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Making your own craft projects can be a fun way to experiment with materials, exercise your creativity and make something unique. This guide shows you some quick and easy crafts that you can make at home.


<ul><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>Six Great Handmade Crafts You Can Make Making your own crafts can be a fun way to experiment with materials, exercise your creativity and </p><p>make something unique. In this guide, we will show you some quick and easy crafts that you can </p><p>make at home. All you need are a few materials, which you can order online via our website. On a </p><p>rainy afternoon you can have hours of fun putting together these great crafts. </p><p>Here are three great craft ideas that you can make quickly and easily: </p><p>Custom Decorated Jars These attractive glass jars can be used as wedding favours, party decorations or candle holders. </p><p>Supplies: </p><p> Lace Trim </p><p> A Piece of Thin Ribbon </p><p> A Piece of Wide Ribbon </p><p> A Glass Jar </p><p> Fabric Glue </p><p>1. The first step is to take the lace trim and glue it around the width of the glass jar. Once you </p><p>have done this, glue the wide ribbon over top of the lace. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>2. Next, tie the thinner ribbon or cord around the jar, finishing it off with a decorative bow. Its </p><p>a simple effect, but it looks very attractive and stylish. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>Tea Lights and Decorative Holders These pretty custom made jar lids will hold your tea lights safely, so that you can add atmospheric </p><p>candlelight to your next party or just used as ambience for your home all for a minimal cost! </p><p>Supplies: </p><p> Jar lids </p><p> Tea lights </p><p> Spray paint </p><p> Washi tape </p><p>1. Start by using the spray paint to paint the lids of the jars the colour of your choice. Leave the </p><p>lids so that they can dry. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>2. Use the decorative washi tape to stick around the candles. This is a quick and easy project, </p><p>but it looks very stylish and attractive. </p><p>Do It Yourself Apothecary Jars Create a unique and exotic looking apothecary jar that you can use when decorating. </p><p>Supplies: </p><p> A Candlestick Holder </p><p> Superglue </p><p> A Glass Jar </p><p> Ribbon </p><p> Spraypaint </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>1. Begin by using the spray paint to colour the candlestick holder, as well as the bottom half of </p><p>the glass jar. Leave both of them so that they can dry. </p><p>2. Add decorations to the jar, such as a pretty ribbon or some gems. Use the superglue to </p><p>attach the bottom of the jar to the top of the candlestick. Make sure that you leave them for </p><p>a while so that the glue can dry before you handle it. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>Tea Caddy Wooden Box with Glass Lid This elegant looking box is a great place to store a selection of teas, so that your guests can choose </p><p>their favourite when they visit your home. </p><p>Supplies: </p><p> A Box With a Glass Lid </p><p> Red Black Board Paint </p><p> Black Board Paint (Black) </p><p> Chalk </p><p> Masking Tape </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>1. Start by painting the interior compartments of the box with the red paint, or another bright </p><p>colour. </p><p>2. Then, use the black paint on the rest of the box. Make sure that you cover the edges near </p><p>the glass with masking tape, so that you dont smudge the paint onto the glass. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>Needle Felted Heart Decorated With Ribbon These sweet little hearts make a great decoration, whether for the Christmas tree or just hung </p><p>around the home. </p><p>Supplies: </p><p> Needle Felting Foam Pad </p><p> Felting Needles </p><p> Polystyrene Foam Heart </p><p> Carded Wool, Grey, White and Red </p><p> A Mixed Selection of Ribbons </p><p> Felting Needle Holder </p><p> Glue </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>1. Start by placing the polystyrene heart on the needle felting foam pad. Put the carded wool in </p><p>small wads on top of the heart. Start by felting these into the heart by using the needle. </p><p>2. The felting needle tool contains five needles. It is safe to use with children, because it has a </p><p>safety cap that will protect you from pricking yourself. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>3. Next, use small pieces of carded wool in a different colour than the base. Roll them between </p><p>your fingers and then start felting them on the heart as decorative dots. </p><p>4. Make a small groove at the top of the heart with scissors. Use a small amount of glue and </p><p>squeeze it into the groove. Use the scissors to push one end of the decorative ribbon into </p><p>the groove. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>Fabric Belt This fun and funky fabric belt can be decorated any way that you choose so you can really be </p><p>creative with its design! Here is how it is made: </p><p>Supplies: </p><p> Various Colours of Chipboard Buttons </p><p> 3MM Octagon HotFix Embellishments </p><p> Assorted Colours of Fabric Markers </p><p> Fabric Belt </p><p>1. Draw the grid onto the fabric belt with a disappearing pen. One corner to the other corner </p><p>should measure 8cm. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>2. Draw over the grid with your favourite colour of fabric marker. </p><p>3. Use the Hotfix Applicator to glue rhinestones or other decorations onto every intersection </p><p>of the grid. You can do this by covering the hole on the shaft with your finger. Press the tip </p><p>down onto the material and move your finger. The rhinestone will then be attached </p><p>securely. </p></li><li><p>General Craft Projects Guide </p><p>4. Use a needle and thread to sew the chipboard buttons onto all of the whole squares of the </p><p>pattern. </p><p>Have Fun Making Crafts! </p><p>These are just some fun and creative craft ideas that you can make yourself. All of the materials can </p><p>be found at your local craft shop or online for an affordable price. By making your own crafts you'll </p><p>ensure that you end up with a unique headpiece that will really stand out at your special occasion </p><p>while having fun doing it! Click the link below to visit our online shop, where all materials used are </p><p>available to purchase. </p><p>Also for many more craft ideas be sure to check out </p><p>Vibes and Scribes Arts and Crafts Supplies Specialists </p><p> </p><p> </p></li></ul>