Six Things You Didn't Know You Could Do With Social Advertising

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With billions of people across the world on social media, social advertising is a great way to reach tons of people at a relatively low cost. And after new ad programs rolling out this year on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the likes - you are left with a variety of ways to reach your consumers. Maybe you're already doing some social advertising (good for you and your brand!) and maybe you're not. Either way, now is better than never to start looking into social networks and devising your strategy. In the recording, Hanapin's social experts, Eric Couch and Kristina McLane, discuss six things that you probably didn't know you could do with your social advertising campaigns. You'll get expert-level tips like: *Creating effective custom audiences in Facebook to increase CTR *How to use Twitter Cards to boost lead generation *Utilizing features in LinkedIn for brand awareness


<ul><li> 1. How to Recover from theHolidays Faster Than YourCompetitionSix Things You Didnt Know YouCould Do With Social Advertising#thinkppcHOSTED BY:</li></ul> <p> 2. #thinkppcPresenters Eric Couch Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing Blogger on PPC Hero @ecouch11 Kristina McLane Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing Blogger on PPC Hero @kristinaMcLane 3. #thinkppcJoin the conversation Include the hashtag #thinkppc in your Twitter tweets. Or use the webinar question box to send us questions. 4. #thinkppcLive Poll Question #1How long have you been in PPC?#thinkppcA. Less than 1 yearB. 1-3 yearsC. 3-5 yearsD. 5+ years 5. #thinkppcLive Poll Question #2How do you manage your account(s)?#thinkppca) I manage it myself.b) Im part of a team that manages it.c) I outsource my account management.d) Im rethinking how my account is managed. 6. #thinkppc#1: Facebooks Many Ad TypesYou can (and should) be using all availablead types on Facebook. 7. #thinkppcThat IncludesSidebar ads.Page Post ads.The many, many different flavors of PagePost Ads. 8. #thinkppcSidebar Ads 9. #thinkppcSidebar AdsNote: Facebook recently updated theirSidebar Image ad dimensions.If you havent changed yours recently,youve got a problem.For instance, you may start asking yourselfwhy is my previously-great Sidebar adcampaign no longer getting clicks? 10. #thinkppcSidebar AdsOld Sidebar Ad Images:- 100 x 72 pixels for link thumbnails.- 120 x 120 pixels for photo shares.- 128 x 128 pixels for video thumbnails. 11. #thinkppcSidebar AdsFor reference:100 x 72 120 x 120 128 x 128 12. #thinkppcSidebar AdsNew Sidebar Ad Images:- 254 x 133 minimum requirement.- 1200 x 637 recommended size. 13. #thinkppcSidebar AdsFor reference:100 x 72 254 x 133 1200 x 637 14. Godzilla Facebook Ads Through the Years#thinkppc 15. #thinkppcWhat are Page Post Ads?These things: 16. #thinkppcWhy do they rock?Because ofthis: 17. #thinkppcWhy do they rock?Because they mimic (and are) actualcontent.Because people will like, share, andcomment on your ad organically.This gives your ad legitimacy, and inertia. 18. #thinkppcWhy do they rock?It also makes me feel warm and fuzzy insideto see people like my ads. 19. #thinkppcBut did you knowIf people dont like your ads, you can (andshould) audit your comments to preventnegative messages from being seen.It makes no sense to pay for negative press.And you dont have to! 20. #thinkppcBut did you knowJust hide those comments.No one aside from the poster (and theirfriends) will ever see them. 21. #thinkppcLike this guy.THIS KEEPS GOING. 22. #thinkppcOr this guyTHIS IS THE SAMEGUY POSTINGTWICE. 23. #thinkppc Or this guy.WAIT, WHAT? 24. #2: Facebook Custom &amp; Lookalike Audiences#thinkppcWhy Custom Audiences Work? 25. #thinkppcTargeting Lookalike AudiencesWhy LookalikeAudiences work?Tips: Use What Already Works. Layer Your LookalikeAudiences Conversion Tracking 26. Lookalike Audiences of Converted VisitorsWhat do I need?#thinkppc1. Previous Conversion Data2. Separate Campaign3. Ad Creative 27. #thinkppc#3: Facebook Video Post AdsYou can do video posts on Facebook.And not the prohibitively-expensive kindof premium video ads they talk about.And you can use all of the same targetingmethods that Kristina just talked aboutwhen you run them. 28. VIDEO THAT PLAYSDIRECTLY IN FACEBOOKMORE ACCOUNT INFO#thinkppcThey Look Like ThisACCOUNT INFOVIDEO DESCRIPTIONPEOPLE WHO LIKE ME 29. #thinkppcWhy Should You Run Them?If you have videos, you can make use ofthem.They also have a really, really highClick-Through Rate. 30. #thinkppcSome Statistics (Last 30)FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN CLICK-THROUGH RATESIDEBAR ADS 0.124%REGULAR PAGE POST 1.300%VIDEO PAGE POST 2.124% 31. #thinkppcWhy Should You Run Them?Thats almost twice the click-through rateof a regular page post.Thats almost twenty times the click-throughrate of a sidebar ad.And its pretty. 