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Medik8 skincare and treatments Award-winning cutting edge skincare resultsTrusted by plastic surgeons, dermatologists and skin professionals around the world.Medik8 skincare products and treatments are specifically formulated to target: skin ageing, skin blemishes, redness, pigmentation and dryness.The power of science as nature intendedOffering the latest technology in therapeutic andbeauty products, containing high dosages of vitamins,minerals and clinically proven immunity enhancingingredients for toning, firming and lifting.Clinical skincare range is formulated from natural sources only using the latest bio-technology to produce the best results in the shortest time possible.You will experience the difference as it treats, cleans, soothes, polishes and prevents specificskin problems.Sothys was created in France nearly 60 years ago. It is one ofthe few cosmetic companies in the world with its own Research& Development Laboratory and dermatological testing clinic.Sothys offers a complete range of skin care products andtreatments designed to regulate and maintain the skinshydration and protection on a daily basis, balancing thevarying degrees of essential lipid from dry to oily skin as wellas sensitive, fragile capillary flushed skin.Since its creation SOTHYS excels in professional face, body and sun care for womens well beingand beauty. Sothys is created by professionals for professionals; the sophistication of Sothys skincare serums and intensive care products, emulsions, and creams, has been industry-renowned formore than 50 years. Sothys biotechnology is based on plant and marine proteins, natural enzymes,and aromatic extracts. Their formulations are non-comedogenic and do not contain any crudealcohols or animal extracts. Sothys does not test on animals. Sothys specializes in the intensivetreatment of dehydrated skin, photo-aged skin, as well as offering the only complete dedicatedline for fragile capillaries and sensitive/reactive skin.Sothys Research and Deveopment laboratory (SOREDEC) is one of only a few facilities in the world to be directly involved with studies into new ingredients and creates innovative formulas trialed through its dermatological testing clinic. The research team works with the scientific team in the Green Science unit at Limoges University focused on the discovery of new botanical extract.Sothys is the first professional skin care range to achieve theISO 9001 Certificate of Competence and Excellence, whichcovers all aspects of the company from manufacturingpractices to safety and efficacy of products