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Small Animal Skeletal Systems. Functions of the Skeletal System. Form Protection Support Strength. How does it work?. Bone - Hard tissue that supports and protects other organs Cartilage - Firm, flexible tissues that are not as hard as bone - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Small Animal Skeletal Systems

Small Animal Skeletal SystemsFunctions of the Skeletal System Form Protection Support Strength

How does it work?Bone- Hard tissue that supports and protects other organs

Cartilage- Firm, flexible tissues that are not as hard as bone

Ligaments- Tissue that connects bone to bone

Tendons- Tissue that connects bone to muscle

Joints- Where bones meet and allows for movement3BonesSpongy boneFills ends of bones and lines hollow portionsRed marrow Inside cavities of spongy bone, formation of red blood cellsYellow marrowFat and energy storageCompact bone Layer of hard mineral matter, Calcium, gives bones strengthPeriosteumOuter most layer, Cushions the hard portion of the bone, Repair of broken bones


JointsPlane JointHinge JointBall&Socket JointHinge JointEllipsoid JointBall&Socket JointParts of the Skeleton Axial - central axis bones Pectoral - bones of the fore limbs Pelvic - bones of the hind limbs

7Bones of the Axial SkeletonSkullMaxillaMandibleVertebraeCervical VertebraeThoracic VertebraeLumbar VertebraeSacrumCaudal VertebraeRibsSternum

MaxillaThoracic Cervical Caudal Lumbar Mandible SacrumRibsSternumNote: the Sacrum is three, small fused vertebrae in between the lumbar and caudal vertebrae not well seen in this picture but there!9Bones of the Pectoral SkeletonScapulaHumerusRadiusUlnaCarpusMetacarpusPhalange

ScapulaHumerusRadiusUlnaCarpusMetacarpusPhalange11Bones of the Pelvic Skeleton PelvisIliumIschiumFemurPatella/RotulaTibiaFibulaTarsusMetatarsusPhalange

PhalangeMetatarsusTibiaTarsusFibulaPatellaFemurIschiumIliumPelvisLets look at the Skeletal Systems of different Small Animals!!




18Can you Name the bones?


15432Caudal vertebraeIschiumIliumPatellaMandible


Rabbit15432MandibleCervical VertebraeLumbar VertebraeFemurHumorous


15432SternumTibiaFibulaThoracic VertebraePelvis23