining. Yours faithfully, for SINAR JE- (I)ht.Ltd, Mrs PailltvIShetye u Asst Manager Accept tgamber Gudhekar]P- Hydarabad.KdkaUa .Murnbai .Ncw Dethi .Gon . Rajkol _, 6. Tel. : -kg714 3241166 Fax :+97'1 4 3241800 E-mail :[email protected] Website EXPERIENCE CERTIFICATE TO WHOMSOEVER ITMAY CONCERN, This is to certify that Mr.,Digambar Gudhekar [Emp ID:22551 holder of Indian Passport No. G 1967860 is employed in our organizationas HR & AdministrativeExecutive from 18TH Jan, 2009 to 21STMay 2012. During his tenure with us, we found him to be sincere & hard working, 1 am certainthat he would make a great employeeto any enterprise. For Inter Ocean ShipRepairsLLC 7. BRINKS ARYA INDIA (P) llMlTEn 12December 2008 TOWHOM ITMAY CONCERN This is to certify that Mr. Digamber Vilas Gudhekar was employed inHR -Division of our organizationfrom10July2006to12December2008. At the time ofleaving ourorganizationhewas designated as 'JuniorExecutive'. During the tenure of his sexvice with us,hewas found to be sincereand hardworking. Mr. Gudhekar left us on his own accord. We take this opportunity to wish him all success in his future endeavors. for Brinks Arya India hft. Ltd,, Regd. Off. ; 29, BankStreet,Fort,Murnbai-400001. CorporateOff.: InternationalHouse, 1st MarineCrossRoad, Churchgate,Mumbai-400020. Tet. :66384900 Fax :9t-22-6638490I 8. Dear Dealer, ACNielsen ORG MARG Pvt. Ltd. is the largest multi'disdplinary Research Organization in the Country. We carry out dierent Research Activities in the field of Market Research,Social Research, Healthand FamilyWelfare Etc. We are at present conducting -Census of Shops for generating the list of - dealers with-name and address of the shop, product catworieg stocked, - sales of certain product categories etc. We afso coiled general information -*:-aq.T: +&& such as shop-area,Seasonality, Source of Supply, Cooling Equipments at 3; shop etc.a;: OurMr. . 9 1 4 A m ! 3 E f i ' G V P ~ ~ A R .hasbeenengaged in collectingthis informationin your area. .- - 'Q:?g .-,-;5 We request you'to extend your full suppoi and co-opeiation by providing the . @+J. required information to him and..,obl!ge.mqa datai!.s- ill be Useful for manufacturers. to plan ' for -b&ttei.' services. to dealers, introduce new promotional Activities 1 Schemes for marketing of their products, upgradation of product quality etc. - . - I We assure- you that ' the details' collected.f r m you will be kept strictly confidential &d it will be used sbidy far statistical purposes only.e,.- FarACNielsen ORG MARG --( D Mita )- Associate Vice President 9. Naval Dockyard, LionGate, S.B.S.Road, Mumbai -400 023 2 a Dec 04 TOWHOMSOEVER IT MAY CONCERN This is to certify that Mr Digamber Gudhekar was employed as Office Assistant on casual basis in the Department of Manager Industrid Engineering & Safety, Naval Dockyard, Mumbai fiom 14' Sept to 20' Dec 04. During his tenure he undertook all tasks assigned to him extremely weU, including the EDP tasks. We have found him to be sincere, hardworking and good mannered. I wishhim successes in aff future assignments. Technical Assistant Asst. Manager IE& Safety 10. ,r,cm&s Offim ):23753449/23728837 I ' Godown:23755689 E.S.PATANWALLA CROSS MARG, GHORUPDEO, MLTMBAI -4 0 0 33. Date :29.11.2004 TO WHOMSOEVER ITMAY CONCERN Thisisto clertifLthat Mr. Digarnber Vilas Gudhekarwas employedasTypist- cum-Clerk from 4&June.2001 to 28 May,2002duringthe period we find him honest& sincerein hisworkingand conduct good. Wewish him allthefuturesbest.