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<ul><li><p>7/30/2019 Skills 360 Selling your Ideas (Part 2)</p><p> 1/5</p><p>2011 All rights reserved:</p><p>1</p><p>Business Skills 360 Selling your Ideas (Part 2)</p><p>Discussion Questions</p><p>1. What type of personality or attitude are you naturally drawn to?</p><p>2. What types of attitude or behavior will make you less likely to believe</p><p>someone?</p><p>3. When someone appears very surprised by your ideas, how do you feel?</p><p>Vocabulary</p><p>To adopt to decide to start using a particular idea, plan, or attitude; It isimportant to adopt a confident attitude when doing a sales presentation.</p><p>Positivity the attitude that positive things do and will happen; if someone is</p><p>positive, it means he or she is optimistic and focuses on the good rather than the</p><p>bad; Brads positivity makes everyone else in the office feel happy about comingto work.</p><p>To gravitate to move naturally toward; to be attracted by; People gravitate</p><p>toward strong leaders and shy away from weak ones.</p><p>On board - if someone is on board with a plan or idea, it means he or she accepts</p><p>it and will work toward its goals; The manager held a meeting to try and geteveryone on board with the revised sales targets.</p><p>Empathy true understanding of another persons emotions or situation;</p><p>Because Sal had also been fired, he could feel empathy for my circumstances.</p><p>Red tape official forms, processes, and routines that may seem unnecessary;</p><p>You wouldnt believe all the red tape we had to cut through just to get a businesslicense.</p><p>Side whenever there are two opposing teams or ideas, we can call them sides;</p><p>if someone is on your side, it means they are on your team, so to speak; I</p><p>found it very difficult to choose a side in the argument because I disagreed with</p><p>both viewpoints.</p><p>To get it to understand; After the trainer explained for a fourth time what wewere supposed to do, I finally got it.</p><p>Inclusion inclusion is the noun form of include; in social situations, inclusion is</p><p>the idea of people feeling they are part of a group; The company held a barbecue</p><p>and family day to give the new employees a feeling of inclusion.</p><p>Tack an approach, method, or way of doing something; Television advertising</p><p>didnt seem to be working for us, so we decided to try a different tack.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Skills 360 Selling your Ideas (Part 2)</p><p> 2/5</p><p>2011 All rights reserved:</p><p>2</p><p>Shock a feeling of great surprise or disbelief; My reaction to the announcementthat our company had just been sold was one of complete shock.</p><p>Absurd completely without logic, sense, or truth; Cameron laughed and called</p><p>the accusations against him completely absurd.</p><p>Jaw drops If your jaw drops, it means you are completely surprised, either</p><p>positively or negatively; My jaw dropped when I found out that our CFO earns$500,000 a year.</p><p>Up to scratch meeting a minimum standard; usually we say that something is</p><p>not up to scratch to say that it is not good enough; The project leader said the</p><p>designs werent up to scratch and asked for them to be redone.</p><p>Punchline in a joke, the punchline is the final funny statement, but in anargument, the punchline is the final important point; After spending an hour</p><p>describing the economic situation, the speaker gave his punchline about reducing</p><p>costs.</p><p>Transcript</p><p>Hello and welcome back to Business Skills 360. Im Tim Simmons, and Im glad you</p><p>could join me today for more tips and techniques for selling your ideas.</p><p>Now, you know your ideas are good, but how do others? You need to make them</p><p>think or even just feel that they are good. Last week, we looked at some techniques</p><p>you can use. In this show, well look at attitudes that you can adopt. This isnt</p><p>exactly about what you say, its about how you say it and the feelings orimpressions your delivery creates.</p><p>The first attitude is positivity. People naturally gravitate to positive people and tend</p><p>to avoid negative people. So, make a habit of doing simple things like saying helloto people in the hall and at the water cooler. Keep discussions upbeat. Show</p><p>excitement about your ideas and keep smiling. Theres a lot of power in a smile,</p><p>and you should use yours to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and warmth.</p><p>People will be drawn to you, and, as a result, to your ideas.</p><p>Another attitude that will bring people on board with your idea is empathy. This isabout showing people that you understand how they feel. Not just that you know</p><p>what theyre talking about, but that you have felt it too. If that person is feeling</p><p>frustrated by red tape, describe an experience in which you also felt frustrated by</p><p>red tape. They will feel youre on the same side. Show people that you get it, andtheyll be more likely to believe and follow you.