Skin peel is the right choice to rejuvenate your skin

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<ul><li><p>Skin Peel is the Right Choice to Rejuvenate Your Skin </p><p>Chemical peel also known as skin peel is a cosmetic treatment is used </p><p>to remove the outer layers of the skin. Various types of chemical </p><p>solutions are used in this procedure by surgeons of cosmetic surgery </p><p>clinic in Mumbai. </p><p> What happens in chemical peel? </p><p>Before a skin peel treatment in Mumbai, you need to follow a pre-peel </p><p>skin care plan for about 2 to 3 weeks. By implementing this plan, you </p><p>can improve the results and chances of potential side effects are </p><p>reduced, if any. The best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai will ensure that </p><p>all the necessary precautions are taken. </p><p>On the day of the treatment your face will be prepared for it and this </p><p>will begin by cleansing the skin thoroughly. If you choose a deep peel </p><p>procedure then general anaesthesia will be given and it is performed in </p><p>a surgical setting. </p><p>After that, your cosmetic surgeon will apply </p><p>the peel evenly and quickly. Your skin will </p><p>be monitored closely to ensure that the </p><p>peel is removed at just the right time. In </p><p>deep skin peel, treatment is only done at </p><p>one small section in every session. This </p><p>reduces the chances of side effects on the </p><p>heart and lungs. </p></li><li><p> What should be done after getting a chemical peel? </p><p>Skin peel or chemical peel is performed by a cosmetic surgeon in </p><p>cosmetic surgery clinic in Mumbai. </p><p>Here are some tips given by expert surgeons to get the best results </p><p>from the skin peel treatment: </p><p> Apply a good quality moisturizer to keep your skin supple and </p><p>moist because the skin might get scars if it is naturally dry. </p><p> Immediately contact the cosmetic surgeon, if your skin swells, </p><p>itches, or burns. </p><p> Do not rub or scratch skin which is treated with a chemical peel as </p><p>it can cause an infection. </p><p> Avoid tanning bed or other similar type of indoor tanning as it </p><p>stops the skin to heal properly. </p><p> Apply sunscreen every day after your skin heals completely as it </p><p>will help in maintaining the treatment results. </p><p> When will the results become visible? </p><p>You will easily see the results, once the skin heals completely. The time </p><p>duration for healing ranges from 1 day 14 days. This depends largely on </p><p>the type of skin peel treatment you choose for as healing takes longer </p><p>in deep peel. To get the best results, its recommended that you go for </p><p>3 to 5 peels. The results of skin peel treatment in Mumbai done by </p><p>the best cosmetic surgeon in Mumbai are long lasting, but not </p><p>permanent because human skin continues to age. </p></li></ul>