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Post on 22-Nov-2014


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Small business owners rely on tech tools to save time, build their businesses and compete. SurePayroll surveyed small business owners nationwide to find out what they use most. Here are the results!


  • 1. SurePayroll, Inc. 2014 Small Business Owners Favorite Tech Tools of 2014
  • 2. Make your business more efficient. SurePayroll surveyed small business owners nationwide for their favorite apps, social media outlets and more. Tech tools divided by a slash / are tied in the rankings. Heres what we found!
  • 3. 1.Company website 2.Email marketing to existing customers & prospects 3.Social media 4.Online advertising 5.Online presentation tools (i.e., Dropbox or video conferencing) Overall Favorites
  • 4. Online Storage 1.Dropbox 2.Google Drive 3.Apples iCloud 4.Microsoft OneDrive 5.Box
  • 5. 1.Facebook 2.LinkedIn 3.Google Plus 4.Yelp 5.Twitter/Quora SocialNetwork
  • 6. 1.Hootsuite 2.Sprout Social/TweetDeck 3.Buffer 4.Hearsay Social Media Management
  • 7. Customer Relationship Management 1.Saleforce 2.Act 3.NetSuite 4.Zoho 5.BuilderFusion
  • 8. Email Marketing 1.Constant Contact 2.InfusionSoft/Marketo 3.MailChimp 4.Hubspot/Pardot/Eloqua 5.Vertical Response
  • 9. 1.Google Drive 2.Evernote 3.Asana 4.Tripit 5.Trello Organization Apps
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