</p><p>Empathy creates a feeling of inclusion, or belonging. And there are other ways ofdoing this. Have a welcoming attitude. Your great idea is more than just an idea.</p><p>Its an idea plus all of the people who believe in it. In this sense, your idea has its</p><p>own little club, and everyone who believes in it belongs to that club. So talk aboutwe rather than I and make people feel like accepting your idea admits them to a</p><p>group. People want inclusion and fellowship. You can make them feel this with a</p><p>welcoming attitude.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Skills 360 Selling your Ideas (Part 2)</p><p> 3/5</p><p>2011 All rights reserved:</p><p>3</p><p>Okay, now there are other tacks you can take when youre trying to sell someoneon your ideas. One of them is shock and disbelief. This is a very useful tool for</p><p>making people feel that another idea, maybe one that disagrees with yours, is</p><p>useless or absurd. It goes something like this: Did you hear what the consultantsaid? He actually thinks we should spend more on marketing. Myjaw dropped when</p><p>I heard that. People who might have thought the idea was good will have doubts.</p><p>After all, ifyou think the idea is crazy, then other people probably do too.</p><p>One more attitude or impression is something called the last resort. The last</p><p>resort is the only option. It may not be a perfect option, but its the only one</p><p>remaining. Your idea might actually be one of many, but if you talk about it asthough its the only one left, people will stop considering other ideas. Well, weve</p><p>looked at all the alternatives and none of them are up to scratch, then you can hit</p><p>them with the punchline, So I guess we really dont have any other choice Yousee how this works? People will get the impression that all the other options have</p><p>been explored already.</p><p>So, remember that bringing people on side doesnt just mean giving them reasons</p><p>to believe you. It also means adopting certain attitudes to create an emotional</p><p>response.</p><p>Thats all for today. If youd like to test yourself on what weve just covered, have a</p><p>look at the website. There youll find a quiz about todays show as</p><p>well as a complete PDF transcript.</p><p>So long, and see you again soon.</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Skills 360 Selling your Ideas (Part 2)</p><p> 4/5</p><p>2011 All rights reserved:</p><p>4</p><p>Review</p><p>1. Which of the following are attitudes that can help you sell your ideas?</p><p>A. empathy</p><p>B. frustration</p><p>C. shockD. thoughtfulness</p><p>E. positivity</p><p>F. welcoming</p><p>G. superiority</p><p>2. According to Tim, Theres a lot of power in a ___________, and you should</p><p>use yours to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and warmth.</p><p>3. Why might you tell a story about being frustrated?</p><p>A. to show people you understand how they feel</p><p>B. to complain about something</p><p>C. to show that you are not positive about everything</p><p>D. to exclude them from a group</p><p>4. What does Tim say is the purpose of shock?</p><p>A. It makes people laugh.</p><p>B. It makes people feel welcome.</p><p>C. It makes people feel your ideas are fantastic.</p><p>D. It makes people feel another idea is crazy.</p><p>5. To make people feel included in a group, Tim suggests using</p><p>A. you rather than we</p><p>B. them rather than us</p><p>C. we rather than I</p><p>D. it rather than them</p><p>6. What does the attitude of last resort show people?</p><p>A. that your idea is better than others</p><p>B. that your idea is the only one remaining</p><p>C. that your idea is logicalD. that your idea is inexpensive</p></li><li><p>7/30/2019 Skills 360 Selling your Ideas (Part 2)</p><p> 5/5</p><p>2011 All rights reserved:</p><p>5</p><p>Review Answers</p><p>1. Which of the following are attitudes that Tim suggests can help you sell your ideas?</p><p>A. empathy</p><p>C. shock</p><p>E. positivityF. welcoming</p><p>2. According to Tim, Theres a lot of power in a ___________, and you should</p><p>use yours to cultivate an atmosphere of positivity and warmth.</p><p>Smile</p><p>3. Why might you tell a story about being frustrated?</p><p>A. to show people you understand how they feel</p><p>4. What does Tim say is the purpose of shock?</p><p>D. It makes people feel another idea is crazy.</p><p>5. To make people feel included in a group, Tim suggests using</p><p>C. we rather than I</p><p>6. What does the attitude of last resort show people?</p><p>B. that your idea is the only one remaining</p><p>Online Practice</p><p>Click the Launch button to open the online practice:</p></li></ul>


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