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The Profit Puzzle Small Home Based Start Up to Success Workbook


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2. Discover the joy of knowing where youre going. This Basic helps you envision your dream, make the best use of your time and develop a satisfying lifestyle. No matter what your concerns are, start with this basic. Personal Business Lifestyle - Time 3. Finding all the pieces is one thing; putting them together is another. This Basic shows you how to develop action plans, reports and meetings to help you put all the pieces of your profit puzzle together. Plan Report Evaluate - Develop 4. Where did all the money to? How can I get more? This Basic solves the money mystery. Learn how to track your numbers, use money effectively and create the tools needed to get more of it. Entity Statements Budget Cashflow 5. Good people are hard to find. This Basic increases your understanding of the jobs to be done, what to look for in people, what to pay them and how to motivate them to meet both your goals and theirs. Structure Hire Compensate - Motivate 6. Selling does not come easy and customers dont grow on trees. This Basic makes your efforts to market your products and services easier to accomplish and more enjoyable and profitable for all concerned. Products Customers Competition - Sales 7. Mass confusion is not necessary. This Basic assists you in running the office, keeping track of what you own and complying with all the rules and regulations that impact you and your businesss bottomline. Administration Facilities Equipment - Requirements 8. Making money is a matter of knowing the cost of the products and services you offer. This Basic allows you to determine costs and set prices capable of breaking even and generating a gross profit. Components Process Distribution - Pricing 9. You cant know all or be all, but you can develop ways to get the job done correctly. This Basic leads you to opportunities for making a difference in how fast you put all the pieces of your profit puzzle together. Internal External Industry - Universal 10. Free Workbook Download Don't Risk Your Small Home Based Business Start Up to Success Story Ensure your small business success by downloading Your Free Copy of this small home based business start up to success story and reading it right now! The Profit Puzzle