32. #thinkppcVideo Tip #1Like YouTube video ads, make sure youkeep your Facebook video ads short.You need people to get through the entirevideo so they can see 33. #thinkppcVideo Tip #2Your Call-To-Action Button.It only shows up at the end ofyour video, but will allow you tolink to an external DestinationURL. 34. #thinkppcVideo Tip #2If youre at all interested indirect response Keep your videos short. Use the Call-to-Action Button. 35. #thinkppc#4: Facebook RemarketingFBX vs. Native FB RemarketingThe main vendors for Facebook Retargeting are AdRoll and Perfect Audience. 36. #thinkppcFBX Retargeting ProsPros: Easier Navigation Simpler Ad Creation Assistance is Available 37. #thinkppcDynamic Remarketing 38. #thinkppcFBX Retargeting ConsCons: Extra Cost Less Options 39. #thinkppcNative Facebook RemarketingPros: One Interface More Ad Options(Offer Ads,Events, etc.) Can Layer YourTargeting 40. #thinkppcNative Facebook RemarketingCon: Takes More Time 41. #thinkppc#5: Twitter Cards TypesLead Generation Cards 42. #thinkppcTwitter Cards TypesWebsite Cards 43. #thinkppcTwitter Cards Best PracticeMake People Feel Special. 44. #thinkppcTwitter Cards Best PracticeDont Forget To Test. 45. #thinkppcTwitter Cards Best PracticeDont Ignore Them! 46. #thinkppcTwitter RemarketingConversion Tracking =Remarketing ListsBest Practices: Website Tags: Conversions &amp;Tailored Audiences Refine Them! 47. #thinkppcRemarketing with Twitter CardsBoost Conversions ByRemarketing On TwitterIncrease leads by creating remarketing listsand targeting individuals to push leads on oroff Twitter.What do I need? Separate Campaign Twitter Website Tags Twitter Cards: Website or Lead 48. #thinkppcLive Poll Question #3#3 What social network are you most excited aboutadvertising on in 2014?#thinkppca) Facebookb) LinkedInc) Pinterestd) Twitter 49. #thinkppc#6: Are You LinkedIn?Wed be remiss if we didnt mentionLinkedIn.Kind of like Facebook, it gives you theopportunity to target people in a way thatyou cant in AdWords. 50. #thinkppc#6: Are You LinkedIn?The potential applications for B2B,in particular, are compelling.By, say, targeting specific titles anddecision-makers in the specificorganizations that youre looking to court. 51. #thinkppcLinkedIn Pros Low fee to start Minimum CPC of $2.00 May be lower than many AdWords CPCs. Minimal investment Can spend as little as $10.00/day. Multiple ad types! Sponsored inMail, Linked Updates, Social Ads 52. #thinkppcLinkedIn Pros Targeting options: Target by location, bycompany, by industry, and by job title. Inexpensive yet flexible: CPC or CPMbidding, flexible daily budget. Easy to set up! Just requires a linked credit card, really. 53. #thinkppcLinkedIn Cons Can be too restrictive. Lead tracking can be tricky. (Use Analytics!) No help desk. CTR is king! It determines when you show. Account access can be difficult- requires alink to your personal account. 54. #thinkppcLinkedIn Best Practices Segmentation is key! Divide your targeting methods by campaign. Rule of thumb: A good audience size is atleast 100k strong (100k 400krecommended). Always choose one or more locations. 55. #thinkppcLinkedIn Best Practices When targeting by industry: audience sizesare fairly substantial here, so one or two willusually work. When targeting by job function: considerthese your keywords. Group them insimilarly-themed ad groups so your ad copyis still relevant. 56. #thinkppcLinkedIn Best Practices Have at least 3 ad variations within yourcampaign and refresh them monthly. Tip: Good ads have a CTR greater than 0.025%. Always include an image in your ad. Theyre small (50 x 50 pixels), so make sure they fillup the space and are easy to read. 57. #thinkppcLinkedIn Best Practices Business-to-Business Marketing does verywell on LinkedIn. Have a LinkedIn-only landing page. 58. #thinkppcNeed Help?Would you like help with your PPC accounts and management?Im interested in:o PPC Management: We handle the day-to-day management ofyour PPC account.o Account Audit: We review your account for optimizations.o PPC Retainer: We handle only specific needs within youraccount.o FREE Account Analysis: We look at your account and provideanalysis and consultation (For accounts with $20K+ in adspend). 59. #thinkppcLive Q&amp;A Time! 60. #thinkppcHave more questions?Thank you for attending our webinar! #thinkppc Get a FREE Account Analysis from Hanapin Marketing(for accounts greater than $20K/mo in adspend): Or Contact us Directly: Webinar Feedback: </p>