Six HR Technology Trends: Improve Your Business Performance with Technology

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HR departments must stay on top of today's technology trends and implement them in the workplace to improve employee engagement, and, ultimately, increase the company's bottom line.


<ul><li> 1. SIXHR TECHNOLOGY TRENDS Improve Your Business Performance with Technology </li></ul> <p> 2. If your workplace isnt already completely dig- ital, it will be soon. According to Designing the Digital Workplace, a recent survey produced the following statistics about the speedy move toward the all-digital workplace: 3. 88% of companies offer their workforce personal devices such as smartphones, PDAs, and tablets. Source: Designing the Digital Workplace 4. 62% of companies conduct remote meetings through desktop video-conferencing. Source: Designing the Digital Workplace 5. 54% of companies say they actively use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other tools to engage their workforce, customers, and other stakeholders. Source: Designing the Digital Workplace 6. Nearly 90% of companies plan to increase their investment in productivity-enabling technologies such as voice activation and sophisticated video- conferencing by 2015. Source: Designing the Digital Workplace 7. So what does this mean for HR? 8. HR is getting a digital makeover! And HRs importance will only continue to grow as departments embrace and imple- ment technological solutions. HR has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the 1920s when employees were just factors of production. The importance of HR to a companys success strategy continues to grow. Source: The Evolution of Human Resource Management 9. When they met to discuss the biggest, most current HR tech- nology trends, the 2013 SHRM Technology and HR Manage- ment Expertise Panel made one fact clear: HR needs to stay ahead of the technolog- ical curve and embrace new technologies as a means to improve the companys bot- tom line both financially and culturally. Source: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know 10. Thats a pretty good reason to get on the HR tech- nology bandwagon. So here are six of the biggest HR tech trends to keep your eye on and start implementing (if you havent yet) so your department (and your organization!) doesnt fall behind. Increasing your bottom line! 11. Are these really the biggest HR tech trends? Can I really improve my business with technology? Yes. And Yes! Q: Q: A: 12. What are these six trends? 1 2 3 4 5 6 Software as a Service (SaaS) Collaboration in Everything Mastering Data Management Synchronized Data Integration Mobilizing Data Managing Millenials 13. Software as a Service (SaaS) 1 14. Members of the 2013 SHRM Technology and HR Management Expertise Panel are already seeing a major shift from on- premise applications to the cloud. Source: Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know In 2-3 years, these same experts ex- pect that 66% of HR departments will host their technol- ogy in the cloud. Source: Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know 80% of webcast at- tendees for a con- sulting firm expected to have the majority of their companies HR platforms in the cloud over the next three years. Source: Five HR technology trends for 2013 and three critical ac- tion items Put it in the Cloud! 15. Collaboration in Everything 2 16. Trending: Integrating more social media and solutions to improve communication and collaboration. Finding ways to leverage tech- nology helps your employees whether they work remotely or travel for business frequently. Technology like this lets em- ployees communicate and col- laborate in real-time, wherever they are. Source: Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know 17. As technology evolves, so does the way its developed and implemented. Make sure to do your research and learn how others in HR use technology globally. Trending: Driving innovative uses of better collabortion tools with virtualization and globalization. Source: Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know 18. Trending: Utilizing cross- functional innovation teams to boost creativity, produc- tivity, and quality. [HR is encouraged] to collaborate withothers,particularlythoseyou may never have thought to work with before. Oftentimes, people outside your area of expertise provide a new perspective that could benefit your company.Source: Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know 19. Mastering Data Management 3 20. One major advantage of to- days technology is the extra data available on everything from policy changes to per- sonnel. This additional data, how- ever, comes with the added challenge of strategic organi- zational management to keep up with the high volume and demand for analytics. 21. HR must meet the demands of their organization by delivering analytics that can be integrated with other key corporate data in order to predict workforce demands for the future. HR departments must also be able to sift through the ever-increasing amounts of Big Data in the organization to transform it into valuable information and business intelligence. Big Data is Here! Source: Three HR Technology Trends of 2013 22. Mastering Data Management 4 23. In Five HR Technology Trends for 2013, the struggle HR managers have to maintain data quality is discussed, particularly the diffi- culty of keeping data in sync across multi- ple systems. Lots of data without organization is, well, disorganized and not very helpful. Once we gather all this great data, we need to sync it. Its suggested that companies create re- positories of master data for more effec- tive quality manage- ment. Sync It Up! 24. Mobilizing Data 5 25. Mobile tools put the right data in the right hands at the right time on the right device for the right task. ~ Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know The more mobile our lives be- come, stresses Live from SHRM 2013, the more important it is to im- plement mobile technology at work to streamline processes and meet the needs of our employees when theyre not in the office. A lengthy statement, but true. The way we use technology changes with the evolution of that technology. 26. One result of so much available mobile data is the question of where to store it. Live from SHRM 2013 mentions another trend- ing issue in HR tech: assurance through evidence that the cloud is secure. Companies like ADP and even the federal government have utilized the cloud for years, reports Live from SHRM 2013. If its secure enough to store sensitive payroll and govern- ment information, it can do the same for your HR department. 27. Managing Millennials 6 28. Dubbed millennials and Gen- eration C, these employees are completely tech-savvy with in- stinctive understanding of digi- tal technologies and expect to be connected to everyone and everything, anytime, anywhere. Todays tech-savvy generation is the workforce of the future. Source: Designing the Digital Workplace 29. Employee Engagement These increased expecta- tions of connectedness place more focus on em- ployee engagement in the workplace than ever before. HR managers are acknowledg- ing the importance of more in- teractive environments where people can engage with each other through internal social networks and access real-time information, feedback, and resources. 30. So whats the bottom line? 31. HR departments need to stay on top of technol- ogy trends and implement these solutions to improve employee engagement and, ultimately, the companys bottom line! 32. Would you like to try one of these technological solutions for FREE? 33. Ving is an engagement tool that en- sures your most important messages are understood and acted on. With Ving, you create and share multi- media messages that capture real-time recipient interactions viewable on the engagement dashboard. HR professionals use Ving to: Communicate policy updates Streamline onboarding proce- dures Improve management communications 34. Resources Alberti, Katie. Live from SHRM 2013: The Top 10 Technology Trends HR Needs to Know, The Hyland Blog, June 19, 2013. Ford, Harold. Three HR Technology Trends of 2013,, April 25, 2013. Reed, Sandy, and Myrna L. Gusdorf. The Evolution of Human Resource Manage- ment, Society for Human Resource Management Shehadi, Ramez, Christopher A.H. Volmer and Danny Karam. Designing the Digi- tal Workplace: Connectivity, Communication, Collaboration, Booz &amp; Company, Inc. 2013 Snider, Emma. Five HR technology trends for 2013 and three critical action ite- ms,, June 18, 2013. 35. Want more information about Ving? Follow us! </p>