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Is this you?

SIGNS AND SYMPTOMS OF SLEEP APNEAMost people have many of the same symptoms that send them to the doctor They are:1. Daytime sleepiness. This is probably the most common symptom2. Snoring. Usually the spouse complains they are being kept awake by the loud snoring.3. Trouble staying asleep. This is because of your apnea events4.Restless legs. Involuntary movement of the legs. this cause your covers to be a mess every morning.

Effect of Sleep deprivation

YOU MIGHT HAVE SLEEP APNEA SO NOW WHAT ??You should find a doctor that specializes in sleep to help you negotiate this process.The first thing that will happen is they will discuss your symptoms and talk with you about them to determine if they think you have sleep apnea.Next a sleep study to diagnosis sleep apnea.

The Sleep StudyThe sleep study consists of two nights spent away from home in a sleep lab.Your first night is called the diagnostic study or PSG which stands for Polysomnograph. This test will determine whether you have sleep apnea. You come into the sleep lab in the evening, and get wired up from head to toe and sleep at the lab. They are looking to see how may times you stop breathing an hour and then total for the night.

There are two different types of apneas, central apnea and obstructive apnea. Central apnea is when you brain dose not tells you to breath. Obstructive is when you airway collapses due to a obstruction or relaxation of muscles in the neck. A obstruction would be your tongue sliding back and closing off your airway.

Once your sleep study is done either the doctor or his staff will call and let you know whether or not you have sleep apnea. If you do have sleep apnea you will be sent for a second night study and this is called the Titration study.

Sleep study

Titration Study

The titration study is when they determine what pressure to set your machine on. They will show you some different masks to wear and change the pressure on the machine.

Getting a CPAP machine

Once the doctor has sent a prescription to the DME company you will be contacted to set up an appointment to get your machine.