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Skill Competencies Special Sensory KULIT Kompetensi 4 Physical examination Skin, inspection with magnifying glass Nails, inspection Skin palpation Terminology of skin lesions Skin lesions description with primary and secondary changes, as wll as size, distribution, expansion and configuration Therapy of skin diseases Wound care To apply a dressing Kompetensi 3 Physical examination Skin, inspection with UVA-light (Wood’s lamp) Dermographism Additional examination of dermatological problems Preparation and assessment of potassium hydroxide slide Preparation and assessment of methylen blue side Preparation and assessment of gram stain Urethral swab Anal swab Parasite identification Therapy of skin diseases Skin, incision / drainage of abcess Warts, cryotherapy Acne, treatment of comedones Kompetensi 2 Additional examination of dermatological problems Punch biopsy Patch test Prick test Therapy of skin diseases Skin, excision of tumour Varicose veins, ambulant compressive therapy on venous leg ulcer Haemorrhoids Prevention Contact tracing Kompetensi 1 Additional examination of dermatological problems Colposcopy for condylomata acuminata Proctoscopy Therapy of skin diseases Cryotherapy on tumours Varicose veins, compressive sclerotherapy Masking therapy Phototherapy THT Kompetensi 4 Diagnostic skills Ears, hearing, equilibrium Inspection of auricle, position of ear and mastoid Hearing test, tuning fork examination (Weber, Rinne, Schwabach) Kompetensi 3 Diagnostic skills Ears, hearing, equilibrium Examination of external auditory meatus with otoscope Examination of thympanic membrane with otoscope Use of head Kompetensi 2 Diagnostic skills Ears, hearing, equilibrium Tone audiometry Speech audiometry Audiological examination of children Performance and interpretation of tympanometry Vestibular examination Ewing test Kompetensi 1 Diagnostic skills Ears, hearing, equilibrium Pneumatic otoscopy (Siegle) Electronystagmogra phy Nose, sinuses Ultrasound of sinuses

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Page 1: Skill Competencies Special Sensory

Skill Competencies Special Sensory

KULITKompetensi 4Physical examinationSkin, inspection with magnifying glassNails, inspectionSkin palpation

Terminology of skin lesionsSkin lesions description with primary and secondary changes, as wll as size, distribution, expansion and configuration

Therapy of skin diseasesWound careTo apply a dressing

Kompetensi 3Physical examinationSkin, inspection with UVA-light (Wood’s lamp)Dermographism

Additional examination of dermatological problemsPreparation and assessment of potassium hydroxide slidePreparation and assessment of methylen blue sidePreparation and assessment of gram stainUrethral swabAnal swabParasite identification

Therapy of skin diseasesSkin, incision / drainage of abcessWarts, cryotherapyAcne, treatment of comedones

Kompetensi 2Additional examination of dermatological problemsPunch biopsyPatch testPrick test

Therapy of skin diseasesSkin, excision of tumourVaricose veins, ambulant compressive therapy on venous leg ulcerHaemorrhoids

PreventionContact tracing

Kompetensi 1Additional examination of dermatological problemsColposcopy for condylomata acuminataProctoscopy

Therapy of skin diseasesCryotherapy on tumoursVaricose veins, compressive sclerotherapyMasking therapyPhototherapy

THTKompetensi 4Diagnostic skillsEars, hearing, equilibriumInspection of auricle, position of ear and mastoidHearing test, tuning fork examination (Weber, Rinne, Schwabach)Hearing test, with whispering voice

Nose, sinusesInspection of shape of nose and nostrilsAssessment of nasal obstruction

Mouth throat, speech, oesophagus, neckInspection lips and oral cavityInspection tonsilsAssessment of mobility of tongueAssessment of mobility of hypoglossal musclesInspection of base of tongue (with

Kompetensi 3Diagnostic skillsEars, hearing, equilibriumExamination of external auditory meatus with otoscopeExamination of thympanic membrane with otoscopeUse of head mirrorUse of head light

Nose, sinusesAnterior rhinoscopyTransillumination of frontal sinuses

Mouth, throat, speech, oesophagus, neckPalpation of salivary glands (submandibular, parotid)Throat swabAssessment of voice and speech

Therapeutic skillsCleaning external auditory meatus with swab

Kompetensi 2Diagnostic skillsEars, hearing, equilibriumTone audiometrySpeech audiometryAudiological examination of childrenPerformance and interpretation of tympanometryVestibular examinationEwing test

Nose, sinusesTesting sense of smellNasopharyngoscopyRadiology of sinuses, interpretation

Mouth, throat, speech, oesophagus, neckInspection of nasopharynx cavity (with nasopharyngoscope, head mirror and laryngoscope)Inspection of hypopharynx (with laryngoscope / hypopharyngoscope)Laryngoscopy, indirectLaryngoscopy, directOesophagoscopy

