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Ceo of ulta plans for future chapter 2 classical approaches

Ulta beauty: Keeping in-store alivechapter 4 System approachesBrianna BlancoOrganizational Communication

Review of article

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, the definition of in-store is existing, happening, or available in a store. In the article, Think in-store is dying? Check out Ulta Beauty by Evan Schuman, he discusses how in-store experience is about the way that retailers need to deliver services and goods in a way that e-tailers cannot.E-tailers have the advantage of price, convenience, inventory range, and now sometimes even same day delivery. Schuman explained that physical stores must deliver uniqueand compelling experiences or they will not win their customers over long term.

Review of articleUlta being a very unique company, carries mass brands such as CoverGirl and Maybelline where women would typically buy at drug stores. They also carry brands such as Lancome and Clinique, where women would typically buy at a specialty or department store. On top of the mass variety of products, they also have hair salons and facial and waxing stations. Ulta even considers being located where parking is easily accessible, unlike large malls, but rather in a strip mall.

Review of articleSchuman believes a large part of Ultas future success falls on associate training. In order for Ulta to remain successful, they must offer a better experience than online companies as well as other in-store chains. Some of Ultas rivals include Macys, Sephoras, and drugstores.

Review of articleUlta becomes a destination. The environment Ulta has created is closer to a spa being a pure experience outing. Schuman compares Ulta with a typical retail store such as Walmart and Target, and explains the difference. He believes if you can buy a couch and car battery in the same place, it no longer is a specialized experience. Ulta strives to be a destination, not a shopping chore. This article looks at how this company took this industry and made it engaging and attractive.

Review of articleThe key to the success in part is having associates there and able to make good recommendations. For example, Schuman describes this as moving auto parts into an outer area and allow people to drive their cars into a showroom-like area and see what fits and works.This is exactly the set up of Ulta.There is a circle of different cosmetics and the center of Ulta allows the employees and customers to try out the cosmetics.

Review of articleUlta Beauty Advisors do their best to truly understand their products in order to make useful suggestions creating trust with the customers. These associates invite the customers to try out the product in the store, and allow the results to dictate the sales. If they truly believe in the product they are selling, sampling it in the store will do nothing but potentially create more sales. In summary, not all products are meant to remain in-store. Creativity is keeping in-store alive, and will do so while creating powerful experiences.

interdependenceAccording to our book Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes, interdependence implies that the functioning of one component of a system relies on other components of the system. The human body is a highly interdependent system in which the breakdown of one component would lead to breakdowns in other component and in the system as a whole. Ulta wouldnt be as successful as they are now, if they didnt have all of the different factors and parts. For example, Ulta is composed of the store aesthetic, the trained associates, the variety of products, and the uniqueness of goods and services.

equifinalityEquifinality, a system property, states that a system can reach the same final state from differing initial conditions and by a variety of paths. A change in the training of salespeople might serve to increase sales. Another way to increase sales could be through the supervisors. This shows that because systems are complex and interconnected, therefore, this is more than a single path to any system outcome. There is no single key to success. Ulta, understanding this, chooses what they believe to be the best way to success. Therefore, using many important components to solve and work towards one main goal.

Requisite varietyA final system property again deals with the relationship between a system and its environment, according to our book.If a team or unit is unable to recognize, absorb, and deal with the variations in its environment, it is unlikely to evolve and survive.Any company or organization in todays business that is unable to evolve with its environment will not survive for very long. Ulta understands the growing online shopping industry, and is working to create and keep the in-store experience alive. However, if Ulta just continued doing what they are doing with no evaluation and updates, they would no longer thrive and survive.

Cybernetic systems theoryAccording to our book, Cybernetics derives from the Greek word for a boats steersman. This means the process through which physical, natural, and organizational systems are steered toward reaching system goals. The first of these components is the system goal. -Ultas system goal is remaining successful as an in-store destination. According to their website, they are on a quest to bring the fun of beauty to all.The system uses a variety of mechanisms. These help the system maintain the system goal.-Ulta has their beauty loving associates, and their variety of products, their store aesthetic, and the overall experience working towards their experience.

Cybernetics system theoryThe last component is the feedback. This is sent to the control center and compared to the goal. If there is a difference between the overall system goal compared to the feedback, new mechanisms will be instituted to adjust the behavior of the system according to our book Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes.

System MechanicsSystem GoalTargetSystem Feedback

Karl weicks theory of organizingThe idea of this theory is that organizations exist in an environment. Weick clearly states that this environment is not merely a physical environment but is an information environment. Individuals create the environment that confronts them through the process of enactment. This theory is highly complex and abstract.Weicks theory of organizing emphasizes a number of relevant systems theory concepts. Our book states, the notions of environment and permeability are critical to his theory, as is the concept of system component interdependence.

New Science systems theoryOur book shows some new theories such as chaos theory, complexity theory, and self-organizing systems theory.These theories show a different way of communicating in organizations.One of these is the appreciation of organizational change and instability. This argues that organizational change can be created by a group of committed individuals or champions. Ulta, recently having a new CEO, created change to the environment in Ulta. For all of the associates, having no say in Ultas changes, had to appreciate and be ready for the change and handle it well.

Methods for studying organizational systemsThere are three different research approaches.

-Network Analysis: This provides a means for creating and analyzing those maps of relationships A network consists of a system of links among components. This is useful in drawing and analyzing the maps that characterize organizational communication systems. -Modeling Techniques- Allows researchers to assess complex relationships among variables through the evaluation of casual models or to assess changes in organizational communication systems through the use of time-series analysis and related techniques. -Case Analysis- Suggests that the richest understanding of organizational systems can be obtained by closely observing specific organizations grappling with specific issues.

Ulta Schuman believes that Ulta is achieving its goal of being a destination for fun and friends. Similar to Starbucks, Ulta is now a destination and experience being a place people want to go. Ulta has a guest-centric, values-based, high performance culture.

UltaUlta is a good representation of looking at your own lines of products and to figure out ways to make it engaging and attractive. Ulta believes they are on a quest to bring the fun of beauty to all. While also offering a rewarding career to passionate, beauty-loving associates.

Our success is not only defined by what we are achieving, but also how we are getting there.

summaryHow the systems approach to organizational communication works in Ulta. Methods approaches useful to organizational communication in systems.Network AnalysisModeling TechniquesCase AnalysisLooking at the three different systems theory. The Cybernetic Systems theoryWeicks Theory of OrganizingThe New Sciences

questionsWhat does Ultas headquarters or corporate look like?How do they view their systems?When having a new CEO taking over in 2013, was there a notable change in their systems?Which basic system property does Ulta specifically identify with?

Future researchI noted that there was not much research on the higher ups in Ulta at all. I found it very difficult to find a lot of information about Ultas systems specifically. Systems can be very complex, and I am curious to learn about these complex aspects specifically within Ultas organization. I am fascinated to learn about their systems and how successful they are. As well as their culture they uphold in the higher ups.

SourcesMiller, K. (2012).Organizational Communication: Approaches and Processes(Sixth ed.). Lyn Uhl.Schuman, E. (2016, July 01). Think in-store is dying? Check out Ulta B


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