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Introduction to Slideshare


  • 1. Slide Share

2. Main Function

  • Access multimedia presentations from online devices in or outside of class
  • Share presentations with the public
  • Connect with other users

3. Who Could Use It?

  • Teachers to share presentations remotely
  • Students to access presentations remotely
  • Well-suited to middle or high school students (for sharing notes or presentations)
  • Noaccount required toviewcontent
  • Account required topost/sharecontent

4. Is this tool safe and appropriate for students?

  • Students may view files without creating an account
  • Privacy options are available for account holders
  • Account holders can block users
  • Users may upload publicly or privately

5. Terms 6. Privacy Settings 7. You have an option to customize a profile and provide additional information. 8. How Can I Create an Account?

  • Free accounts are available for anyone
  • Paid accounts are available with upgrade packages
  • Visit to create an account
  • An email, username and password are required to register

9. Hold On. Big Question:Do I have to pay for this? This ones FREE! Upgrade for private uploads 10. Learning Curve 11. 12. Slideshare for Education

  • Slideshare features a number of categories, among them Education
  • Presentations are public content and therefore a great education resource
  • Find and share lesson plans, powerpoints, notes, ideas, even school or departmental policies and training packages

13. Additional Features

  • Users have their own public profiles with followers and a newsfeed
  • Access to a personal calendar and event log
  • Social network of Slideshare users
  • Access to presentations by other users on any number of topics
  • Users can share presentations via email or Facebook

14. How would I grade an assignment on Slideshare? Rubric *Teacher may access content after classif needed for further evaluation. Presentation content* Presentation skills Citations follow Acceptable Use Policy Adheres to privacy settingsdictated by the teacher Appropriate use of the tool Total Score: __________ 15. Similar Tools

  • Youtube
  • SlideDeck

16. Present Yourself!



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