Therapeutic skills

Kompetensi 1Diagnostic skillsEars, hearing, equilibriumPneumatic otoscopy (Siegle)Electronystagmography

Nose, sinusesUltrasound of sinuses

Mouth, throat, speech, oesophagus, neckTest taste sensationSpeech assessment

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laryngoscope)Inspection of neckPalpation of branchial lymph nodesPalpation of thyroid gland

Removal of wax with hook or curetteSyringing the earStopping a nose bleed

Politzerization testValsava manoeuvreInsert cotton wool probe in earParacentesisEar, removal of foreign bodyInsertion of grommetTo adjust hearing aidPacking the noseNose, removing of foreign bodySinus lavagePuncture of sinusesAntroscopyTracheostomyIntubation

MATAKompetensi 4General ophthalmologic examinationVisionAssessment of vision

RefractionAssessment of refraction, subjective

External inspectionEyelids, inspectionEyelids, inspection by eversion of upper lidEyelash, inspectionConjunctivae, inspection, including fornixSclerae, inspection

PupilsPupils, inspectionPupils, direct reaction to light and convergence

MediaMedia of eye, inspection by transilluminationCornea, inspectionAnterior chamber, inspectionIris, inspectionLens, inspection

Intraocular pressureIntra-ocular pressure, estimation by palpation

Therapeutic skillsEye drops instillationEye ointment application

Kompetensi 3General ophthalmologic examinationVisionAssessment of vision, infant/child

Visual fieldsVisual fields, Donders confrontation testVisual fields, Amsler panels

External inspectionLacrimal apparatus, inspectionLymph nodes, pre-auricular, palpation

Position of eyesPosition with corneal reflex imagesPosition with cover testEye movement, examinationBinocular vision, assessment

MediaCornea, inspection with fluoresceinCornea, determination of sensationSlit-lamp examination

FundiFunduscopy, bringing the fundus into focusOptic disc, inspection, discrimination between normal and abnormalRetinal vessels, inspection, discrimination between normal and abnormal

Intra-ocular pressureIntra-ocular pressure, measurement by indentation tonometer (Schiotz) or non-contact tonometer

Kompetensi 2General ophthalmologic examinationRefractionAssessment of refraction, objective (refractometry keratometer)

Additional general ophthalmological examinationMeasurement of lacrimal productionMeasurement of exophthalmus (Hertel)

Special ophthalmological examinationOrthoptic examinationPerimetryContact lenses (examination)Eye, fluorescein angiography (FAG)

Therapeutic skillsEye, removal of contact lens or eye prosthesisRemoval of eye lashesCornea, removal of foreign body and debris

Kompetensi 1General ophthalmologic examinationIntra-ocular pressureIntra-ocular pressure, measurement by aplanation tonometer

Additional general ophthalmological examinationDetermination of refraction after cycloplegia (skiascopy)Fundus contact lens examination, e.g gonioscopyLacrimal ducts, rinse through (Anel)

Special ophthalmological examinationColour vision testElectroretinographyElectro-oculographyEye, visual evoked potentials (VEP/VER)Eye, echographic examination : ultrasonography (USG)

Surgical therapyEye, laser therapyCataract, surgerySquint, surgeryVitrectomyGlaucoma surgery, trabeculectomyCorneal transplantationEye, cryocoagulation : e.g cyclocryocoagulationEyelid surgery (chalazion removal, entropion, ectropion, ptosis)Detached retina, surgery

Page 3: Skill Competencies Special Sensory

Therapeutic skillsFlood ocular tissueEye, eversion upper eyelid with swab (removal of foreign body)To apply eyes dressing

General practiceRemoval of foreign body (conjunctiva)


Page 4: Skill Competencies Special Sensory


THTKompetensi 4Ear, hearing, and equilibriumOtitis externaBenign postural vertigoMotion sicknessMeniere’s diseasesEar, other traumaCongenital deafnessFacial palsy or paralysis

Noses and sinusesEpistaxisFuruncle of noseAcute rhinitis (common cold)Vasomotor rhinitisAllergic rhinitisForeign body in nose

Larynx and pharynxPharyngitisTonsilitis

Kompetensi 3 AEars, hearing, and equilibriumInflamation of auricleHerpes zoster oticusPre-auricular fistulaForeign body in earWax (serumen)Acute otitis mediaOtitis media serous (glue ear)Chronic otitis mediaPerforated tympanic membraneBullous myringitisOtosclerosisTymphanosclerosisPresbyacusisMastoiditisAcute acoustic trauma

