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<p> 1. SL Field Trip{ Lindsay DeSormeau 2. Palacio Real en EspaaRoyal Palace in Spain this, there are several groups, discussion boards andinteractive boards already set up. Most have to do with Spanishculture and history, and there are some in both English andSpanish. I would encourage students to interact with theboards, read the blogs, have them give tours of the palace (inSpanish),This is a very close replica of the actual palace, including thethrone room. It would be fun for students to be king or queenand make some decisions about the future of their country basedon research that they do, or current news topics, etc. 3. Lima, PeruPlaza in Lima in Lima I would have learners interact with all of the thingsestablished here: this is a good opportunity for students topractice speaking with people in Spanish, as well as to see somethings that are for sale- some of which are handmade items thatare typical of the Peruvian culture. 4. Catedral de GuadalajaraCathedral of Guadalajara, Mexico is a great opportunity for students to understand moreabout the culture of hispanic cities: they are centrally locatedaround their main cathedral due to their large catholicpopulations in the past which influence their culture today.Interesting for students to compare and contrast with Americancities, and the influence that places of worship have on theculture here.</p>