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<ul><li><p>7/26/2019 Sleeping Bag by John</p><p> 1/1</p><p>Sleeping Bag by John</p><p>amazing low but she screamed out about it keepsvengeance is one angry letter written here all daymetaphor inside a birth and so hurt him ibaby again i care, why dont feel whats innumbing thumping in heartland</p><p>life, everyday i live by accident you bring youaside thew me brokendown and again i shutter atorange smear sweet angel dont always miss.</p><p>cries engage the groove beneath the princess</p><p>simple kiss amist my neck u brang me comereally..... and remember...</p><p>fallen asleep to wake you laugh you make yourpure fucking scared lil things can fall away memoriesuntil we can rst your man i left butface and noone will soon blow through memory cloudsspin me bcuz u &amp; out about him happinessdivorce, children, business, no nose</p><p>reach her chin sleeping bag</p></li></ul>