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The Vision. Small Learning Communities. Larry Tibbs Brennon Sapp. Welcome to Dixie. ”The Vision” Video. Our Journey to SOS. District Leadership Initiated Discussions Bill Daggett (Successful Practices Network) The World is Flat - Thomas Friedman Freshman Academy - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Small Learning CommunitiesLarry TibbsBrennon SappThe Vision Video

    The VisionWelcome to Dixie

  • Our Journey to SOSDistrict Leadership Initiated DiscussionsBill Daggett (Successful Practices Network)The World is Flat - Thomas Friedman Freshman AcademyEstablish a Vision Team (School Level)School/Site VisitsConferencesBuilding Ownership within the SchoolPreparing for ImplementationSpreading the Word (Public Relations)Curriculum DevelopmentEstablishing Business PartnershipWhats next?

  • District Leadership Initiated Discussions

    Rigor, Relevance, & RelationshipsMany studentsUnmotivatedUnprepared for the next level of life, college, work force or vocational 15% of students successful in collegeHow can we reinvent high school toMotivate all studentsMake high school more relevantMake high school more rigorousInvolve the community/business

  • Our Schools of Study

  • The School of Visual/Performing Arts and Media (VPAM) Jobs:composermusicianstage directorwriterinterior decoratoractor/actressevent coordinatorreporterartistphotographeradvertisement executive

    Characteristics:complicatedemotionalexpressiveidealisticimaginativeimpulsiveindependent introspective intuitive nonconforming Abilities writingmusicalartistic

  • Science, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM) Characteristics:analyticalcautiouscomplexcriticalcuriousIntellectualintroverted, methodicalpreciserational Jobs:mechanicaircraft controllersurveyorfarmerelectricianbiologistchemistphysicistanthropologistgeologist med techAbilities mechanicalmathematicscientific The School of

  • Law, Education, Health & Human Services (LEHH) The School of Characteristics:cooperativegeneroushelpfulidealisticpatientresponsiblesocialsympatheticunderstanding warm Abilities socialverbalemotional Jobs:teacherreligious workercounselorpsychologistsocial workerspeech therapistpolice officerlawyernursenutritionistphysical therapistsociologist

  • (BIT) Business & Information TechnologyThe School of Characteristics:acquisitiveadventurous agreeableambitious extrovertedenergeticattention-gettingimpulsiveoptimisticpopularself-confidentAbilities leadershipspeakingclerical Jobs:salespersonmanagerbusiness executive television producer sports promoterbuyerbookkeeperstenographerfinancial analystbankercost estimatortax expert

  • Freshman Academy

    Team approachMost critical yearVarious support programsUsed as a vehicle to introduce students to the Schools of Study (Decision point)Freshman Coordinator and a Freshman AdministratorPathways (Advisory)

  • Establish a Vision TeamA group to trail blaze the path to the New Dixie Heights High SchoolProfessional developmentTime line/stepsAdvocates for changeHand Picked Committee (12)Teacher leadersRepresentative groupVisionaries

  • School/Site VisitsSouth Grand Prairie (TX) sgphs.gpisd.orgKennesaw Mountain (GA) County (KY)

    Model Schools ConferenceNashvilleWashington DCNational Career Academy Coalition


  • Building OwnershipSharing of The Why

    Sharing of The How

    Site Visits (yes we took teachers)

    Job imbedded Professional Development

  • Preparing for ImplementationProfessional DevelopmentTwo day/district wide Team of 18 teacher from South Grand PrairieKDE Support Staff Business PartnersArrangement of the BuildingTeacher Driven ChangeSurveysSchool of Study AssignmentsSchool of Study Development

  • Spreading the WordThe Vision Promotional VideoSchool of Study WebsitesBrochuresVideosParent Information NightsTo StudentsSurveysVideosFreshman Academy (lessons, advisory, and posters)

    SOS Sample Videos

  • Curriculum/SOS/Moral DevelopmentModel Lessons (Group Activity)Flavoring of Core Content Classes (Relevancy)Collaborative LessonsBusiness/Community InvolvementDevelopment of New ElectivesSummer Retreat (away from school)Use of SOS Lead Teachers

  • Science ThenThree Required ClassesBiology (1 credit-freshman)Earth/Space Science (1 credit)Integrated Science (1 credit)ElectivesChemistry (1 credit)Anatomy & Physiology (1 credit)Physics (1 credit)Environmental Science (1 credit)AP Chemistry (2 credits)AP Biology (2 credits)

  • Science NowThree and a Half Required ClassesScientific Investigations (1/2 credit-freshman)Life Science (1/2 credit)Earth/Space Science (1/2 credit)Physical Science (1/2 credit)1 credits to be spread out in electivesElectives (all credit, save AP Classes)Chemistry A & BAnatomy A & BPhysics A & BEnvironmental Science ForensicsZoologyAstronomyChemistry & CommunityOceanography/Marin BiologyMedical ScienceRadio TechnologyHorticultureGeologyMeteorologyAnatomy for ArtistAP ChemistryAP Biology

  • Establishing Business PartnershipBusiness Partnership ReceptionsBusiness Partner LiaisonExternshipsBusiness PanelsMarketing and Business LiaisonAggressive MarketingAggressive PublicityYes! We are open for businessLesson Connections

  • A Business Partner

  • What Else?Trimesters

    Continued Professional Development

    Continued Curriculum Development

    Continued Morale Building/Support

    Data, Data, Data & Surveyshard/softyoung/oldinterior/exterior


  • Questions?


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