Noses and sinusesChronic rhinitisChronic sinusitis

NeckMedial and lateral branchial cyst and fistulaCystic hygromaTorticolis

Kompetensi 2Ears, hearing, and equilibriumLabyrinthitisPerceptive hearing lossConductive hearing loss

Noses and sinusesRhinitis medicamentosaAcute frontal sinusitisAcute maxillary sinusitisDeviation of nasal septumChoanal atresia

Larynx and pharynxHypertrophy of adenoidsPsedo-croop acute epiglotitis

TracheaForeign bodiesTracheitis

Kompetensi 1Ears, hearing, and equilibriumVestibular neuritisAcoustic neuroma

Noses and sinusesAcute ethmoiditis


MATAKompetensi 4ConjunctivaConjunctivitis allergyConjunctivitis viralConjunctivitis bacterial

EyelidsEyelid lacerationEyelid retraction

Kompetensi 3 BConjunctivaConjunctiva, foreign bodySubconjunctival haemorrhage

LensLens dislocation

Kompetensi 3 AConjunctivaPterygium


Anterior chamberHyphaemaHypopyon

Iris and ciliary bodyIridocyclitis, iritis

GlaucomaGlaucoma, congenitalSimple glaucomaAcute glaucomaSecondary glaucoma

Kompetensi 2EyelidsEntropionTrichiasisLagophthalmusEpicanthusPtosisXanthelasma

Lacrimal apparatusDacryoadenitisDacryocystitisDacryostenosisLacrimal duct, laceration

ScleraScleritis / episcleritis

CorneaErosionCornea, foreign bodyBurnKeratitisKerato-conjunctivitis siccaCorneal oedemaCorneal dystrophyKeratoconus


Kompetensi 1ChoroidChorioretinitis

Vitreous fluidVitreous haemmorrhage

Page 5: Skill Competencies Special Sensory


Refraction and accomodationHypermetropiaMyopiaAstigmatismPresbyopiaAnisometropia

Vision and visual fieldsAmblyopiaDiplopiaSuppresionNight-blindnessScotomaHemianopia, bitemporal and homonymousLoss of vision and blindness

Optic disc and optic nervePapilloedemaOptic atrophy


Iris and ciliary bodyTumour of iris

LensAphakiaPseudoaphakia (artificial lens)

RetinaRetinal detachmentRetina, vessel occlusion or bleedingDegeneration of macula, age dependentRetinopathy of prematurity (ROP)Diabetic retinopathyHypertensive retinopathy

Optic disc and optic nerveOptic disc cuppingOptic neuropathyOptic neuritis

KULIT Kompetensi 4Eczematous dermatitisContact dermatitis iritantAtopic dermatitis (kecuali recalcitrant)Nummular dermatitisNapkin eczema

Erythro-squamous lesionPlamoplantar pustulosisSeborroheic dermatitisPytiriasis rosea

Disorders of skin eccrine and sebaceous glandsAcne vulgarisHidradenitis suppurativaPerioral dermatitisMiliaria

Viral skin infectionsVerruca vulgarisMolluscum contagiosumHerpes zoster

Bacterial infectionsImpetigoUlcerative impetigo (ecthyma)Superficial folliculitisFuruncle, carbuncleErythrasmaErysipelas

Superficial fungal infectionsTinea capitisTinea barbae

Kompetensi 3 BAngioedema

Kompetensi 3 AEczematous dermatitisContact dermatitis allergicaLichen simplex chronicus

Erythro-squamous lesionPsoriasis vulgaris

Disorders of skin eccrine and sebaceous glandsRosacea

Viral skin infectionsCondyloma accuminata

Autoimmune diseaseLupus erythematosus

Disorders of hairsAlopecia areataAndrogenic alopeciaTrichotillomaniaTelogen eflluvium

Disorders of keratinizationsIchthyosis vulgaris

Other noninfectious inflammatory skin disordersLichen planusGranuloma annulare

Pigmentary disorders

Kompetensi 2

Vesicobullous diseasesPemphigus vulgarisPemphigoidDermatitis herpetiformis

Other noninfectious inflammatory skin disordersMorpheaLichen sclerosus er atrophicus

Pigmentary disordersAlbinism

Kompetensi 1

Allergic skin diseasesAllergic vasculitis

Autoimmune diseasesDermatomyositisSystemic sclerosisScleroderma / morphea

Page 6: Skill Competencies Special Sensory

Tinea facialeTinea corporisTinea manusTinea unguinumTinea crurisTinea pedisTinea pedisTinea versicolorMucocutaneous candidiasis

Insect bites and infestationsPediculosis capitisPediculosis pubisScabiesInsect bites reactions

Allergic skin diseasesUrticaria

Drug reactionsExanthematous drug eruptionFixed drug eruption

VitiligoMelasmaPost-inflammatory hyperpigmentationPost-inflammatory hypopigmentation